12 Most Profitable Businesses In Nigeria. Detailed Free Guide

12 Most Profitable Businesses In Nigeria. Detailed Free Guide

Most Profitable Businesses In Nigeria.


most profitable businesses

most profitable businesses



After writing the 10 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria, we saw a need to write the 12 Most Profitable Businesses in Nigeria to support the first post.

If you will like to start a business and don’t have a startup, read our article on How To Raise money for business or you can decide to get a job and then save money for the business.

Read our post on how to get any job even if you are unqualified.

Starting a business is better than earning a salary, so don’t forget your aim of starting the job is to save money to start your business.

In this post, we discussed the 12 most profitable businesses anyone can start and make money.



  1. It makes you Good and steady income if a good approach is applied.
  2. Makes you your own boss.
  3. Gives you room to try something new.
  4. Gives you plenty of time to think.
  5. Business increases your interpreter mindset.
  6. Makes you answerable to yourself.


Private School Business (Nursery and Primary) Most Profitable Businesses

From statistics, billions of naira go into school fees every 4 months for Nursery and primary school business.

This really shows how profitable the private school business can be.

The ability of a private school business to pull out millions every 4 months made it join the list of the Most Profitable Businesses in Nigeria.

No matter how it seems to be competitive, the numbers of children keep increasing and based on our mentality and what we learn from the colonial master’s Children must go to school to be responsible to their society tomorrow.

Starting a private school is not as difficult as it seems. With the right guide and procedural you will make millions every four months.

Here is a free guide on how to start a private school business in Nigeria.


AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS (livestock and crops).Most Profitable Businesses

Nigeria is known for the production of an agricultural product for both crops and livestock.

If not for the availability of these agricultural products, how will a country with over a hundred million people survive?



Livestock farming is one of the Most Profitable Businesses anyone can starting and see a massive return rate within just a year.

Livestock like Pig is very profitable to startup as a livestock farmer.
Pigs have a very high birth rate ability, they can produce over 12 in a single period and they produce twice a year.

Starting a pig farm is very lucrative and you can really make good money.

Also, Fish farming is one of the Most Profitable Businesses you can go into and make a profit.

The demand for fishes is as high as the demand for food.



Crops farming is also one of the Most Profitable Businesses of all time.

Crops like cocoa that are used to make tea things which are been taken on a daily basis and crops like bamboo that are used for structure building and the making of toothpick are a good source of the country revenue.

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Crops are been exported to other countries and this goes a long way of adding to the country value in the international market rate.

Right from the days of our grandfathers, Agriculture has been one of the Most Profitable Businesses for our people and it will continue to be as more people tend to go back to farming.


Solar Energy Installation. Most Profitable Businesses

To Start a Solar Energy Installation Business in Nigeria will be of a very great importance to those around you, and to the world in general.

How?, Solar Energy Installation Business is not very popular yet and for that reason, only a few people are utilizing the potentials of this system.

If you start Solar Energy Installation Business you will be able to get people to start using this system thereby reducing the rate of carbon that is been released into the eco-system.

The little investor of the solar energy system in Nigeria describes the business as the Most Profitable Businesses for anybody with any amount of capital.

The importance of starting a solar system business

  1. Solar energy is good for the environment.
  2. It has less electricity lost.
  3. It creates jobs opportunity for investors and installers.
  4. The solar system is a free source of energy.

Learn how to start a solar energy system business

Fashion Business (Fashion Boutique / Fashion Design). Most Profitable Businesses

Our list of most profitable businesses in Nigeria covers the fashion boutique business.

Cloth fashion boutique business is one of the few businesses that can make one a constant source of income every month without stress.

If you have ever bought a cloth from a boutique you will understand what I meant by the above statement.

In a cloth fashion boutique business you will see a Top (polo) that is been sold for over N6,000, and if you are to know the price the top was purchased you will be dumbfounded.

A piece of polo top that is sold for N600 in an open market can be sold in the boutique for N6000.

Learn how to start the most profitable business in fashion line (fashion boutique).


Health Care Business (Drug Store). Most Profitable Businesses

“Health is wealth the only difference is the initials which are H-W (HardWork)” as my friend will say. (I will explain this in some other of my post, just keep your fingers crossed).

Starting a (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business In Nigeria is not as difficult as it seems. If it is, why do you see a lot of these small stores in some unpopulated places?

And this explains one thing, it goes a long way of telling us that it is one of the most profitable businesses you can start up at any scale.

This (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business is a kind of business that doesn’t require much time to set up though have some must follow procedural.

If you start this pharmacy business and you are really devoted to the business you are sure to make profit easily and quick.

Learn how to start a profitable pharmacy business in Nigeria.


Bet Agent (Bet9ja Agent). Most Profitable Businesses

Betting has shown and proven to be one of the most profitable businesses for the past 4 years in Nigeria.

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Having a bet agent shop like the bet9ja will really make you a lot of money if you invest in it.

Bet9ja Agent business is one of the successful business anyone can go into and smile daily. you make a good amount of profit daily as a bet9ja agent.

The company bet9ja gives commission to their agent for every person that plays from their account.

This practically means the more the people play the higher the commission.

This is one of the most profitable businesses of our time so becoming a Bet9ja agent is not a bad idea.

From the how to become an agent in bet9ja site we have just a few steps which are…

  1. Submission of a document to bet9ja.
  2. Check of document and location.
  3. Introductory conversation in person with our field staff.
  4. Verification of permission.
  5. Signing up the agent contract.
  6. Get your shop ready to go with help from our professional support.

But with those steps above people still tend to search for different step apart from this and we understand very well as to know that this steps above cannot make you a fulfill Bet9ja Agent.

Success takes extra hard work and that hard work we have done for you.
Here are our golden steps on how to become a Bet9ja Agent.


Furniture Business. Most Profitable Businesses

Whenever I see a business like this wasting I bit myself on the hand.

This is a very lucrative business anywhere in the country, knowing fully well that Nigeria is a developing country thing related to development and building are the order of the day.

In Abuja, Lagos and many other big cities where companies and offices are been opened every day, this business is a gold mine to those that do this around there.

I stay in Abuja, I know what am saying…

If you visit any bedmates showroom in Nigeria work round and observer very carefully try to contact any Alaba furniture seller or visit them if you have the chance you will find same furniture, same quality in the Alaba market now about the price? the showroom has a price 3x higher, am I right?

This will let you know that it is one of the Most Profitable businesses in Nigeria.

While in the bedmates showroom you will be filling that those pieces of furniture were customized by them or for them, but when you see the same furniture in the Alaba market you will understand that importation was what everyone did and the difference is just packaging?

Anyone can start furniture business in Nigeria today, the business (i mean furniture business) doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge to set up, and it doesn’t have much requirement.

Furniture business as one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria.


Laundry Service Business. Most Profitable Businesses

Laundry Service Business or Dry Cleaning Business is one of the most profitable businesses and most lucrative business, in Nigeria, African or any part of the word.

This service has been in existent ever since before I was born and till date, it is still making some reasonable amount of money to those that do it.

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  • How do you feel when you know that your clothes need to be washed?
  • How will you feel if someone proposes to do the washing for you instead?
  • How will you feel when you see your clothes washed, ironed/pressed, smelling nice and well packaged?

Let me answer those.

First, I feel like there is a responsibility that I have on my head and I will be restless the whole time until that is done.

Great! most of the time I do offer some cash to my brother as a bribe so as to help me clean up my clothes, I must confess I am very lazy when it comes to washing of clothes because am always on keys (working with my P.C).

There are so many like me though may not be because of laziness but because of engagement and work.

We find these people in all level of life, the Laundry Service Business or Dry cleaning Business is not restricted to only one level of people.

You can see Laundry Service Business or Dry cleaning Business in small scales, medium scale and also a well standard scale.

The price of service differs because the packaging and the equipment used are different from each other based on the Laundry Service Business or Dry cleaning Business owner capability.

Laundry service is still one of the most profitable businesses of our time.
Here is how to start.


Palm Oil Business. Most Profitable Businesses

Palm oil is a daily must use kitchen requirement for cooking.
check out our detailed guide on how to start palm oil business and make money.


Drink Distributor Business. Most Profitable Businesses

This is The most profitable businesses in populated places like school, market and yet most people don’t know about, the reason is that people that are into this business are not much so the secret remains within a small circle.

Based on our estimate over 50% of people within the age of 18-28 take soft drinks daily, having this large amount of people taking soft drinks to equate to a reasonable amount of profit for the distributors.

Most profitable businesses are sometimes kept secure.

To kick-start any business you need a full knowledge of the business. You don’t just start a business without considering some factors.

Learn here

Blogging Business. Most Profitable Businesses

It is no news that bloggers are making money from sharing their ideas and views on something.

Speaking with miss Eno, the C.E.O of Enibest.com.ng. I asked her how she was making money from her blog, she was happy and responded very well.

Blogging happens to be one of the most profitable businesses that produce income on an autopilot mode.

Check our posts about blogging.


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