About Smartincomepro

let’s get to know Smartincomepro and its motives.

Smartincomepro is not just a blog it’s a community where we will be creating multi-millionaire entrepreneurs all over the world.

How it started

For the past 8years, I have been a research bird, looking for information any and everywhere.

I started that a bit earlier in my life and that has really affected me.

I started attending big seminars on entrepreneurship, how to make money and I have spent a whole lot, when I say a whole lot I really mean a lot.

When I started to get disturbed was last year, where I had 3 temptations in a day.

Here is the story:

I went to meet a friend of mine like a brother (Abdul-B) and he turned me down what I went for jovially and said

“Gentle this your computer wen you dey press everytime Watin u dey use am do? See your mate dey do yahoo yahoo”

I never gave what he said a thought that same day afternoon another friend of mine (Paulo) said

Gentle every night i dey hear you Ooo. U no dey sleep. Teach people Watin you know make them take make money since you no want make money.

Na Paul joo he is use to talk like this I said you know what happened next?

I received a call it was my younger brother (David (BlackBullet)) we talked as normal and then he dropped the boom

He said

Bros, I know by now you might have bought a car and build that your dream house. All those your seminars, tutorial e-books and the rest things you spent money on lemme see results ooo. Abi do you want to build your dream house ONLINE marry ONLINE and live your life ONLINE?

I was dumbfounded for seconds and couldn’t say a thing.

When I got back to my self I told him I will write down what he just told me and he asked me to go ahead.

Some months passed I was getting bored, I needed life back. I was not sure what was wrong with me, I began to have issues relating to people always alone.

I was going through a book of mine and I turned to the back(my idea base).

Behold the 3 temperatures I had in a day. I looked very closely to Paul’s idea “teach people Watin you know since you no want to make money ” and I felt an unexplainable joy in me, like I was really to climb a stage to teach those things I have never taught before.

I had never thought of being a blogger.

“sometimes some people pass information the unpleasant way, it’s our job to take it the pleasant way” ——————-Smartincomepro

best regards: Gen2general from Smartincomepro

Smartincomepro went live today: 4:02 am 14 April 2018 with the link: http://smartincomepro.com

last update:25/05/2018

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