How to Make Money as Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

How to make money as affiliate marketer

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply selling of other people products on (clickbank, amazon, JVZoo, clicksure etc) and earn commission.

Affiliate marketing is done in the following steps

Here the affiliate (the person selling people’s product) put ads from top marketers like clickbank, amazon, JVZoo, clicksure on their websites or other promotion sites. When a customer clicks and buy from the company using your promotion link or banner their clicks and sells are converted to money then you are paid for all your good work.

What do you need to start as an affiliate marketer?

  • Affiliate marketing website. You will have to register, as an affiliate marketer in one of the well know Affiliate marketing website like clickbank, amazon, JVZoo, clicksure. Some of these websites take up to 24hours to verify your account. Once they have verified your account, you can now login.

On the home page you will see some menu like

Dashboard: current sales, clicks, EPC, weekly Sales, monthly Sales,

Transaction: All your sales are display here.

Analytics: summery (clicks action, conversion, sales, EPC), campaigns

Marketplaces: launch offers, top offers.

Paychecks: account balance, estimated paycheck, confirmed paycheck.


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Support: message between you and your account manager, and new notification are display here.

Compliance: As an affiliate marketer, you are required to upload some document for verification. Before now, your account will be displaying unverified.  The documents needed for verification are

Identity with expiry date

Address with document date

Company with document date (if you sign up as a company)

Profile: you need to update your personal details to match your original details because this will be used to verify payment once you want to pay out.

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Settings: push notification and daily targets.

Logout: you can logout your account after view but you will not be able to receive push notification.

  • Audience (YES):


The next thing you need is audience; the reason you need audience is because to are a marketer.

As a marketer you will need to take the products to some targeted audience that will want to buy your product or that need the service your affiliate site is marketing.


Target audiences are people that give you more conversion than just a random audience. You can create an audience for the kind of product you will like to sell.


There are three main ways to get your targeted audience for your affiliate marketing that is the best for making sales, these ways are very common.


  • Website (not necessary): This is the first and best way to most affiliate marketers. With this they are building a hand full of long time audience, you can decide to post to your site as an ads or you might make a little post about each product and you are done.


All the visitors that will be coming to the site will get to see the entire product that you are selling.


This method is very stressful if you do not know a lot on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but could be very profitable if you are good with SEO.


Getting a website is not easy and free; you will have to invest some few hundreds of dollars in getting domain name and hosting plan plus the site SSL certificate.

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If you really want to start up with a website, we advise you get your domain name and hosting plan from hostgator or bluehost. Those two hosting website are the best in our list base on speed.


If you are just starting up and don’t have much to invest into the business for now we advise you let the idea of getting website low for the main time until you are able to make some money.

By the way, you can use the rest methods that are pretty much easy and free.



  • Youtube: YouTube is a very important method for most Affiliate marketers to get their targeted audience. Here whenever a person watched your video he or she is interested in what you are doing, and all your views will be as conversion.


There are some things you will need to do to be able to work with YouTube.

You will need a YouTube channel: This is where you will meet people that will add to your wallet.

One little secrete about affiliate marketing is that everybody that view your promotion is adding a fraction or some percentage of amount to your account. Let me explain……

If you have about 10 views and one sells.

Which result to $20 (cost per sells).

Each person gives you $2 each.

REASONs if you think like that you will not be discouraged to promote or to market your product when you are not making some sales.


To create a YouTube account, you will need a Gmail account (Google mail). Login your Gmail and go to search for channel, new channel, how to create a YouTube vblog. Pick a very good name for your channel; let your name explain the motive for your vblog. Then do some upload…

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Some good videos: Do not just upload videos, upload sensible videos and off course good quality videos. Make sure your videos pass the right information and do not deceive anybody, make the truth your field.

  • Social media: Social media is yet another free but very good source for getting nice amount of traffic for your affiliate marketing business. Promoting to social media is a simply as making a simple post on your social media for views or your followers.

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To startup, you will need an account on most top populated social media platform (Facebook, twitter, instagram etc). Get a username that best explain your business, we advise you use a single name for all your social media account.

Search for your competitors and send request to the people that like their pages (sure, they will like what you are offering).

When they accept you go straight to business.

Copy the link of the product you have decided to promote, write a little on the product. Make sure that you are writing the truth and not to deceive others.

Paste the link on your social media as a post and include the article you wrote about the product you are selling.

You can decide to go even further by running ads for those social media account to meet people in no time.


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