How to Make Money in Agriculture Business in Nigeria

How to make money in agriculture business in nigeria.

There are numerous ways of making money in the agriculture business.

Here are a list of the most lucrative agriculture business you can do and expect returns.

Livestock farming

Poultry: This is the farming of specific agricultural birds for the purpose of their final product.

The end product of this agricultural business in the meat, eggs and the dumps.

We can get all these products (meat, eggs and the dumps) from one variety of these poultry bird (layer) while the others (broiler, cockerel etc.) will just give use some.

The meat is the main aim of poultry keeping or rearing and other sub products which are eggs and dumps are also important.

The dumps are you as addition or sub feeds for fish in their farms.

Poultry is one of the agriculture business that are very lucrative of the season.

Pig: Pigs are non-ruminate animals and they belong to the family called sudae.

Pigs as you must know has two main species which are sus sacrofa and sus vittatus.

Pigs are rear mainly for meat, pig skin, bristle, and manure.

The important of big rearing is that big matures at 8-9month and can farrow twice a year producing 8-10 piglet per litter.

The piglet matures very early, in 6-9month a piglet gets to 60-90kg market weight.

Pig meat pork is a good source of protein it is also high in energy, attractive, nutritious, tasty and tender.

You can decide to rear pigs in three deferent ways extensive system semi-intensive system and intensive system.

Rabbit: Rabbits just like pigs are monogastic or non-ruminant animals.

They medium-sized hopping mammals with long legs, long ears and short tails.

Rabbits are mainly real for their meat, rabbit meat is normally regarded as a white meat.

They grow faster and they reach maturity market weight in about five to six month.

Rabbit make good quality meat, more nutritious and delicious than that of chicken.

Rabbit has importance in the following area Meats, Rabbit skin or pelt, manure, also for research purpose.

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Rabbits are usually kept in hutches, the hutches are usually arranged in single, double or triple tiers.

Cattle: Cattle belong to the group of animals known as Bovidae.

They are ruminates, having hollow horns an hoofs with an even number of toes.

Cattles are rear for their meat, milk, hide and skin, manure and as draught animals for work on the farm.

There are three breeds of cattle and these breeds are based on their ability in production.

They are the Beef cattle, the dairy cattle, and the dual purpose cattle.

Beef cattle are rear for the production of meat.

Dairy cattle are rear for the production of milk.

Dual purpose cattle are rear for the production of both meat and milk.

Getting into cattle in agriculture business is very profitable and it can yield a lot of income.

Goat: Goat is a hollow-horned small ruminant also belonging to the family of Bovidae of the genus Capra.

Goat is real for its meat, milk, hide and skin. Goat milk is the richest of all the milk produced by animals including man.

Goat is tough and hardy animals that can survive unfavorable environmental condition.

They can produce kids twice a year. They are mostly reared on the extensive system of management.

There are other methods of rearing goat which are semi-intensive system and intensive system.

Fish: Fish farming is the production of varieties of fishes or a specific type of fish for consumption.

Fish has a high source of protein because it doesn’t have any by-product.

They convert every feed they get into meat thereby preserving a lot of protein.

Unlike poultry farming where people will have to keep up with the smell of the farm, fish farming does not smell and it won’t disturb the environment.

Marketing of your product will not be a difficult task at all. Most bars, restaurants, and hotels offer point and kill for their customers.

You can decide to sell your product letter after harvest thereby commanding extra income.

Read-up our article of how to start fish farming business in Nigeria.

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Crop farming

Rice: Rice is another popular cereal crop grown and consumed by nearly half of the world population.

It is also a member of the grass family. The seed of rice is also the fruit of rice and that is what we consume as food.

There are two varieties of rice the swamp rice and the upland rice.

The temperature of these two varieties differs, the upland rice produces very well at 75cm – 120cm of rainfall while the swamp rice requires over 250cm of rainfall and rice require a temperature of over 20C.

Rice is propagated manually or mechanically by seed.

The seed can be planted by broadcasting, sowing or drilling of the seeds at 2-4cm deep.

Rice production is very profitable and it’s making real sales in the market today.

Yam: Yams belong to the family of Dioscoreaceae.

It is a root and tuber crop popularly grown in West Africa and it is rich in carbohydrate.

Yam requires a temperature of 25C to 30C; rainfall of between 100cm – 180cm per annum, a well-drained sandy-loamy soil rich in humus.

Yam can be propagated by the following method.

Seed rate, materials, planting dates, planting, spacing.

Varieties of yam

Dioscorea rotubdata (white yam)

Dioscorea alata (water yam)

Dioscorea (aerial yam)

Dioscorea cayenesis (yellow yam)

Dioscorea domentorum (bitter yam).

If you are starting agriculture business on yam I will advise you to start with the white and the water yam, except for a good demand request for it.

Cassava: Cassava just like yam is a tuber and root crop which can be consumed by man and livestock animal after processing.

Cassava has some advantage over yam; it can grow in a relatively poor soil and low rainfall area. Its root is also rich in carbohydrates.

Cassava requires a temperature of 21C – 35C and rainfall of 150cm to 200cm, a well-drained, rich, friable, loamy soil. It can also grow in poor soil.

Cassava is propagated by a stem, the stem is cut 25cm – 30cm long and it is pushed into ridge or heap slantly at an angle of 45degree and 2/3 of it buried.

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Sprouting occurs 7 – 14days later. Cassava stick is cut and planted from March to September.

Tomato: Tomato is a vegetable crop usually grown by peasant farmers in west Africa. The fruit called berry when ripe can be eaten raw, used for stew preparation or soup or in preparing vegetable salad and other food.

Tomato requires a temperature of about 20c – 25c rainfall of 50 – 125cm, high level of sunshine and well-drained loamy soil, rich in organic matter.

tomato is planted by seeds in early September and October, and these seeds are propagated by drilling or broadcasting.

Its cultural practices include;



Fertilizer application


Maturity period


After harvesting you can sell to any open market.

Banana: To produce banana you have to start by a clearing of the land which is followed by stumping and making of ridges or heaps.

Banana requires a temperature of 12c – 25c, rainfall of 150cm – 200cm per annum and a well-drained, rich, loamy soil.

Banana matures between 12 – 18 months, depending on the variety. A bunch of banana is harvested when the fruit is severed from the bunch stalk by using a cutlass.

Banana is either eating raw when ripe or can be processed into juice when which is stored in cans.

The ripe fruit can be stored temporarily in the refrigerator.

Orange: this is a fruit which belongs to the citrus family. The fruit of orange is called berry and its succulent, fleshy, juicy, the rich vitamin and minerals.

Sweet orange requires a temperature of 25c – 35c, rainfall of about 75cm – 125cm per annum and a well – fertile and deep soil. It also requires a higher elevation and slightly sloping land.

Other crops like Cocoa, Oil palm, Robber, Groundnut, Cotton will be added to the post in no time.

If you have other methods of agriculture business you will like us to add, let know.


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