How To Start Avocado Pear Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start Avocado Pear Farming Business In Nigeria.

Avocado Pear Farming Business

Image: Avocado Pear Farming Business


Avocado pear farming in Nigeria is one of the few cash crop farming that has a high productivity rate in teams of cash.

Avocado pear with is sometimes called butter fruit has a botanical name which is Persia Americana.

It is originated from mexico and till date mexico remain the highest producers of Avocado pear in the word, though other countries like New Zealand, Brazil India and even Kenya are fully into Avocado pear farming business.

Avocado pear has different shape ranging from oval, spherical, egg shape and pear shape.


Profit Potentials Of Avocado Pear Farming.

Avocado pear tree produce over 1000 fruit in a season, and we know how much one avocado pear cost in the market (N50 – N100).

Let’s say, we have about 100 trees in our avocado farm and each of the we were able to harvest about 500 Avocado pear fruit from them;

Let’s solve the math’s.
500 pears x 100 tress = 50,000 pears in a season.

If we happen to sell those pear for N30 or N40 naira we will have.

For N30
N30 x 50,000 = N1,500,000


For N40
N40 x 50,000 = N2,000,000

In every planting season we are sure of about N2 million naira to our bank.


Importance Of Starting Avocado Pear Farming In Nigeria.

  1. It is not capitals intensive if you have a land to use.
  2. It can generate hug source of revenue.
  3. Avocado pear is highly required in industries like cosmetics.
  4. It generate income for its investors.
  5. It requires low care/management .
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Requirements For Starting Avocado Pear Farming In Nigeria.


Know The Right Avocado Pear Variety.

Avocado pear has quite a number of variety and it is advisable to know the variety the performs well in your locality.

  1. Hass
  2. Hall
  3. Daily 11
  4. MacArthur
  5. Coquette
  6. Vonage
  7. Shepherd.


Land Preparation

Avocado pear farm land is prepared by tilling of the soil after the farm land has been properly cleared.

After that it is required to apply organic manure to the soil like animal dump. Ensure that the alkaline condition of the soil is up 5.5 – 7.0.


Avocado Cultivation Technique

Avocado pear is propagated by seed and it is planted to the field after 6months.

At this time the plant will be mature enough to withstand the condition of the farm.

The plants are cultivated 10m x 10m space apart.

A reminder; you should ensure to have a very big land for this avocado pear farming business.



At an early stage when your crops are just transferred to your farm, they will need all the care you can give including watering.

It is required of you to supply them with water during the dry seasons until their taproot have gotten into the soil and this could take a whole year or two.


Manure Application

Before transferring the Avocado pear plant to the farm, you should apply manure and after 3 – 4 months of planting them, you should also apply manure.

You can do the manure application 3 times a year to make the avocado pears farm grow very will so as to produce well.

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There are two advisable methods of weeding and they are:

The use of manual clearing method, here you will have to employ labourers to do the clearing for you.

And the second is with the use of Herbicides.



Avocado pear is easily affected by the fruit spot disease, root rot and also leaf rot while pests like mites, scales and bug are threat to the crop.



Depending on the variety when they get matured the green colour pear turns to yellow while purple turns to brown.

At this time you are to pluck them and keep them for about a week to get soft.

It is important to know that you should not let your avocado pear stay to long on the tree because when get ripe and drop on the ground, it will surly get damaged.


Benefits Of Avocado Pear to our Health.

  1. It Reduces Cholesterol
  2. Avocado helps to improve sight vision
  3. It Can Relieve Arthritis symptoms
  4. Avocado is said to help improve brain.
  5. It Is Filled With Nutrients



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