How To Start A Lucrative Bar Soap Production Business In Nigeria.

How To Start A Lucrative Bar Soap Production Business In Nigeria.

Bar Soap Production business

bar soap production

bar soap production


Have you ever wanted to start a bar soap production business and don’t have a clear head on what to do and how to start?

Then this post is for you.

With this post, you will know how to produce bar soap, you will get to know all the raw materials for the bar soap production.

Also, all the steps of production will be listed.

You must have seen or tried some of the common bar soap product in the market, a product like Dettol, joy, luxe, canon, duck and lots more.

The listed bar soaps are for bathing and washing, the washing can include both for washing of clothes and dishes.

With the production of bar soap, those companies are making millions, it is very rear to see a new company competing for a stand in the bar soap production industries.

Bar soap production business is a business with a lot of benefit and importance, below are a few importance.



  1. It creates job opportunity
  2. It provides a source of revenue for the government.
  3. It develops entrepreneurs thinking and mind.
  4. It creates self-employed youths.
  5. Bar soap is a must daily use house substance.
  6. Have a lot of bar soap producer will create competition in the market thereby reducing the cost price of sales.



Like I do tell my friends, “There is no business that is not profitable, it only depends on your approach.”

If a business seems not juicy, maybe you are not squeezing the right way or you are not squeezing hard.

You might not get the opportunities that the rich will get when it comes to business but in your own level, you can get the success that will emerge you the height of the rich (though it takes commitment and hard work, you can do it).

A profit of over 500% percentage is possible in bar soap production, the factor that determines all these are the cost of raw materials and the distance of where the chemical is sold.

Those two factors alter the profit rate of any business including bar soap production.



For a successful production, you need to have a focus. Bar soap production is divided into sections.

For Bathing.

For washing clothes.

Some for dishes.

It is good to focus on one niche for a start and then you can go wide in you have the requirement to run multiple sections of the bar soap production business.

The medicated bar soap is for bathing like Dettol, Tura Dudu Osun etc.
Others like Joy, give, premial are for washing both most people use them to bath, While those like canon are to wash dishes but people use them to washcloths.

You can decide which you want to produce, but consider the cost and make sure it is in your capability.

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Below are some basic requirements for starting a bar soap production business.


Any business without a business plan is headed for failure. A business plan is the most important step that determines the success of a business.

It is like a road map to a business success, it covers all the necessary steps and procedural you must take to attain success.

A good business plan will take care of startups, This includes the amount needed for the business, where to get the capital to be it loan or grants.

In starting a bar soap production business, your business plan will take care of a list of all the raw materials needed for the bar soap production, the cost of the materials and also the cost of production will be in the business plan.

A good business plan will have plans for growth when to enlarge and how much to reinvest is included in the business plan.

There is more to a good business plan and you can learn how to write one from our post.



All businesses that have to do with production needs capital to set up.

Bar soap production business is one of those numerous businesses that require capital but in this case a lower amount of capital in needed.

Bar soap production does not put a hole in the pocket before it can be set up and running.

If you are starting a small bar soap production company from N50,000.00 will do (where you get your raw materials really matters).

If you are starting a big bar soap company then you should have some millions as you should know that you will need some advertisement like billboard advertising.

You can apply for loan form one of the loan companies in your locality or you can ask for a loan from your bank.

There are many NGOs that gives grants in Nigeria, you can try them to know those that can help. Read our posts on how to raise capital for business.

Note: If you need a loan you will have to make your business plan presentable and good. You must have a good understanding of the business to the purchase of raw materials and equipment for the sales of finished product.



A feasibility study helps you know the business well. It is like looking at a previous business chart to know the key players in the bar soap production industry.

You will have to know where the top bar soap producer gets their raw materials from, you will also have to know how they sell including how the package the product.

In carrying out a feasibility study working for a bar soap production company will be a good idea, but it is good you carry out a series of the feasibility study from more than 3 companies so as to be at an advantage.

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While carrying out a feasibility study there are things to consider like

  • Location.
  • Capital.
  • Level of Operation.


You need a place to work not necessary a lab, you can produce in your home. Where you work is referred to as your lab in this case.

It is advisable to have a separate area of your home reserved just for this bar soap production or you can get a place outside your home.

The chemicals need for this bar soap production are not consumable, so care should be taken especially where you have kids.

All your equipment for production should be in order and well arranged. You will not want to be going around looking for things if you want to produce.


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For bar soap production business you need the following equipment to get a successful end product.


  1. A Mixer.
  2. A Mould.
  3. Cutting Machine.
  4. Cutting Board.
  5. Stamping Machines.
  6. Stirring Rod.


  1. Boiler.
  2. Crutcher.
  3. Plodder.
  4. Cutting Table.
  5. Packaging.


The ingredients needed for this bar soap production are the raw materials for production.

  • Caustic Soda
  • Soad Ash,
  • Oil, and
  • Water.

Extra are ;

  • Perfume.
  • Colour.
  • Alcohol.




The method of bar soap production we employed here is a semi-boiled method that requires a little heat.


  1. Get your ingredients ready. (Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Oil, Water, Perfume, Colour, Alcohol.)
  2. Put the required oil in a mixer and apply heat to warm up the oil. Note: the oil should not be heated to a frying level, the reason of applying heat is just to make the oil particle lose and this can also be done by shaking of the oil in a container.
  3. Dilute you caustic soda with water in a ratio water: caustic soda 3:1. this means the caustic soda should be 1 while water should be 3x of whatever measuring tool you are using.
  4. Add the dilute caustic soda and stir very well.
  5. To get a lighter colour or a transparent colour you add Alcohol.
  6. Dissolve soda ash in water with the same proportion you used for the caustic soda. In bar soap production these processes are a must if you have to get a good result.
  7. Now, add the already dissolved soda ash into the mixture.
  8. Stir the mixture very well.
  9. Cover the mixture for about 40minutes to bake.
  10. Add perfume and stir.
  11. Add your desired colour and stir.
  12. Your result at this stage should look like pap.
  13. Place nylon on your moulds and pour your mixture into the moulds. The nylon helps for easy removal of the bar soap from the moulds.
  14. Let the pap-like mixture solidify in the mould for about 24 hours or more.
  15. Bring the bars out and let them cure for about 6 weeks.
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You produce should be ready for stamping and use.



There is two basic factor that determines a product marketability, and they are Packaging and promotion.


Packaging is the branding of product to meet market demand by looks. The look of a product has a lot to speak about the product even before the product is been used.

This secret has stopped becoming a secret anymore, this is why you see good looking produce in the market especially when it comes to bathing bar soap.

Bar soap needs to be packaged to meet the marketability demand. Be it a washing soap or a bathing soap, if well-packaged marketing will not be a difficult thing.



It is required that you carry out some form of promotion to make your product knowledge. If after production you just keep your bar soap inside your store without letting people know what you have, you will not make a sale.

You can use social media to promote your bar soap production business. You can decide to use paid ads to get the right customers and you can use free ads as well.



there are few challenges associated with bar soap production business, they are listed below.

Customers Trust:

This is not only associated with bar soap production business, every new business goes through same.

Cost of raw materials.

Where the raw materials are bought from has a lot to do with the futures of the business.

If the producers buy in small quantity from a local chemical seller around, the raw materials will be of a high cost, thereby reducing the profit.


You can check out for an extra guide



Do you know that there is no small and big business, the only difference is the approach.

I like to use TomTom as an example whenever I am talking about small and big business. TomTom used to go for 2 = N5, the company survived those periods and the made profit, it letter became 1 = N5 at this time the cost of things both raw materials and transport increased, the company still survived.

Today, the economy of the country has gone off hands but the company still operate at 1 = N10.

Now, let me ask you a question… During those time they sell for 2 = N5 did the made profit?

If they never made a profit they would not have been able to run ads on TV stations.


We will be updating this post from time to time, keep your fingers crossed.

Shear your idea on Bar soap production business and ask any question below in the comment. Don’t forget to shear this post to social media and subscribe to our newsletter to get instant post update. Thanks and GOD bless you. #smartincomepro


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