How to start a beauty hair salon business in Nigeria

 How to start a beauty hair salon business in Nigeria – free guide

We under estimate entrepreneurs like beauty hair salon business and they are making over 3x a normal salary earner.


It is funny how ignorance can make people talk anyhow. Just yesterday I was listening to some guy talking and one was say how lucky his brother is, that his brother is making close to N200,000 monthly.


He said his brother is a graduate form Dpt. industrial chemistry and presently working in the bank. Saying his result made way for him.


When I noticed he was trying to discourage some upcoming entrepreneurs I had no choice but to interfere.


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I came into the conversation very calmly by asking questions.


Q1. When last did you visit a football viewing center to watch a match.?

Ans. Haa, yesterday!.


Q2. Like how many were you in the football viewing center?

Ans.  Hum,  that kind match I had to off my top,  should be in range to 170-200.

(I can clearly see I his eyes, he thinks I just changed the topic.)


Q3. How much did you pay?

Ans. N120, it was supposed to be N150.


Q4. How many times in a week does he show match?

Ans. 3 or more.


And I said thank you.

Let say 170 of you were in that viewing center and each of you paid 120.

170 x 120 = 20400

If he shows 3 times a week  that is

20400 x 3 = 61200

So we have 4 weeks in a month.


61200 x 4 = 244,800 that is the football viewing center manager monthly pay.

With that I left the seen. The boys were dumbfounded.

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I encourage every entrepreneurs dream, hope they make it top.


Do you have the beauty hair salon skill or you just want to manage a beauty hair salon business. Whichever ways this guide will work just fine.


Looking good has always been a good business, because people are ready to spend our last dime in looking good.


Let’s get to know some important factor in starting a beauty hair salon business .


Time duration: how much time do you need to make one person’s hair?  That should be the first question we should look out for before engaging.


Preserve duration: how long do women comfortably carry their old hair before fixing a new one. To women this factor varies as we can’t all fit in one shoes.


Start/end time: when do you start work everyday and the time you end work for the day should also be put into consideration.


Reasons for making hair.

Everybody has his own reason for doing something.

Look beautiful


Have self confidence.

These are all true, Have you ever noticed that you can face the public and address them when you are looking good, but will shy away from public places if you look messy. That’s why we choose to look good, so as to face our fairs at all times.


How Stressful is the business?

This business is mainly done on a standing position. And it takes time depending on the style the customer requested.

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Is the pay worth the stress?

Yes it is. if you are operating the your beauty hair salon business alone in a day you could be making 2 to 3person hair in a day depending on the speed of you skill.


If you have other people operating the business with you, your results would multiple.


I think I am ready to start rolling.


What do I need for start-up?

Very good.

You will need the number one factor for every entrepreneur success or any successful investment which is time. 


Time is the major factor for any business, if you are not sure about time please don’t start the business, except you have a manager in mind to use for your business.


Location: A good location will by the catalyst to your business growth and success. To choose a good location toy will have to consider two factors which are:


Your customers

And your……..


The location you should pick, should be a strategic place for your business, you should be able to get customers that needs your services rushing in and out like the game diamond rush If this is not rightly done our business will not be able to stand.


You will experience a very hard time in getting customers.

Since we know this it’s time to get the things we need for the business.

I always recommend different levels of business whenever I am teaching give a guide.

For this our beauty hair salon business I will recommend two levels


High level salon:

Low level salon:


Whatever we will be doing from now on, we will refer to this two division as level (high or low).

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Purchas equipment

We will be buying equipment for work base on our level.


Low level salon:

  • Square brush
  • Rattail Comb
  • Wide-Toothed comb
  • Tail-end comb
  • Round Brush
  • Two vent Brush
  • Paddle Brush
  • Two smoothing Brushes
  • Thermal Brush
  • Teasing
  • Wide – tooth Brushes
  • Rat – Tail comb
  • Regular Brushes and combs
  • Pitchfork
  • Raka hair brushes and combs


High level salon:

  • Standard salon styling chairs N43,000
  • Salon and spa stool around N26,000
  • Make-up chair N11,000
  • Salon mirror cabinets N121,000
  • Mirror cardboard N45,000
  • Nail shaper N4,500
  • Children salon styling chair N46,000
  • Professional hair dryer N41,000
  • Standing hair steamer N41,000
  • Sterilizer with UV (Ultraviolet) N19,000
  • Clippers N10,000
  • Ear muffs N800
  • Salon signal light N5,000
  • A salon trolley N11,000
  • Neck tissue paper N2,200

you don’t have to get all the equipment at once before you start up your beauty hair salon business.  Just get the most important of all for a start.


We wanted to make sure you have an idea of what you should need and how much they might cost you.



Professional product for the hair care.

  • Shampoos: this is a common treatment for the hair; this is done from time to time to remove organs that can aid the growth of any reactions to the hair and head.


  • Hair conditioners: conditioning is an agent for treating the hair, it is use to wash the hair to preserve his health nature.
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  • Hair styling and perming kit: mainly for the styling. This is used to give the hair different looks.

The perming kit is a set of different tools use for perming porpoise.


  • Hair styling gels: this is use to keep the hair in place as styling . It is you to give the hair a desired shape and style.


  • Serums: this is a silicone-based product that coat the surface of your hair.


  • Mousses: this gives hair that luscious bouncy feeling.


  • Hair colors: They are useful I giving the hair a different color from the older one.


  • Hair dyes: Dyes affect the color and texture of the Natural hair.


  • Hair extentions: they are usually clipped,  glued or sewed on the other hair by incorporating additional human hair or synthetic hair.


  • Wigs: These are attachments fixed to one’s natural hair. Wigs often change looks.


Your investment determines your results. You won’t expect to make exact what a person that invest more.

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How much can I make?


Let’s estimate

Low level salon: you operate this yourself without help from other? no problems.

Can still do it.


Let’s assume you attended to 3 persons who came to make their hair in a day and u charged N1,500 each.

You were also opportuned to fix eyes lashes and nails which cost N1,200. Total profit we made will be 1500*3=4500+1200=5700 in just a day.


If we are able to keep an average of N5000 daily, in a month we will have N5000 x 26day (excluding Sundays) N130,000 per month.

Very well our low level salon made N130,000per/mth.


High level salon: this level the manager of the beauty hair salon will have to employ as much employees as possible because not just any how customers will be coming, you will have enough to attend to them well so as to keep them coming.


If we had up to 20 customers in a day and each paid N3000 in a day we will make N60,000 and a month we will make N60,000 * 26days = N1,560,000.00per/mth.


Our high level salon made N1.5M in just a single month.


Note1: These results were just assumed possible outcome based on our research and interview from some beauty hair salon business owners.


Note2: The out come of this results is based on location, you are expected to have a different result either higher or lower but on a slight scale.


Note3: In business you don’t have to know everything before you start or get all your equipment before you start you just have ever to start with what you have ever and step up your game.

CEO Facebook (mark Zuckerberg ) would say “idea do not come out fully formed, they only become clearer as you work on them.”


Offer other services:

A best way to build income is by fully utilizing your present area of work, adding other business to it.


This won’t be like you are starting a new business because most of the start-ups (location) have been taken care of by the first business.

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It is certain that those how needed this service might still need something related.

You should offer other services and sell product like;


Dyeing of hair: this takes less time if it does not require styling and other technicalities.


Watching of hair: this is done with some watching agent like shampoo, condition and sometimes relaxers.


Relaxing of hair: this is to bring the hair to order. This reduces the weight of the hair and also makes it looks good.


Nail fixing: offering this service is a plus to your earnings as it takes a little time to fix and the money is in your account.


Eye brown shaving: not everybody can do this let alone do it for themselves. So this is a plus to your business.


Eye lashes fixing: this is a trending part on beauty care these days, offering this service will really bring young girls to your bases.


Conditioning: conditioning is an agent for treating the hair, it is use to wash the hair to preserve his health nature.


Shampoo: this is a common treatment for the hair; this is done from time to time to remove organs that can aid the growth of any reactions to the hair and head.


Perms: This brings out the new look, it is used as style for hair. But not just that, a perming lotion works its magic to loosen the disulfide bonds in your hair.


You hair is righty wrapped around curing rods to redefine their structure and curl them up.



Manicures: This is a cosmetic beauty treatment for both fingernails and hands performed in the beauty hair salon business place.


A manicure is the filling and shaping of the free edges, pushing and clipping any nonliving tissue.


Pedicures: A pedicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for both feet and toenails performed in the beauty salon. A pedicure is done for cosmetic, therapeutic purposes.



Nail polish: This should be done with the best nail polish in the market. This keeps the nails in good health and also looking nice and presentable.


Sculpture nails: This is slightly removal of the top surface of the nails by nails fillers. This helps to keep the nails in shape and keep them looking good and keep them healthy.


Skin care: These are techniques for messaging treatment such as waxing and threading benefit to the skin thereby increasing mental well-being for growth and beauty.


How to keep your customers coming back.

Hospitality : give them top hospitality, put the latest movie you have for them and offer them snacks and soft drinks. That is nothing compared to your monthly income.


Concern: if you noticed any fault in you customers hair help them out solution on how to go about it, give them full concern.


So you now know how beauty hair salon business works,  give it a try.

Feel free to check the rest of our post.




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