Free Bleach Production Business Plan – Download Pdf.

Free Bleach Production Business Plan – Download Pdf.

Free bleach production business plan sample pdf

bleach production business plan


If you want to know how produce bleach read this post “How To Start Bleach Production Business In Nigeria” Having written the post of how to start a bleach production business, we deem it fit to write a post for anyone that intends to start the business should have a good bleach production business plan to guide him or her.

You can use the below example as a temple for the bleach production business plan. To use the free guide as a templet you just have to edit the information based on your location.

Bleach Production Business Plan:

This is a business plan sample for Bleach Production own by Mr. Gentle Saleh Henry (blogger Https://, he lives in Abuja FCT Nigeria.

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Company name:



Smart Cleaner.


The smart cleaner is a product that took after its name and slogan, This is a bleach product that has never been seen in the market. It is a super stain remover and a disinfectant for surface cleaning to fight against the disease.

How bleach product will be in three sizes for the first two years of the business, this is will help us promote the business as it will be new to the market. The first three sizes will be a one time use small sachet, 200g, and a 500g.

After two year time, two other sizes will be released to keep the product new to the market.

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SmartWhite is one of its kind, Its supper whitening power is a very strong one that cleans tough stains almost immediately.

Satisfied testimonies have come from over 10 persons that have tried the Smartwhite. It first started with family and friends review, then we tried with some strangers to get more review.
To get some sell in the first two month of your business we will offer all source of promotion including door to door promotion.

(bleach production business plan)


we will be using sachet and small rubber container to package our product, there are other options like disposable aluminum (like that of malt), but we chose to stick with rubber and sachet because it is cheaper.

This package will have a Name, a Logo, the slogan, description, sponsors logo.

(bleach production business plan)


The label has a description, logo, slogan, description, sponsors logo.
The label is a waterproof sticker to that is placed on the container. it covers and carries all the information that will be needed to inform the public of the product they are buying and also how to use the product.

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How it works:

SmartWhite is a multi-agent, it works both as a whiten-agent and a disinfectant.

Smartwhite is used as a whiten-agent by applying 3full cover into 5litters of water. white cloths are the only cloth at is allowed to apply our bleach product on.
Once our cloth is in the water, 5 minutes is okay for the cloth. bring it out and wash it with clean water. the stain should be gone by this time.

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Smartwhite can also be used to clean the surface as a disinfectant, places like the kitchen, Toilet, and the living room.

(bleach production business plan)


For a start, we have just Three people in the management team, The C.E.O, The production manager and the sells manager. we hope to increase the number soon.

Target market:

Smartwhite is targeting everyone in the market because everyone uses white and have a reason to want to keep it sparkling white.

Marketing and publicity:

During our first 6 months into the business, we will shear fliers all over the street twice a week.
During this 6 month, we will be doing a give away to people who buy more product. The customer can buy 2 get 1 free.

Specialists and consultants:

Mr. Sam, the manager of the operation in hypo accepted to work with Smartwhite for the next 3years and we have written agreement signed.
Also, Smartwhite has sent out consultants request to 3 others we know they will accept.


How smartwhite get its startup capital, how much profit it makes and how much they pay will be treated below.

Get Startup Capital:

Smartwhite has N870,000.00 that it collected from saving for over 2years. This money will be okay to start small.

Make Profit:

After packaging a small quantity of the bleach product made, we noticed a pure profit of N1200 for a 5litters bleach the cost N500. The five litters sold for N1700.00.

Pay staff:

For the first 6 months, all workers will be paid N30,000 per month, till we balance up.

Based on the high demand for a bleach production business plan we made this.

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Note: this business plan is not Attracting partners, and it’s not for Attracting investors either.

We are putting that up as it will take time to put down a templet that will work majority.

meanwhile, comment and shear this post with your friends. Thinks


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