Nigeria And The World Bloggers Make Extra Money With Getblogged.

Nigeria And The World Bloggers Make Extra Money With Getblogged.

Nigeria And The World Bloggers Make Extra Money With Getblogged.

Bloggers Make Extra Money



As a blogger, you might have been asking how do Bloggers Make Extra Money from their blog aside Ads. If you have ever wonder or asked that question you need to read this post.

Getblogged is the answer

If you are just hearing of Getblogged that means you haven’t heard that Getblogged has a very high paying writing job opportunities for bloggers.

You should Read this post without a rush to know how you can make over 27 pounds for just a post on your blog. 27 pounds amount to 12k plus.

What is Getblogged?

Getblogged is a high paying post writing opportunities platform, where bloggers can write for top brands and receive payment between 24 hours of content approval.

In a clear explanation, we will say, Getblogged is an outreach that connects the influential bloggers that are willing to take every opportunity to make extra money with top brands that are willing to collaborate from all around the world.

How Bloggers Make Extra Money with getblogged platform is that they will have to pick from a list of advertisers assignment which each of them has its own special assignment specification.

The influential blogger will have to pick the assignment he believes he suits more, he must be able to deliver the assignment within some specific time frame.

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How Getblogged Works!

All payment and jobs are been arranged into categories based on Domain Authority (DA) of your website.

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Getblogged has job-based on categories from DA 5, DA 10, DA20, DA 40 and so on.

If your domain name DA is 8 you are only qualified to apply for jobs with DA 5+ requirement. DA 5+ jobs are mostly 10 pounds which amount over N4,000 per post.

If your DA is 19 you are qualified to apply for jobs for with both DA 5+ and DA 10+ requirement. DA 10+ pays from 17 pounds to 20 pounds (the highest I have seen).

Bloggers Make Extra Money that amounts to N8,000 per post with this.

If your DA is 31 you can apply for jobs of DA 5, DA 10, DA 20, and DA 30. Making as high as 4k, 8k, 16k, and 24k per post.

If your DA is 40+ you can apply to all the jobs on the site as it happens to be the highest for now. 40+ DA gets over 50 pounds which are over 32k.

The blogger (you), the content (post) and advertiser.

The relationship between this three entities is the platform Getblogged that helps Bloggers Make Extra Money.

That means you will need an account with the Getblogged, you will do this by registering with the link below this post. After that, you will have to verify your email Address.

As Bloggers Make Extra Money, for you to join is very simple just go to their Active Opportunities and you will see some DA categories, select the one that suits your DA.

NOTE: While registering you will be required to Input your website URL to update your profile.

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How To Pick A Getblogged Job:

When you click on active opportunities you will be prompted to select from the categories of DA (Domain Authority), once you hit the DA you want a long list of jobs will be displayed so you will select the job that best suit your website.

On any job selection, you will be taken to the assignment page where you will see all the requirement for the job, this will include; the number of words your post should be, The Anchor Text to use (TEXT TO CARRY THE LINK), The target URL, and some others.

It is true that Bloggers Make Extra Money from getblogged and they do this buy just picking a job.


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How Long Does It Take To Get Paid:

Payment takes less than 24hours and you can get your money ASP.

Method of payment:

Some on is afraid of buying a USA Paypal Account…
You don’t have to buy any Paypal account to receive payment, Paypal now lets Nigeria make and accept payment.

Getblogged is a platform of two types of people:

The Big Brands (Advertisers) and
The influential blogger.

As a brand you want your website to rank high quick, you need real visitors from a higher website with good DA? This is the place for you.

Both the influential Blogger and the Brands (Advertisers) can register here. Note I will get 3 points if you register with my link.



Let’s build a team together and help each other out.

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If you have over a thousand followers on twitter you can apply as well.

Comment any question let’s role.


Updated: August 6, 2018 — 12:25 pm

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