How to Start Effective and Successful Fuel Filling Station Business in Nigeria.

How to Start Effective and Successful Fuel Filling Station Business in Nigeria.

Fuel filling Station business in Nigeria is an oil business that few people do.


We all know the rating of the oil business in Nigeria, It is the first and number one source of the country revenue. Oil has a lot of profit and makes the marketers millions of nairas within a very short period of time.

It is true that oil business is risky but if you agree with me the hight of success if risky as well.

Many young people from the southern part of the country are making it from the money gotten from oil legally or illegally.

Smartincomepro is Aimed at bringing the possible ways of making money the legal way and for this reason, we will be letting you know the requirement on how to start effective and successful fuel filling station business in Nigeria.


Requirement For Setting up a Successful Fuel Filling Station Business in Nigeria.

Business Plan:


A business plan is the bedrock of every successful business you see today. without a good business plan, you will not be able to make it to the hight that you will have a profit which means success to the business.


The business plan is a set of image sketch or the theoretical plan of how a business should start to grow and become successful within a particular span of time.

How a business should start to include The source of capital for the startup, getting the right requirement to make the business start well.

The business plan also plays an important part in the growth of a business because a well-documented step on how to run the business to meet customers demands and others areas to invest in once the business has attained a specific hight is been followed.

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For a successful fuel filling station business, you will need to sketch your business plan yourself or let an expert do it for you.


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Location is a very important factor everyone should consider with full focus when starting a new business.

For you to have a successful fuel filling station business it has to be spotted in a location that creates room for its success. This is what I mean, having a fuel filling station in a village that has just 10 cars is not good because 10 customers cannot make a successful business.

The filling station business needs to be located in a city with hundreds and thousands of cars coming in and out of the city on a daily bases.

In looking for a location we will have to consider the travelers because they can buy over a 100 liters at a time which is better sells. We should also consider those that are in the city that might need our product to run their businesses within and outside the city.

So, we advise your fuel filling station business should be located along a major roadside in a very populated city.



Just like every other businesses capital is needed for this business.
Fuel filling station business is not a business that anyone can start up because of the amount of capital need to set it up.

A relatively high amount of capital ranging from 30 – 50 Million nairas is needed to set up a fuel Filling station, that is why this business is for the rich men alone.

There are many ways on how to get startup capital but a majority of them will not work for this business because of the amount needed for the business.

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Get Approval:


It depends if you want to be a free agent or you want to work under the top popular agents like Total, AP, Mobile, NNPC and lots more.

Being a Free agent you will be given the Approval to brand your fuel filling station business with any name of your choice. This has its own disadvantage and advantages.

The disadvantages are you will have to run the promotion from a grassroots, you will have to get suppliers on your own and also you will have to do a lot of thinking about the best branding method to apply. If you can bypass this disadvantages as a free agent then you are good to go.

The advantage is that it will give room for your name to know.

Working under a popular agent will automatically take the brand of the agents you are working with. This is a major disadvantage.

It has a lot of advantage like getting a supplier, if you are approved to work with an agent their suppliers automatically become your supplier. You will have no need to run promotion because the company or agent you are working with well knows and trusted but the members of the public.

Fuel Storage Tank:


Fuel storage tanks are always underground, these are the tanks that are used to store Fuel to be sold to vehicles.

Fuel storage tanks comes in various sizes startig from 30, 000 liters, 35,000 liters 40,000 liters, 45,000 liters, 60,000 liters etc.

We advise you go for the 60,000 liters underground tank because of its size, it will give you the chance to be able to buy fuel before the fuel in your tank get finished.

The suppliers’ tanks are always around 30,000 liters or more but less than 60,000 liters. So, having a 60,000 liters will give you a better opportunity to make sales even as you wait for supply.

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The most important staffs we will need for our fuel Filling station business are…
Manager and




We will have to build some structures for our fuel filling station business, we will be building a bungalow, canopy over the pumps, a short fence, and a hardcore floor.

A bungalow:


This is like a tradition for every filling station in the country today. this is where the office of the manager, supervisor and other staffs will be located.
In here can also be a mini-supermarket and a car workshop, I’m sure you might have seen something like this.

Canopy over pumps:


It is very important you get a canopy over pumps to shade the staffs and the customer that is buying fuel from you.
This canopy will also help to protect your fuel pumps from excess heat.

Short Fence:


A short fence is needed for this business to demarcate the boundary of your business area and to give your security a clear sight of view.

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Hardcore Floor:


Various Vehicle, sizes, and shapes will be coming into our Filling station business premises and we will not want vehicles to be stocked because we don’t have a solid floor to carry it.

4-6 Electronic pumps and a Standby Generator is needed.


Let us know if you have any question by commenting…



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