How To Start A Lucrative Electronics Store Business In Nigeria 2018.

How To Start A Lucrative Electronics Store Business In Nigeria 2018.

Electronics Store Business In Nigeria 2018.

Electronics Store Business

Lucrative Electronics Store Business


In This post, we will be giving you straight information on what you will need to start a lucrative electronic store business here in Nigeria.

Electronics Store business is a business that was higher than mobile phone some years ago.

There is no house without electronics; this made it a very lucrative business to venture into.
We will be going straight to how to start an Electronics store business here in Nigeria.

How To Start A Lucrative Electronics Store Business In Nigeria.

  1. Select A Niche.
  2. Get A Good Location.
  3. Know Your Competitors.
  4. Get a Supplier.
  5. Promotion.
  6. Step-Up Your Game.

In Details;

Select A Niche:

It will interest you to know that electronics ranges from TV sets, Audio sets, Cookers, electric iron, washing machines, Generators, Air Conditionals and lots more.

In starting an electronics Store business it will be nice to have a particular niche that people can come knowing that it is the only thing you sell, and that means it must be available.

You will get your goods cheaper when you have a specific niche because you will be buying a single type of good in a larger quantity.


Get a Good Location:

Getting a location Is an aspect that calls for a carefully attention. Your location determines your success rate in any business.

This will be determinate on the kind of niche you want to go into.

You should be very observant to know if your intend location and you niche tends to relate with the electronic store business you intend to start.

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Know Your Competitors:

I love competition and for that I have come to know that the more a business has competition the more that business tends to be profitable.

If there is no competition in the niche you want to startup don’t just rush into it, also if there is no competition in your desired location, there is every tendency that they business will not do well there.


Get A Supplier:

Goods are now been ordered from different part of the world and country to one’s place of business without moving an inch.

You will need the suppliers that will get those goods to you without stress.

Here you will need the advice of those in the business before you, ask them a lot of questions and get the suppliers numbers that suppliers to them.

Place a call over to them and let them know what you want and the location to bring it.



To get a good amount of impression, you will need a little promotion on the first few months of the business.

If you electronics store business is very big, you can run a radio advertisement placement or a TV advertisement.

News paper and social media are also a good way to promote.


Step-Up Your Game:

You might be wondering why I said you should step up your game.

It simply means to do what others never thought of. You can meet new companies from time to time and offer to supply them electronic is your are contracted to.

Sure not all companies know how to get the electronics the need for their business.

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Your proposal must be interesting, professional and irresistible for you to get a contract of such.

Once all these are put into consideration when starting an electronics store business in Nigeria, you are sure to have success and an end product.

Thanks for you time, shear your view through the comment box.




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