12 Entrepreneur Signs and Tips on How to be a Better Entrepreneur.

12 Entrepreneur Signs and Tips on How to be a Better Entrepreneur.

12 Entrepreneur Signs and tips on how to be a better entrepreneur is a guide that exposes entrepreneurs on time.

Entrepreneurs are natural born visionaries. They harbor a unique sense of imagination and creativity. The most notable inventors and creative minds have distinguished themselves from the masses for this very reason.

Do you feel as though you were destined for Independence, wealth and greatness? Read below to discover if you are an entrepreneur at heart.

No 1 – You Work Poorly In Office Environments.

You don’t need a prophet to tell you when a place is not meant for you. Your BOSS will raise his voice at you, your co-workers might say things like you are sluggish or you are slow to grab things related to the work you do.

In a different case your BOSS might think you are performing very well but within your, there is this pulling that you have to do something other things.

Most entrepreneurs despise traditional work settings. In fact, they respond minimally if at all, to formal displays of authority. Some people conflate their bumbling disregard with a poor work ethic.

However, this could not be further from the truth. If you show similar tendencies, then you may simply be an entrepreneur.

No 2 – You Innovate On Your Spare Time

Are you idealistic? Do you find yourself contemplating masterminded ideas whenever you are free from work or play, mastermind ideas that are yet to come to fulfillment?

This is the sign that you are an entrepreneur in the heart.

Then perhaps you are an entrepreneur at heart. Entrepreneurs are sometimes referring to as workaholic if there doing that which they like. All these Entrepreneur Signs are not hidden.

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Entrepreneurs have a natural desire for designing complex models, products, systems and much more. If this describes you, it is a good sign then maybe you should transform your conceptual ideas into reality.

No 3– Do you believe that N5 is money?

This is one of the major sign to know an entrepreneur in making, don’t get me wrong, I never meant you be closed handed (I mean stingy).

If you understand what the entrepreneur CEO ‘Tom-Tom’ did, you will know that you are an entrepreneur in the making.


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No 4 – You Are Creative

Sometimes, an entrepreneur’s vision is neither logical nor systematic. Most likely, your unorthodox ideas conflict with the framework of your everyday job.

Many of the world’s leading visionaries have employed scientific and empirical thought to get ahead.

But creativity has fueled the pursuits of virtually every brilliant mind known to date.

No 5 – You Prefer To Work on Projects Independently

Entrepreneurs thrive on irregularity and unconventional thinking. So, naturally, a 9 to 5 schedule rarely fits have a natural desire for Independence, and provides an unfettered entry way for innovation.

All professions require collaborative thinking and the ability to be a team player. It is expected of you to think critically while incorporating the ideas of others.

You will notice this with school projects and sometimes school non-academic projects, like a family project

No 6 – You distaste 9 am to 5 pm

Entrepreneurs thrive on irregularity and unconventional thinking. So, naturally, a 9 to 5 schedule rarely fits within the scope of their hectic framework. If you shudder at the thought of a formal work schedule, then you might be an entrepreneur.

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No 7 – You Are An introvert / Outcast


Most successful entrepreneurs are introverts who are been see as social outcasts and the also have these Entrepreneur Signs. They flaunt their unabashed uniqueness with pride and grace.

If this describes you, then you must embrace your status as a social misfit, and convert your differences into innovations.

An introvert always gets his energy while alone thinking of creative and innovative ideas. He enjoys every second he is alone, but when he is around people he begins to lose it.

An entrepreneur finds it very hard to flow in people conversation; this makes him contribute low and below other people’s expectation.

No 8 – You Are Optimistic


The everyday realist is a self-saboteur with inflexible limitations. But as an entrepreneur, you transcend your daily limits while doing the impossible. In other words, you make room for idealism.

No 9 – You Think You Can Do It Better


It is very difficult for people to satisfy you with service that you can do or had an idea of. You always think there should be a review.

This Entrepreneur Signs in is good but makes you look like someone they can’t satisfy, its okay as that will boost you to do things yourself.

Have you ever cringed at the blundering incompetence of another business person or company? Do you honestly believe that you can do something better? If so, then the world needs your entrepreneurial spirit.

No 10 – You See Yourself As a Leader


Entrepreneurs are leaders and not ruler or bullies; they always are in the thought of providing for people. This is an Entrepreneur Signs that is as important as the rest.

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Most entrepreneurs experience a riveting gleam of insight during their lives. They realize that they are leaders that their purpose is to work solely for themselves while serving the world with invaluable products and services.

Do you feel the unrelenting need to be your own boss? Then you are most likely an entrepreneur.

No 11 – Spend time in something you like.

Do you spend unbelievable time in doing the this you like that don’t even gives you anything like income and never want to spend a minute doing some sort of jobs for people though will pay for your time.

You should know that you are an entrepreneur and you should try to invest your time into things that will help you make you a better Entrepreneur in the nearest feature.

No 12 – Is HOW TO your favorite question.

Entrepreneur favorite question starts with “How to” This is a phrase that denotes a taste for knowledge. Do you find yourself asking this question even when no one is around you?

Do you notice your search engine history having 85% how to search? Then you should know that you are going to be an entrepreneur in no distance time.

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Note: these are a little research carried out by Smart incomepro, lives of many entrepreneurs were carefully examined and we came up with these 12 Entrepreneur Signs and Tips on How To Be A Better One.

Thank you all and keep being the “Smart IncomePro” that you are.


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