How to Start a Football Viewing Center in Nigeria – Free Guide

How to Start a Football Viewing Center

What is football viewing center?

A Football viewing center is where football lovers gather to watch football just for the love of the game.

The minds set of going out to watch football started so many years ago, and it has been a thing that is likely to be passed on to the next generation.

The passion that people have for both the game and the football viewing center is going to a height where even if the T.V set turns black and white and everybody has a very big HD color flat Screen T.V at home they will still go out to watch the 14inch black and white T.V set.

Why do people choose football viewing center over the comfort of their home?

It is not a new thing neither is it something we would debate on. 99% of football lovers will gladly choose football viewing center over their well-finished setting room with H.D T.V set.

During the time of writing this post a research was carried out, were we asked many people what reason do they have for living their H.D flat screen T.V just to watch a game from a football viewing center where you will have overpopulated persons, overheating and what have you.

It will be proper to know the advantage of both the at home and the football viewing center.

Advantage Your home

  • 100% comfortable: my friend will always say “Comfort is at home whenever am at how” meaning he is always comfortable whenever he is at home.
  • Healthwise safe from disease: let’s say the truth, whenever you go out to watch a match don’t you shake hands with people? Yes, do you know that hepatitis B and hepatitis C are fluid transmittable and they kill faster than aids?

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Advantage football viewing center

  • Have fun and relate with his kind: guys always love to hang out with their fellow guys, this reminds them of old time even when they are married and have a nice television at home he still prefers out.
  • Helps to relieve the mind from essence stress: After work and a light shower, watching your favorite game will be more reliving off the stress at work.
  • Hear other people comment. You might be thinking towards one direction but with the comment of others you might have a rethink and consider the other way.

Whatever has the advantage is likely to have disappointment. Disadvantages are

Disadvantages watching from home.

  • Less fun. Just that.
  • No, augment. Like boring.

Disadvantages of football viewing center.

  • Dangerous at night. Most games end at 11 pm and on some side, it’s not good being out around that time.
  • It is always overcrowded by people you don’t know. Making it a very insecure thought at owner’s risk.
  • Exposed to jams and disease. You have to be careful not to contract a disease from the public place.

Football viewing center is one of the big gold mining oil well in the country right now. The business is very lucrative, I can’t help but admit.

The warm breeze of soccer is always felt every weekend. As the

English Premiership,

Italian Seria A

French league

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Spanish la Liga

UEFA champions league and others

Shows their live matches on most of the Nigeria network cable companies like strong mytv hitv ctl, daarsat, startimes, gotv . We will only recommend DSTV. You won’t want to disappoint those bad guyz.

How stressful is the setup?

You should not expect me to say it is not stressful, I might be telling a lie. Like every business venture while setting up is kind of stressful and it will require so factors from you.

Every factor has its own role to play; so as to make the whole process is a success. What are these factors?


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Factors to consider setting up a football viewing center:

Customers: before any business can be said to be doing well, the manager as to assume the place of the customer. You can only know what to give if you understand how they feel.

This is why this is considered as the major factor in setting up a football viewing center anywhere in the world.

Time: the time they say is wealth, so you are going to need some of this or you will have to pay people for theirs to help you with whatever you will need during the setup of the football viewing center.

Capital: if what you are trying to setup is a business you should be expected to have capital.

Football viewing center is not a voluntary business so you should not be afraid to use your capital as you should be expecting results in no time after setup process is completed.

Mobility: football viewing center is not an online business so it will require mobility during the setup process.

For the surveillance and the acquisition of utilities to be used for the football viewing center mobility will serve a very important role.

Location: we will need a location, not just a location but a good one at that. We will have to take time while doing this because it is the heart of the whole process. If we must get it right we will have to do it well and with care.

Is it worth the stress?

NO, and YES you will get to find out why.

what do I need for the setup?

In setting up the football viewing center, we will have to be considerate. We should consider the rice and the poor based on our location.

You will agree with me that the setup capital you will use in a town can never be same as the one you will use in the village.

The revenue and electric bill you will pay in town will not be same with the village. So their setup can never be same.

We will be setting up our football viewing center in two ways, the micro-setup, and major setup.


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Items and price of each setup.

NOTE! We are targeting a hundred persons (100 person)

Micro setup football viewing center

  • Wooden long bench: N1500 x 15 roadside carpenter
  • 24inch Television set: N70,000 x 2 jumia
  • Black wooden board: N1,200 roadside carpenter
  • Standby small generator: N18,500 Konga
  • DSTV satellite N15,000
  • Fans of 18inch: N9000 x4 Konga
  • UPS (blue gate): N11,880
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Major setup football viewing center

  • Single plastic chairs: N1500x100 open market
  • 2 flat screen Television sets: N70,000 x 2 jumia
  • DSTV Satellite: N15,000
  • Standby generator: N43,500 jumia
  • Fans of 18inch: N9000 x4 konga
  • whiteboard (marker board) 42inch: N5000 jiji
  • UPS (blue gate): N11,880

Simple use of Items

Wooden long bench and Single plastic chairs: for your customers to sit and watch the match.

24inch Television set and 48inch flat screen Television sets: to view the match you will be displaying in your football viewing center.

DSTV Satellite: DSTV has a Premium plan that can air all the major matches you will need.

Whiteboard (marker board) 42inch and black wooden board: This will be used in your football viewing center to write announcements the matches for the day. So it’s essential you have and use it in other to keep your customers satisfactorily up-to-date.

Fans 18inch: to give adequate ventilation to your customers.

UPS (blue gate): To preserve the energy of the DSTV, so it will not start scanning from being till you are able to switch on your standby generator.

Now let’s check and sum up all we will be spending separately both the micro and the major.


1500 x 15 = 22500

70000 x 2= 140000




9000 x 4 = 47520


Total = N256,600



1500 x 100 = 150000

70000 x 2 = 140000



9000 x 4 = 47520



Total = 412,900

For the micro a start-up of N256600 is required while for major a startup of about N412,900 is require. I know you will be saying am missing something I know.

We did not add location to the estimate as that can varies. For the micro let’s say a minimum of N40,000 and for the major N100,000 (it can take up to a hundred person in the football viewing center).

A new micro start-up will be N296,600 only

A new major start-up will be N512,900 only

Hahaha!!! I can hear someone asking me if I said à “only

Alright, very well. What You Give Is What You Get. (W.Y.G.I.W.Y.G)

We have given much to this; I think it’s time for returns. Remember we are targeting 100persons.

Micro start-up: let’s say we have 100person and our bill is N100 at the end of the game we might have bank N10,000 in just one game.

Let’s say in a week you were only able to display 4times (4 x 10000 ) your turns will be N40,000 weekly. N40,000 x 4weeks = N160,000 per month.

Major start-up: let’s say we have 100person and our bill is N300 or even N500 ( let’s stick with 300) at the end of the game we might have bank N30,000 in just one game.

Let’s say in a week you were only able to display 4times (4 x 30000) your turns will be N120,000 weekly. N120,000 x 4weeks = N480,000 per month.


Make extra from your football viewing center.

Sell things in there: The paramount way to make from this football viewing center is to sell food, popcorn, snacks, drinks, meat, pepper -soup etc.

As people watch their team play, they love to wash it down with meat and drink. Most individuals usually come with a friend, girlfriend or relative.

By selling all these you are creating more ways of income and utilizing your business.

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Tips to keep them coming back:

  • The first is your character: Bros if you don’t have a good character I don’t think there is anywhere for you oooooo.

The character is the driven oil for any entrepreneur. If an entrepreneur doesn’t have a good character he is not one, because entrepreneur should know how to deal with people no matter their temperament.

Yes, some people can be annoying but that’s why you are an entrepreneur.

  • Your jovial-ness (permit me to use this word): the little funny pay you do can make someone keeps coming.

The person might be coming because of your funny commentary when a commentator is a Spanish man and you mimic him as they score a goal.

This could make people coming to your football viewing center and giving you hundreds on naira each week.

  • Your football viewing center arrangement: I dislike it whenever I go out to watch the match and it happens that I will have to manage one condition or the other after given the football viewing center manager my money.

Your arrangement should be I a way that those at the front, would not obstruct those at the back with their big heads.

If it will be possible let your football viewing center be a semi-circle and steps up to the back so that everybody will be like semi-round the 2 television and those at the back will not need to stand to a thing.

  • You respect your customers: I call everyone boss you know why? (Promise you won’t use it against me) if everybody is good no one is, as if every man is rich then no one is.

Simply, giving them respect and calling them names that is greater than them won’t do you harm rather give you their money ignorantly. You can call the BOSS.

  • Bonanzas: From time to time you can offer one free match to everybody and create a community around your football viewing center.

At the end of the year, you can print or customize your name or company name on few polo-like 10 pieces and give them to your most loyal customers for that year.

  • Board notice: this sounds like normal but it really helps as this will alert the public that you will be available for the match.

Most people most have had forgotten but once they see you notice board they surely will be around for their match.


A Football viewing center is where football lovers gather to watch football just for the love of the game.

The minds set of going out to watch football started so many years ago, and it has been a thing that is likely to be passed on to the next generation.

Setting up a football viewing center you must use the (W.Y.G.I.W.Y.G) algorithm which means “What You Give Is What You Get.” (W.Y.G.I.W.Y.G) expect as you invest.

You might want to give it a try.


you need a business plan for startup : Learn How to Write a Business Plan


Love you all, comment below and shear via Facebook and Twitter.


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