How To Get Any Job In Nigeria Even If You Are Unqualified

How To Get Any Job In Nigeria Even If You Are Unqualified.

Get Any Job Of Your Choice In Nigeria


get any job

Get any job of your choice.


Getting a job in Nigeria these days is extremely difficult because of the number of people applying for that particular job.

If you are thinking you are good, I bet someone else will bite you in an interview.

In Nigeria, the probability of getting a job after the interview is always very low at about 1%.

Young graduates always have this feeling that they will get a job after school, so they tend to care files to every office across their city of residence in search of a job.

Over 80% of them will later come back heartbroken and start looking for something small to do.

The problem of getting a job years back was lack of qualification, but now after getting the required school degree that they so desire they still can’t pick you for the work.

In fact, most people with a 1st class degree certificate now finds it very difficult to get a job compare to those that graduated with a 3rd class degree.

When I asked a friend of mine why this was, he said, “They can pay the person” “something, the person will not have any practical skill”.

The trend is slowly going down, with time those that did not go to school at all will be the choice.

Despite the turn-downs, people still go for job hunt daily with the same strategy.

Let’s look at a few reasons why people need to get any job.



  1. To get money.
  2. Its a prove they went to school.
  3. To keep the mind up and running.
  4. To take care of their loved ones.
  5. To stay in business.

Above are some reasons why people try to get any job irrespective of the cost and the requirement or how hectic the job might be.

They just want to get any job to be enlisted into the salary earning class.



In an interview that you were not picked someone got picked right? . For that job you did not get, someone else got that job.

This means that people are getting employed where many other lost out on the same job.

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Due to the corruption of the country, Top and influential people bring their candidate to centers where job hunters are busy looking for a way to get the job.

Based on their position in the society and the favor the employer hopes to get from him, they will give the job to his candidate.

Also, Top staffs of a company secure this position for whoever will give them money for the job.

“Did I hear you say Unbelievable?”

It will also interest you to know that fresh graduates gets rejected during interviews for lack of working experience.

Why not employ based on just the degree of the person?

Here is the reason.



It is not news that almost all sectors of jobs require some years of working experience.

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

If all jobs require some years of working experience, where will the working experience come from?

I have done that several times and come to a conclusion that the so call 5+ years working experience is a filter.

Tell me who want to work? That is why they employ you right? To reduce the workload.

Companies and employers are sure that the 5+ years working experience will help get people that are good at what the company wants.

This will help save the company time of trying to make the new worker or staff know what to do.

If a fresh graduate is employed into any sector of a job, he needs to get acquainted with the way the job is been done for some time (months or year).

During this time, mistakes will be made.

No employer will want to go through all this, that is where the so-called 5+ years working experience come to play.

Now, let’s teach you how to get any job in Nigeria even when you are unqualified.



  1. List out some good interesting jobs.
  2. Reselect from the selection.
  3. Study their requirement for the job.
  4. Go for a preinterview project for the companies you have selected.
  5. Send your project to the companies.


Let’s go through the above list one by each.



Most people apply for all the jobs at their disposal and ends up not getting any.

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We should stop playing try your luck with job hunt and do it as something we know we will get.

You will agree with me that you can not do every job or I rather say you will not like every job. Then why want to get any job?.

Get a small notebook and list out the jobs notice you see. You don’t have to write everything.

Only write jobs that you know you can do and you want to do.



Go through the jobs opportunities you just wrote down, open their requirement for the job to see.

This is where it all starts.

Let’s assume we have a second class lower BSC degree, 1-year working experience and we are applying to get any job.

To reselect from our list this is what we will do.
Strick out jobs meant for Ph.D. degrees
strick out jobs that requires 7+ years experience.

The reason for striking those job meant for Ph.D. is because our result is way apart from their requirement.

Also, working experience of 7+ years and above is high compared to our 1-year working experience.



The requirement for the job is not the BSC and 7+ years of experience that we are meant to believe to be the basic requirement to get a job.

The above can be a requirement for applying for the job but not a requirement for any job.

To study the requirement for those jobs you successfully selected you will need a pen and a sheet of paper.

Imagine yourself already working for the company and for the position you are applying for.

Now, Ask yourself some questions like

  1. What am I expected to do?
  2. What job does the company need a new employee for?
  3. How can I improve the company?
  4. What is my sector lacking?
  5. What can I impact so that my presence will be felt?

You just asked the questions a newly appointed or employed people will ask even before you were employed, that’s good.


Once you have asked yourself the required questions like, the job that the company needs new employees for, it is time to do a preinterview.

At this stage, you will know the kind of job you are expected to do once you are employed.

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Think about how to give the business something they have not thought of and do a sample.

If it is something that requires writing, write it down. If it requires practical or visible equipment do it.

This will get you ready for the work and will put you a step ahead of your fellow applicant.




After doing a successful preinterview, it is time to send the work done to the company which you wish to apply for.

You can send this with your credentials, but your content details is a must.

You can send your project directly to the company or through a mail.

It will also be nice and very promising if you send it to the C.E.O of the company of the job you are trying to get.

Do this for all the list of jobs you wrote down and watch what happen next.



You can get any job you want with this method.

Nigeria is a place where you are expected to use the method more often.

Places with a very high population rate that is unemployed like Nigeria, is a good fit for this strategy.

This method is to keep you ahead of your fellow applicants and prove to the company that you know the job you are going to do.

You will get any job you are looking for with this.



Jobs that require Ph.D. and a working experience of over 7+ year might be looking for something more than just what they are promoting.

You are advised to keep clear off those jobs and focus on those that are worth getting. Skip these to get any job on the list.



Looking for a job should not be as difficult as it seems with the right application of working strategy.

With a nice strategy put in place you can get any job of your choice like magic and with confidence.


Hope you like this post?

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Updated: September 16, 2018 — 8:40 am

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