How To Get A Rich Sugar Mummy In Nigeria – REAL GUIDE With Prove

How To Get A Rich Sugar Mummy In Nigeria – REAL GUIDE With Prove

Rich sugar mummy free Guide.


Rich sugar mummy

Rich sugar mummy


Have you ever wanted to get a rich sugar mummy in Nigeria?

How was your experience?

Where you Scammed?

What then did you do After then?

You will be surprised why we can educate you on every sector… that’s the advantage of keeping your business mind alert to your environment.

We will let you know that we can teach you how to get a rich sugar mummy from any country of your choice, not because we have done it NO NO NO but because our business mind is alert and we can be successful in any business we want to do?

To get a rich sugar mummy is much easier than you have ever thought of if you follow this post and apply the simple secret you will get from this post before the end of three months you will get your first rich sugar mummy.

This is the secret…


  1. Pick a fine-boy dressing style
  2. Hang out where women of high caliber are.
  3. Pay Attention to the eye contact wave.
  4. Know how to flatter a lot.
  5. Be a good story-teller make her laugh.


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Women like to show off especially to their friends and when it comes to rich sugar mummy that is not exceptional in fact they are even more of a show off class than other women.

You will not expect to get a rich sugar mummy when you are looking hungry and rough like a street boy (this is no love game oooh). she is going to use you as a source of respect and pride among her friends so you are to look good otherwise she won’t look at your side.

These rich sugar mummy also like guys that are a little bit rouged and not gentlemen, you can start to put on earrings and designers finger rings as well.

The main aim of this is to make you look classy and very presentable to their kind of taste.

Try to put yourself in their shoes (though might not fit) what will you want to do with a dirty and an ugly looking girl when you know it’s not LOVE. I bet you know whats in for you? your friends will finish you with their mouth.



If you always spend most of your time in Mallam Ibrahim newspaper shop you will only get noticed by mama Rasheeda Simple! (that’s not funny). you have to go out to where those women hangout a lot.

When going to the women hangout make sure you are well dressed and that you are looking better than ever.

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Some expensive gadget will help you look more classy, a Bluetooth to your ear and a neat mobile phone is a plus to your little game.

Note: while you are in this hangout, be very mindful of the kind of people you relate with. you will not want to be seen with some low life looking guys (you know what I mean).

I will advise you go to the hangout alone. this will create a kind of attention that will make the rich sugar mummy wonder “why is this fine guy all alone?”


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I do this a lot with young ladies, whenever am in a place of mixed gender I tend to select some numbers of target and send my eye contact wave to them.

This is how it is done…

While releasing in the hangout environment, you can ack to be busy with your mobile phone. once in a while pause what you are doing a look at your target with a slightly noticeable smile on the face. don’t look for too long even if she is not looking at you just continue what you were doing. repeat same after some minutes by so doing you are sending some contact wave.

If your contact wave happens to meet your target, this is what you should do…
Just at the moment, your contact wave gets to her all you should do is smile and take your eyes off her. (be the first to take your eyes off her with a smile; this will pause her for some seconds as she look and size you).

Now we have her to our control… send the contact wave to her again and if you noticed she is looking at you, you just made an impression.

That is it, do not approach her (she is not your mate, no matter how and what, not even if she smiled at you) respect her by respecting yourself.

She might not approach you the first day, no problem she sure will next time. just visit again.

Whenever she approaches you brings us to the next Step.



She will be the first to talk to you because she approached you, listen to her tone then you will know how to respond to her.
most of the time it’s always calm and cool.

if the voice tone is calm and cool then you can flatter her with your very first sentence.

She can be like

SHE: Hellow, I have been seeing you around…
YOU: Wow! what an under 16 voice for an under 16 looking lady…
YOU: Ohh! forgive my manners I am Gentle (you name must be classy as well).

Then you can take it from there…
Don’t forget to compliment her name when she gives you one…

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Take more about her if you get into a much familiar conversation with her…
NOTE: Don’t ask her question about her personal life (she might not want to expose it).

Tell stories and make her laugh:

You should be able to make her laugh as much as to make her not to feel bored. you know that the first-time impression matters a lot so you have to give it the best shot.

This is not a do or die after so you have to try to release and enjoy yourself and the conversation. (it is not an exam).

When you noticed a bit of downward trend in your conversation plead to leave.
(again don’t ask for her number let her do the asking, but if she doesn’t just visit another day I assure you she won’t be able to sleep the night).

Now that we know where and how to get a rich sugar mummy to let’s go on…


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  1. Financial freedom
  2. Loyalty
  3. Respect.



Having a rich sugar mummy will help to get financial freedom as fast as the speed of light. you will be able to travel to any country of your choice, buy all the luxuries you have ever dreamt of and do anything you want. that is the main reason why people need rich sugar mummy badly.

98% of guys that have rich sugar mummies are extraordinarily rich and they all live a luxurious lifestyle. just like a mother won’t want her child to cry of need when she has, so also is that of the rich sugar mummy.



Sugar mummies can be very jealous and this makes them very loyal to you.
Not even your girlfriend will be more loyal to you as your rich sugar mummy.
Rich Sugar mummy invests in you so she will not want you to look some other places so she will be loyal to you 100%.



You will get respect from your friend and those that once looked down on you. your spending and the car you will be using will attract respect to you without any hindrances.

This is why young people want to get a rich sugar mummy in Nigeria today.



Whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage



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Which rich sugar mummy will want to hear that her son is with any person most especially a young girl, that will be like an insult to her as soon as she noticed anything she will call you to order.
Some rich sugar mummy doesn’t talk you their sugar son, what they just do is to kill the lady or girl that their son is going after.

The one with a good heart might scare the girl.




How will you marry when you have a rich sugar mummy that is monitoring you all day and night. you will not even have a spare time to think of it not to say actualizing it.

She will destroy and plan made if she gets to find out. Don’t forget she has the power and money too.



Your job as a sugar son to a rich sugar mummy is just to have sex anytime she wants sex. Invariably you become her sex machine. she doesn’t care if you are sick or not physically fit, you must always satisfy her on the bed.
This is what you sign for at the beginning.



Only a few persons come out of a rich sugar mummy cage alive and doing well.
The moment you tell the rich sugar mummy that you are not doing again or you want to marry or anything that might lead to breaking up you are dead.
Rich sugar mummy believes the call the shot and not you.
They believe they are to tell you when the game is over and not you.

So many people have lost their lives and that of their loved one just because of this rich sugar mummy thing.


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Rich Sugar mummy can cost you your life.

It is better you start a business that will grow into an empire tomorrow that to follow a rich sugar mummy that will end up killing you.

let’s apply knowledge in all we do…

Below is a list of business you can do and make it among the top richest people in the world. Don’t forget Aliko Dangote started with cement and groundnut.


To get money for any business just became simpler… How to Raise Funds/Money For Business in Nigeria. Free Guide

Check out the business you can start with 100k Top Lucrative Business You Can Start With 100, 000 Naira or Below 100K – Complete Guide?



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