How To Become A GOtv/DStv Agent In Nigeria.

How To Become A GOtv/DStv Agent In Nigeria.(GOtv/DStv Agent)

(GOtv/DStv Agent)


An Agent is a person that stands in for a company to be able to attend to customers of that company from their various location thereby reducing work for both the company and the customers.

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Do you know that Nigeria has over 40% of Africa population using GOtv and DStv in Africa? this will be really beneficial to all those that want to become an agent in Nigeria. Recently GOtv has become the most used in Nigeria.

Note: not all agent know what they are doing, meaning not all agent can deliver according to expectation.


this leads us to the qualities of a successful GOtv/DStv Agent


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When every you have to pay for consulting someone on something how do you feel? If you are been given that same advice or solution free how will you feel? (just thinking like a customer).

An agent that knows what he is doing and is sure that he is good will offer consultation for free no matter how difficult that problem is.

Free consultation brings people to you and definitely they will have to need your service or buy your product someday.



Here you will be dealing with people of a different mindset, manner, and problem. you will need an expert negotiation skill to be able to keep customers coming back.

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most people will come with an angry and annoying tone, if you don’t have this skill you will lose this customer.



As a good GOtv/DStv Agent, you will need to know how to efficiently manage project big or small. this includes giving out quotations for the purchase of thing to use in a particular project.

The area where the installation will be best that will have no problem with wind and other things around.


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How confident can you be when you don’t know what you are selling?
Every Good Agent should know everything About the company he is working for. It will not speak good of an agent when asked a question and he will not be able to say something reasonable.

I will advise you go to your company ask any question that you think is necessary. think like the customers when asking a question this can really help.



There are many reasons why you should go on in becoming a GOtv/DStv Agent. The market is becoming a fast-growing one and hundreds of people are joining the GOtv/DStv family each day thereby requiring more agents to attend to their needs.

Another strong reason why you should consider becoming an agent is that agent is real to get and when you happen to find one you will have to wait for him to attend to some other people that came before you.

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SHOULD I BECOME AGOtv/DStv AGENT? somebody asked me the other day!

This is up to you! (my response). Can you give the time it will require to study the company and the work? Will you be truthful enough to tell your customer all that is to know about the company? can you promote the service you offer without resistance or fair? can you be proud of the work any day and time? can you deliver exactly what the customer requires?


If YES then go for it and make a good impression on the market.



Below are the requirements



You will be given training from your company so as to perform successfully and effectively as an agent. both practical and theory with be given to you concerning the service you will be offering.

Wealthresult talked on this.



You will agree with me that the GOtv/DStv Agent operates mainly in big cities. To become a successful GOtv/DStv Agent you will need a location that fits your location demand.

In a big city locate the most populated junction and look for a very good strategic area for your business.



You will need a business card that carries your full name and your number as a GOtv/DStv Agent. Your business card can have a logo or an image of a satellite indicating the nature of your work thereby attracting attention.

A business card has a way of telling people that your business is not a joke, it will also show your level of seriousness and make people know that you are devoted to your work and they can trust you just for that.

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As a GOtv/DStv Agent, you will not get any client is you don’t let people know what you do, just like it is for every other business.

there are various ways of promoting whatever you do, you can decide to use the various T.V stations in your city or town, you can also use the magazine and Newspaper, the social media is also a powerful way of promoting that you are a GOtv/DStv Agent (you can use paid Ads if you have the money or go for free).

You can also apply a manual promotion method (i.e) you will have to go about telling people what you do and letting them have a good discount.



It will be professional if you print a flyer of your work and your service, how much discount you give should be boldly indicated. You brand name (Agent name) should also be included.


With a comment let us know what you know and think about becoming an agent. Thank you.


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