How To Become A Recharge Card Distributor In Nigeria.

How To Become A Recharge Card Distributor In Nigeria.

How To Become A Recharge Card Distributor In Nigeria

Recharge Card Distributor


The internet has become a part of our daily life, thanks to the invention of mobile phones.

Today all over Nigeria, a majority of people can say they have a phone. before using a phone have you ever asked your self some questions like;


what does a car need to work? (fuel,tyre)
what do I need to work? (food, water)
what does mobile phone need to work? (recharge card and current)


If you have ever asked yourself those question, you will see the importance of the telecom marketers.

Recharge cards are what you need to do any meaningful this with your phone that has to do with communication and research.


Recharge cards are used to subscribe for data and also to make voice and videos calls.


Due to the high population of Nigeria, Nigeria is a milky land for all telecommunicators marketers. In Nigeria, an unbelievable amount of calls are been made each day which when converted is over hundreds of billion and more services to increase the figures are still coming up.

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There are several telecom marketers in Nigeria but the most powerful once outrank others in the telecom industry which is very normal in every business.


South African used to be the major telecom market in the whole of Africa but this has changed. Nigeria has become the most telecommunication market due to the increase in the purchase of telecom sheers by Nigerians

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MTN is one of the major telecom marketers in Nigeria and it is the biggest so far. It is a South African telecom company that came to Nigeria to invest.

MTN has the largest number of Recharge Card Distributor in Nigeria, these distributors are spread all over the country.



Glo is the most common way of calling the company name which is GLOBECOM. Globacom is a Nigerian originated telecommunication company, it is the second largest telecom markets. Glo also has a good number of Recharge Card Distributor round the country.



Airtel is a telecom marketer all the way from India. This company have been existing for years and are still working. though, the company has been sold severally to different operators/markets. It’s named used to be Cetel before now.

Recharge Card Distributor that works with Airtel is not that much, the cards we get is as a result of the “multiple distributor” plan for Recharge Card Distributor. More explanation below.

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9 Mobile recently change its name from ETISALAT to 9 MOBILE due to the change of ownership which resulted because of the financial issues the company was going through.

The single Distributor that works with 9MOBILE are not much, Recharge Card Distributor that buy from them are mainly the multiple distributors.



Multiple Distributor and single distributor is not something that is technical to understand, its just the method of appointment or partnership the distributor has with the telecom marketers.

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The startup I believe has an important aspect in determining the type of Distribution plan you will choose.

The more you buy the lesser you pay which means the higher your discount rate.



Now that you know the types of Recharge Card Distributor we have you should pick a niche that you will work with and do a serious background study on that niche.
Starting up as a Recharge Card Distributor is not a joke as a lot of capital will be involved, you are expected to know everything about the business starting from how to buy the recharge cards to how to get your profit back.



Don’t start something that you can not finish. If you plan to start big be sure that your finances can carry you to the end of the startup process.

Starting small and expanding as you make a profit is not a bad idea, most big companies started from the very scratch of their business and today it is looking as if it never had a rough start.



To get a distribution right for any of the major telecom marketers you will have to sign an agreement.

To know how to get a copy of the agreement you will have to send a mail from their website or visit their head office in your city. you will get all the information will need.

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We all know the uses of recharge cards which are:

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  • For Voice Calls
  • To Subscribe for Data
  • Video calls
  • To Vote for shows
  • Caller Tunes
  • The list keeps on going


Starting up a Recharge Card Distributor is not difficult and it does not require any skill. just apply and went your sign the agreement and you have been given the Distributor right you are good to go.


Let us know of any question you will want to ask. don’t forget to shear this post to your friends.


Updated: July 31, 2018 — 1:34 pm

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