How to Become a Successful Programmer in Nigeria. Free Videos – Complete Guide. 

How to Become a Successful Programmer in Nigeria. Free Videos Complete Guide.


Successful programmer; Programming today is one of the best knowledge to acquire, this knowledge automatically makes you a programmer.

Programming is the coding of instructions in a language that the computer will understand to perform a particular task.

Indeed Nigerians are really becoming one of the most productive self-made programmers in the world.

Notwithstanding the fact that Nigerians are not given the opportunities like other countries but most Nigerians struggled on their own to make the best out of what they want to do.


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How Much Time do you Need to Become a Good Programmer?

This is self-dependent, I learned web design and development within 6months. that 6 month was a self-tutoring, research hunting and all- night period for me.

you can learn everything about web design and CSS within 3 months if you can give up sleep.

I developed my first mobile app within 2 months understanding all the steps and procedure. But to be an expert you will need more time and consistency in your practices

Before you think of becoming a programmer you have to ask yourself some

Why do you want to become a programmer?
Is programming your passion?
How well can you deal with debugging for over a week?
How much time can you spend on your computer?
How fast can you learn without a coach?
How much of a research hunter are you?
What is your view of the night?

Why do you want to become a programmer?

Believe me, you don’t just want to become a programmer because people or your friends are programmers. you need to have a self-driven good enough reason to become a programmer, that is what will keep you going when the going gets rough.

Is programming your passion?

If this question is not well answered within your mind then you should stop and check out other things you might want to do. programming is very challenging and tough, if you don’t have a passion for it you will not go far as to get a result from it because you will be frustrated by the errors and you might not be ready for a lot of debugging.

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How well can you deal with debugging for over a week?

I can remember debugging one of my mobile apps for over a week,
everything I did was correct but my result was wrong, I search
everywhere I could but no help after 9 days of debugging I get to
noticed a COMMER (,) was missing and my debugger could not notify me.


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How much time can you spend on your computer?

If you can’t afford to spend up to 25hours in a day on your computer do not think of becoming a programmer (simple).
Yes, I mean 25hours (Lol).

To be a successful programmer in Nigeria you should be in love with your computer that you will see 24hours in a day as too small for your work.
The more time you spend on your computer the more ideas you will get on
what to do and how to do it.

How fast can you learn without a coach?

There are some people who can’t learn without a person guiding them through every step of their work. A successful programmer will be able to learn from his mistakes and try out new things to know why this work and that didn’t.

How much of a research hunter are you?

if you are not a good research hunter please don’t consider programming as a career. to be a successful programmer you will be willing to go even to the end of the world just in search of a line of code. You should be able to consult books, publications, and videos of a already existing work to get a simple idea on how to work on your developing project.

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What is your view of the night?

Night! how do you see night? as a programmer, you are not permitted to sleep at night. As a good and a successful programmer, you will not be able to sleep at night knowing that you have a line of code to input to
your existing or developing project.

The night is a quiet time and as a successful programme,r you will see that time as a time to think and work.

As a successful programmer you should be able to go 5 days and night no

Programming is divided into different sections and to be an effective
programmer you will have to pick an area of expected.



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Sections of programming.

web design.

You might be visited some websites and you know they don’t look the same.
it’s like a house, the way I want my house to look is not the same way you will with yours. so there various designers doing this.

there is a site that is.HTML and others are.ASP, for easy programming and coding their tool, might differ.

The most successful programmer that code with HTML uses TEXTEDITOR like Notepad++, Komodo Edit, Sublimetext Editor e.t.c.

For the ASP programmers, they use Visual Studio as their tool for programming.

Web development.


Web development is programming of the designed work done by the web designers. at this stage the use of programming tools like the Php,
java, Ajax, SQL, and Mysql are used.

Your design will function just as expected with the above designs.

Desktop App Development.
Visual Studio is a good tool to use.

Mobile App Development.
you can use Visual Studio 15 or Android Studio for mobile app
development and with a lot of tutorials you will be ready to roll.

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OS (Operating System) Programmer.


Artificial Intelligence.



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The above are a few areas where you might want to consider as an intending programmer.

For any of the aspect you want to work on as a programmer, you will need their different tools.


Depending on the section of programming most of these tools are embedded in one or two software.

If you are considering web designing, you will need an editor which is your GUI designer and this editor comes with a compiler, a debugger, a user interface builder etc. So Also are the other areas of programming.


Some tools you will be coming across are

Komodo edit
Xampp server.
Visual studio
SQL server
Android Studio.



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A simple search on each of this will give you a good lead to something very productive. do the search.

Below are a view recommended videos that will really help you kick-start your programming career.

Search youtube for Bucky Roberts (he is a great guy, the best) I used his tutorials complete set for web design and my SQL.

Youtube link.


over 46 good videos …


C programming



JAVA programming



python programming


visit Bucky Roberts channel for more and do a lot of search on youtube to get videos you are free to ask me any further question via comment, I will be glad to help.


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