How To Become A Successful Yahoo Yahoo Boy In Nigeria

How To Become A Yahoo Boy In Nigeria – Learn How It Is Done To Protect Yourself.

Become a yahoo boy? Yahoo yahoo has many names that people call it, it is called internet fraud by the public and learnt people (those that sees it as a crime), it is called G (gee) by most young people and the yahoo boys call it work or street.

A person who does yahoo yahoo is known as a yahoo boy or a G – Boy (gee – boy). Most times within themselves they add ‘worker’ to their name as son name, like (gentle worker). If you don’t know you will be thinking its “walker”

Being a yahoo boy do not just end there, it has an extension which the plus (­+) which is called yahoo plus (yahoo+) or G+ (gee +). Keep reading you will get to know what it’s all about and how it is done.



It is madness to say you become a yahoo boy because of the government. It is true that things are not going well in the country but do you have to wait for the government?

I call it laziness hearing people saying the government are the cause for their problems, to me this is not normal. As an active person and a person with good vision, you should be able to see the business opportunity the bad government you are complaining about is creating for you.

Do you know that providing a solution to people can make you money? Facebook is a solution that solves the problem of socializing. The first aim is to solve a problem and a lot of money will follow it.


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Have you asked yourself this question? Can I ask the ou same question? Why do you want to become a yahoo boy? You should have a good reason to do anything you want to do. Your country situation should not be a reason for your choice. you family is still not a good enough reason to become a yahoo boy.


Do you want to hear the real truth? Yahoo business is never easy (no business is). You will have to be persistence and consistent and you know what that means.

You will have to build and keep a network of yahoo boys because it will serve as a very big source of motivation. If one person gets into trouble everyone related to that person at that time is in the or same problem.

Because you don’t do a thing alone, it will be difficult to have savings. I bet you, no matter how disciplinarian of a person you think you are it is just the truth.

You can never stop once you are already in. I use to hear many people make this noise and I just smiled at their ignorance. It has been proven that 80% of people how to do yahoo never quite. They either die doing it or end up being caught.

The other 20% stopped regretting they had never known what yahoo yahoo was all about, they will become more miserable and even more broke than they started.



The risk to become a yahoo boy is something that should echo out to the ear of anyone that asks you how to be a yahoo boy.

The first thing you risk is your freedom:

you can never be free again if you decide to ever start this business. What you were doing freely before becomes something you have to look out for carefully. The way you will be protecting the laptop that you used to give other people around you to use will change instantly.

Next, you risk your trust:

those around you might seem okay with your decision but the truth is that they will never trust you like they use to, not even you fellow gee boys. Not then to talk of those that don’t do the gee G.

You will also risk you sleep:

if you want to be a yahoo boy, you sleep is the first food the job needs to eat up. This is because best time for the work is night, you are working according to the time of the country you are targeting and you should know that there is a huge time different (their daytime is our night and their night our day).

Your peace of mind is at risk:

you will not be at rest, you will never be settled. You will always be hiding something. If you see police or SAS you will be looking for where to hide (there is no peace for the wicked).

You risk eternal torment:

what will you gain if you gain the whole world and lose you solely in hell to the devil? These are all material things, they are bound to fade at last. The golf car you see today used to be the best and most expensive car some time ago.

Why the forfeit everlasting enjoyment with a temporary one. There is only one way that seemliest right and that is the way of peace.


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You will be thrown behind bars: the riot of the law will fall on you so bad that all your sleepless night will be put in to waste and you will be thrown behind bars, thank GOD if you come out alive.

Your future will take a different direction: you might have been destined to be the next mark of our time but starting gee will never make you do another thing till death.

You might want to go high and extend to plus +: G gee has an extension plus which is now called G+, the plus simple means rituals. Only those that have lost hope in live do this. I mean only those that have tagged themselves useless does this.


Local and



this is the scamming of people that are within the country where you are. We will be using Nigeria as a case study, so if you are not a Nigerian just substitute your location for Nigeria.

If am in Nigeria and I am to collect money online from those in Nigeria as a yahoo boy, the scam that I am doing is known as local G (local gee).

FOREIGN : this is clearly the opposite of the local G, it is the scamming of people from countries that are far or form a country you are not in.

If I am to be here in Nigeria and scam people from Russia I am running a foreign G (foreign gee).


Legit and


Legit yahoo:

this is mainly done by female gender (though some guys do this) and it is really profitable to them. This is where a person running a scam operation uses most of their real details (face, pictures, language etc) for the Yahoo business. Crazy right? YES! But the stronger the risk the better the pay.

The person running this gee business can confidently make and pick calls from a client with their real voice if the client demand for a video chat they can do the chatting without any fear. (This will develop a high percentage of trust within the client and the gee personnel (gee boy or gee girl) can extract money as needed.


this is the popular form of gee G (yahoo yahoo) where the scammer has to hide under the shadow of the image of the person he is forming to be. This is more challenging compared to the legit form of gee G.

In running the Non-legit form of gee G you will need some extra tools to help bypass some obstacles.

Keep reading…





Both the local and the foreign has their different approach since they are targeting different category of people.


to run a local G successfully you will have to assume the position of a job agent or a manager of a specific work (mainly big companies in your countries).

You will have to assume the position of a customs officer who has the power to sell out goods that were seized by the custom to the public in cheap priced.

Also, the position of managers of big companies can be assumed and clam to be running a promotion, and they will ask you to pay some amount of money to activated your promotion code or to proses your winnings.

Dating used to be a very profitable source for these fraud starts. What they do is get in contact with a rich client (this is what they call their victim) through social media and make the client love them and they make the client pay.

Sugar mummy is a lucrative source of making money with the local type of gee. I use to think people are wised up now but it’s a pity that most people I mean young youth steal source for a sugar mummy.


the majority of foreign yahoo yahoo is linked to dating but there are a little of them who are not in line with dating and still make money, one of them is the loan.

To make money with the loan you will have to assume the position of a loan agent either a popular loan company (it the best) or you can have a brand loan company. Those in need of loan are your target.




SOLDIER : they position of a soldier who is in a war location for a peacekeeping mission is assumed and he will make so set of lady fall in love with him and you know what next – bill.

Also, the position of an engineer can also be used for this yahoo business, here the engineer will claim to be a very wealthy engineer and will claim to want to settle down.

Some other take the pose as a doctor, makes the client fall in love and ask for money to set up their health centre or hospital.

To take either of the approaches as a gee boy or a yahoo boy there are tools you will need.

Pc (system)


Subscription from smart network

All the above are tools you need to run gee (yahoo) but to the gee boy, they are not tools they are just requirement.

The real tools are.

Advertisement Account (jiji, ads)

Fake bank account

Facebook account.

Your Gmail account



I.P changer

Cloning App

Foreign number.


Let’s know the use of the tools.

P.C: this is an abbreviation of two words “personal and computer”. Just as the name personal computer your pc for this work will be too personal. You pc will be used to create social media accounts for the work, it will also be used to forge documents and chat with clients and send messages.

Modem: this is also the combination of the beginning of two words modulator and demodulator (computer word). You will need it to convert an untraced signal to your system. You will need the signals to browse the internet.

Subscription from a smart network: this is one factor that determines your productivity in the business. You have to be on data (subscription) at all time, no matter what and how bad business is you should not ever run out of data. You will one to get a very shape data to be able to get information from the client in real time.


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Now to the real tool.

Advertisement Account (jiji, ads): this is used by the local gee boy (yahoo boys). They use this free account to promote their method (format, we will come to that). With this, they will get exposure and the right attention from the right client.

Fake bank account: YES! They do it. I use to think that B.V.N will be able to put a stop to these but it did not. Boys I mean gee boys have a way of getting this fake account from the bank directly. This account is been created and ATM cards are been given to the boys. Note: this is only possible with a win-win agreement (you know what I mean).

Facebook Account: This is one secret you will not want to miss. You need a Facebook account to be able to do most of the scam most especially foreign. To open your as normal seems to have stopped. What do I mean?

If you open a Facebook account for a foreign use your account will be blocked by Facebook in no time.

How to open a Facebook that won’t get blocked by Facebook.

  1. Create a local Facebook account with local details.
  2. Add local people to the account and make some of the family in the family section.
  3. Chat with this account for 60day (which is two months).

Note if you fail you use this account you might get blocked in the future.

  1. Now, it time to use our account for its main reason. Hide all user personal details.
  2. Block all old friends.
  3. Do not delete their messages.
  4. Source for a good collection of a person picture and use one as your D.P.
  5. You can now add people from any country and chat without being blocked.

Your Gmail account: this is the wildly used email provided that most people use besides the gee boys. Gmail is mostly used because of if simplicity in the opening and verifying the account.

Hangout: this is a chat forum for Gmail and every Gmail user has a free right to this account. In Nigeria, this hangout is not widely used but the white use it the more. So to create a close relationship with our client will need this hangout App.

V.P.N and I.P changer: these two tools are different but similar, they serve as a shade form the cyber robot or crawlers that detect the location and report any complication detected. These tools offer you the opportunity to change your location to appear as a different country form your location.

Cloning App: this is a very powerful app that helps the yahoo boys to make voice calls and video call with your client with an image that you want to use. The image will be moving the mouth while the gee boy does the talking and the client will not detect the trick.

Foreign number: yes, Gee has really advanced that you now need to chat with your client on phone to get 90% level of trust. To get this number you just have to buy online. Run a search on free *country number*. Most of the working ones are paid numbers. The best option is to get the number from a person living there if you have anybody in the country you are targeting.

Those that become a yahoo boy use this number to call and chat on WhatsApp.

Why use WhatsApp?

  • Using WhatsApp makes it real.
  • WhatsApp elevates the level of trust.
  • Its messages are delivered in real time.
  • You can send images and videos


The yahoo boy work proper: (Foreign)

Now that we all yahoo boys tool complete, it is time to to know how to become a yahoo boy with those.

  1. The first thing to do is to know the country you are targeting.
  2. Run a search on Google on their kind of names and get two best combinations.
  3. Head over to Gmail and create an account with the name you just got.
  4. Verify your account and good straight to Facebook.
  5. HERE! You are using the Gmail only, you will have to use local detail including a name.
  6. Add local people to your account and start to chat-play for 60days.

NOTE: You can by-pass your 60day waiting time if you use an already existing account up to 60day of age.

  1. After the 60days or using an existing account 60days of age hide all personal details.
  2. Next step is to block all users.
  3. Let your account rest for 2day to make sure Facebook don’t notice any suspicious activity.
  4. After that change your username to the name you earlier search for on Google.

We are almost halfway done.


Now we need to get our client but where do we get them? Below is the thing to consider in choosing clients country as a yahoo boy.

  1. Exchange rate: this is the first thing you should look out for before picking a country for client zone. You will not want to work and receive an amount that will mean nothing to you but everything to your client.


  1. Easy payment system: I think we are into this for the purpose of money abi? So, it will be nice to work and be able you get paid. Look for a country that has multiple payment options, not a necessary bank or Western Union. Bitcoin and other payment mean like PayPal will help you a mega. Do your homework.


  1. Exposure to Scam: you don’t want to think you are working while the person you think you are scamming is running a follow-up with you (knows you are a scam but playing along). There is some part of this world that don’t know much about internet scam.


Somebody will ask “can I change my personal details like work, country and the rest? “ ‘NO’.

After getting a country to target it is time to add people from that location. How do you have people and who do you add?

  • You will have to those with the status “single” (their declaration means they need someone).
  • Add also those with status “Devoiced” are a good target.
  • Add older people from 40 – 60years old (they should have what you need).
  • Look for those with their work address and check their position.
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How to avoid trace while adding clients.

  • Add your first client (consider the above rules).
  • You don’t want to add another person outside the friend zone. Scan through the person you just add friend list and select any random person (do not add), open this person friend list and check for a good match then add. (Repeat this process to add clients).
  • If you receive a pop up like this person does not have you……. Do you want to add? Please “CANCEL” (if you add your account will be on the top watch list).

Now that you have successfully added your new client, you need an FMT to work with.

What is FMT?

FMT is an acronym for “FORMAT”.

The format is the business plan for Yahoo boys (every business needs a business plan.) the FMT is either written by you or to will have to use an existing FMT.

Note: every career with its own FMT!



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Importance of using an FMT.

It is a guide on how to work.

It helps you scale through tough questions from clients

It helps you understand the business and how to relate to clients.

It helps you know if you are making success or not.

You will be able to know when to make your first bill, second and so on.


NOTE: sorry I cannot give you more than one FMT nowhere because it is too long.

Skip the FMT to read through

Hello, thanks to accepting my friend request. A friend is one of the Nicest
things to have and one of the nicest things to be, friends are also
precious assets that we have to keep like a treasure…. I really admire
your Profile and would love to be your friend… Hope You don’t mind?
Always be happy. Cheers…


======================================================= Nice to hear that
you are fine, I am sorry for intruding into your profile. I see you as a
very nice lady so I will like to know you more as a friends and we never
can tell what the future may hold out for us as friends


INTRODUCTION Hi Friend, Thanks for your message, I really would like to
know you. I think telling you about myself will give you the detail of me
as your new friend and that will be good for a start. My name is Wilson. I
am from Dublin Ireland and my mother is from Egypt. I am an Engineer by
profession. I’m working with Maersk Line Shipping Company Ltd here in the
U.K. I have been with the company for 13 years as the director of
operations. I am the only child of my late parents Professor and Dr. Mrs
Hawk Jean of the blessed memory. I was married, but divorced for a case of
infidelity, that was 3 years ago. I got 2 daughters, their names are Anabel
and Zainab, 11 and 9 respectively. ================ SOMETIME USEFUL
================ I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes
you the special person you are today, I want to know more about your
family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your
goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me. I
even want to learn about the secrets you rarely share with someone!. So
come on and share it all with me, as I am not here to talk about general
things such as partying, the weather, sports, e.t.c. I want to learn about
you and what makes up your heart and soul, as the friendship I want to
build with you, I want it to be like no other you have ever shared with or
experienced. It will be filled with substance, quality, spirituality, love,
faithfulness and potentials. I promise to tell you more about myself if i
get prompt response from you. Until then have a pleasant day. Take care and
bye for now


Thank you so much for your personal detail shared with me. You seem to me a
very nice person (Just to guess). Now tell me, you’ve been single for so
long, what challenges have you been facing on relationship or would you
like to remain single till the end, would you strive till you accomplish
your dream man, are you not worried of being alone? To me it’s not easy
being alone, life without love one is mere living


======================================================= I’m really sorry
for your bad experiences, It might interest you to know that, I also had my
bad experience on dating after I divorced my wife; It’s really a long and
pathetic story. My problem with women has always been my job and not having
time for them. That’s why I want to resign from my job after my next trip
to Australia, which I shall be embarking a week from now. However, I’m not
given up on relationship, I just want to give a try again and i believe
this time my prayer will be answered. I strongly believe there are lots of
good woman out there, it’s a question of time and patient. I believe there
are still good ones among the bad ones, I must not say every women are bad
because I have met with one bad woman. No, that would be an insult to the
women entirely as well as my mother Can you please tell me your kind of
man? I mean your desire man. Thank you


======================================================= Thanks for the
response. Yes, I know what I’m looking for. I’m not looking for a wealthy
or rich woman. I’m looking for a honest and faithful woman who will give me
her love unconditionally, someone I will standby in bad or good condition,
rich or poor, in healthy or in sickness. I have vowed that i will not make
any woman sad in my life; i will not break woman’s heart till i die. I’m
calm inside and outside relationship, I believe in myself and look for
interesting life experiences. I will throw myself into love relationship in
a big way. I want someone who is willing to give the relationship the time
and priority it needs to grow strong. I want to grow old with a honest and
sincere woman, someone who will give me her love and i will shower her
heart with love and make it overflow with happiness To be successful in
married, Firstly, you have to be correctly matched In what you want, what
you need and what you like. Also your differences or opposites in
personality. You must complement each other to make it stronger. Each
person must not be selfish but always be willing to forgive each other for
the wrongs they might do to each other. What do you think?


======================================================= Good to hear that
from you, you really seem a nice and understanding person. I pray for this
friendship to be like none in this world, something greater in the future.
Please tell me you favorites, what you do often for pleasure and what makes
you happy =======================================================


======================================================= Wow…. I would say
you’re fun, nice and you have good sense of humor. I enjoys my work, It
makes me travel round the word, I mean different Countries though, it’s
very risky. I’m also happy when I’m with my wife, I always pray to have a
faithful woman this time, a woman of my choice to grow old together till
death do us part. No matter the distance, ethnic or culture. A woman who
will love me for whom I am. A woman with care heart, honest, trust worthy.
Above all, a woman with love and understanding. I’m just a man you can
trust and rely on in every situation, bad or good. I like staying at home
watching movies but not too much. I like seeing smile on my woman’s face, I
like Chinese food, Italian food, seafood, Mexican’s. I like sex, playing
with my wife every time, I like to cook, I like to go out at night for
dinner. I like going to the movies and many more. Now, how would you
describe me using my life style as criteria?


======================================================= Thank you, you’re
adorable. I’ve liked you since the day we started talking. I like your
thoughts, personality, your sense of humor. I feel like I’ve known much
about you. I could literally write a book about you….hahhaha. I can talk
to you about anything that’s on my mind; with you its different, completely
different. Its like I’ve known you my whole life. Its just amazing to have
you as one of my best friends. I feel I can be real around you, like I
don’t have to hide anything for you. You’re an amazing friend and I’m here
for you whenever you need someone to talk to. Please tell me, what’s your
opinion to long distance relationship?


======================================================= No great love ever
came without great struggle Distance means nothing when someone is worth
everything. Distance seems to be bad for some but not for me. It gives
solitude and space. It tests patience, endurance and faith. It proves the
real worth of someone as it scales the value of a person. It’s better to
love someone who’s far and craves to be with you than to love someone who’s
near yet doesn’t even care to see you. Things that are easily acquired,
obtained, or maintained, without any effort or sacrifice lack value…it’s
human nature. True lovers are never apart, maybe in distance but not in
heart. Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a beautiful
reminder of just how strong true love can be. For anything worth having one
must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love,
self-sacrifice. I’m preparing for my journey to Australia and will write
you later, thanks. =======================================================


PART 1 ======================================================= Hello my
dear friend, how are you today? I am confident you are in good health.
Honestly, there is so much I want to tell you and so many things I want to
ask you, but I don’t know where to start. I am new at these online dating
things, so please understand if I am a little awkward at it. I am writing
this message to you not for the fun of it, but because I want you to take
some time for yourself and read carefully. Let me start by saying that I
thank God since I met you. As you may have known, the fountain of any
relationship must spring up in the mind. It is very important for me to
express to you how much this friendship really mean to me. I wish I could
do this in person while gazing into your eyes. To me, you are first of all
my friend online and then, something greater in the near future, God
willing. To be honest with you, I am really short of words here, but one
thing I do know is that, I have the arms to give you hug, ears to listen to
whatever you want to talk about and I have a heart; a heart that is aching
to see your smile. I would like to use this opportunity to say I am
delighted to have met you. I think if you like person, it doesn’t matter
what nationality he/she is, but of course there must be some differences in
world outlook. It’s very nice to have a friend whose lifestyle, culture and
origin are different from mine. To tell you more about myself, my life
always consist of work, home chores, my daughters, then all over again the
next day. I am grateful for health and strength, but I also want to be
happy with someone in the latter years. That “GREAT LOVE” has always been
missing in my life all till now. I am a honest, kind-hearten, hardworking
man who does need the support of a loving woman. We all face tough
situations in our lives and we sometimes tend to be mislead by it. A lot of
times we often tend to give up. In this life, I have chosen to give up
numerous times but I am proud to say that I have also chosen to stay strong
and be patient all these years, which has now led to my finding you. He who
seek happiness they say, by changing anything but his own disposition will
waste his life in fruitless efforts and multiply the grief which he
purposes to remove. This is the reason I have decided to move on in life in
spite of my incalculable loss. No matter the distance that separates us
now, I can assure you that this gap will be bridged as we really get to
know each other. As the saying goes: “True Love and Friendship knows no
boundaries and no distance; miles and obstacles mean absolutely nothing in
the face of love” Though miles may lie between us right now, we’ll never be
apart forever, for friendship doesn’t count the miles, it’s measured by the
heart. Now that dishonesty and disbelieve seems to have taken over our
souls these days, to know there are people like you makes all the problems
look smaller. It’s great to be your friend and to be able to look into the
future and see a mix of serenity and hope. This fairly recent friendship is
something I consider to be sacred already. It makes me have faith again in
some simple but fundamental human values which sometimes; for the lack of
practice, we swipe under the carpets of our memories and of our hearts. For
me, this new friendship is precious and that’s why I intend to keep it till
the end of my day. I believe we can achieve that, because I have faith in
you and I have more and more faith in life and in the future. Always bear
in mind that my affection and true friendship will be yours forever.
Tomorrow is my trip to Australia, I’m busy now and I will update you later.
Thanks ======================================================= PART 2
======================================================= Finally i shall be
sailing to-night from PORT OF DOVER in United Kingdom through North
Atlantic Ocean to SYDNEY PORT of Australia on our Cargo Ship.The Port of
Dover is the cross-channel port situated in Dover, south-east England. It
is the nearest English port to France, at just 34 kilometers (21 miles)
away, and one of Europe’s largest passenger ports, with 14 million
travelers. The port has been owned and operated by the Dover Harbor Board,
a statutory corporation, since it was formed by Royal Charter in 1606.
However, I assure you that I will keep communicating with you. My Mobile
phone number is +447031976745. Its programmed to work with all Satellite
networks on the sea and this make it possible for me to receive calls
anywhere in the sea so you can reach me on phone if you want to. I promise
to ensure that my best is good enough for us to keep communicating. It will
take us 3 to 4 weeks to arrive finally in Australia… ================
LATER OF THE DAY ================ Hello my dear, the journey has began. I
was so busy today, I have wanted to hear your voice, chat with you, if
possible see each other via webcam before i go on sea. Cameras are not
allowed on board and because of the different time zone in different
continent and my job routine, i do not think it will be possible for us to
chat on Skype. But don’t worry; i will always contact you through facebook
and cell phone to keep in touch. Yes, we’re sailing now, carrying general
goods. (Company secret) Just telling you because of your curiosity…lol.
I’m missing my daughters already; they are the very center of my universe
and they always have their way to entertain me each day. i live alone with
them since i divorced but whenever I’m travelling for work, I put them in
Creche (Refers to as day care center, an organization of adults who take
care of children in place of their parents). Other than that, they are
always with me even when i go on vacation. My dear, i was going through
your profile again and i found your eye catching. Yes, i know there are
thousands of people out there. I do not need to choose thousands out of
one. Rather, i have to choose one out of thousands which have made me chose
you. I cannot bear to love playing with someone’s feelings. I will always
be the owner of that callus and slave of what I say. I don’t know how to
approach this with you online, I have been fighting a battle within myself.
I wish you were here or that I were there with you, but distance has kept
us apart. However, you are always in my heart. Relationship which have been
tested by distance and obstacles and have passed, that is true
relationship. The test of true relationship is not when we are together. It
comes when we are not together and realize that despite the distance,
thoughts and feelings are still there. I just wish you could see how much
you mean to me. God has reason for allowing things to happen. Every day I
wake up thanking God for us because what started as internet contact
between us has now turned into a strong bond between two friends who
discovered the true meaning of love the natural way. To me, it is like time
is purposely bending and stretching itself out so that it can play its
part; in making us feel the joy of what it is to be real partners. From the
day I came across your profile, I knew that you would turn out to be a good
partner. Whenever you think of me, please know that no matter how many
miles separate us or how much of our lives come between us, you are and
always will be the true woman I desired all this years. I thank God for
giving me the privilege to meet you. Though the miles separate us, the bond
we have is far stronger. You are the very one I have spent all these years
looking for. And now that I have found you, no distance can separate us.
For now, I am contented with the progress we’ve made and I assure you that
with time, our communication rate will improve. We just sail out and now, i
need to rest. Take care and always remember me and the crew members in your
prayers. I will be so glad to visit your country after this trip. Hug and
kiss ======================================================= PART 3
======================================================= Hello my dear, how
was your night? Thanks for the response; Please keep your prayer strong for
my trip, my retirement and my new contract. I guess i have told you i will
be resigning from my job after this trip? I have a 5 years contract deal
with an oil company in Mexico to supply them Drum Oil from Australia, and
I’m at the first stage of the contract. This i intend going into full time
after my resignation, i have set up an office in my house where i can
easily carry at my daily activities at the comfort of my home. This will
also give me the time needed by my daughters. You know, rising up girls is
not easy without spending time with them and it’s not easy to supervise
teenagers. Dear, my heart is calling out for you. Being miles apart from
you is like salt dripping on an open wound. I never thought I could feel
for someone so much as I feel and think much of you even though we are far
apart. My heart seems to grow fonder of you with every seconds of this
great distance that separates us. I know that some decisions are hard to
make, but when affection and love prevail over any other interests, then
all the roads to happiness become wide open and danger free. First of all,
I want you to know that I love you very much even though we have not met
each other and that you are the most wanted and the most desired person
than anyone could possibly be. I also need you to know that there’s nothing
more beautiful in the world than what is happening between us right now; I
feel we are growing closer and getting along really well. I feel we are
becoming more intimate in every sense, and that’s the most gratifying thing
two human beings could wish for. Distance, like you may have known, doesn’t
matter if you really love the person, what matters most is your honesty and
trust for that relationship to work out. Even if you are far away, you are
always close to my heart. It’s good that we are far away because we’ll
learn the patient to wait for each other and cherish our love. I long for
the day I’ll dream of you no more and the sight of you shall arouses all my
senses. Though the miles may spread out far and wide, and time may wear our
faith too thin, I know that the golden bond of love shall keep us close in
the heart. However far away, I will always love you. However long I stay, I
will always love you. Whatever word I say, I will always love you. Even if
it takes eternity, I will always love you. You are my shining star. Ever
since I met you, I have been thinking with affection of the moment we will
see each other and satiate all this desire that have taken over us in such
an intense but wonderful way. Having a dream about you few nights ago has
never happened to me before. I had a dream that i was holding you, kissing
you. Just as we were romancing, i woke up to see myself kissing my pillow,
oh my God what is this? i wish i had a dream of holding my pillow and wake
up kissing you that would have be wonderful….hahahahaha. My dear, have a
wonderful day and may God bless you and keep you. May his light be always
with you. May he keep you safe from harm and shield you and your family
from all wrong. May he grant you his peace. May he guide you on your way,
bring you joy with each new day. Hug and Kisses
======================================================= PART 4
(MEDITERRANEAN SEA) =======================================================
Hello my love, I’m glad to read from you again, I hope you are enjoying
every day of your life with your friends and family? Our ship has finally
reached the Mediterranean sea from North Atlantic Ocean..The Mediterranean
Sea is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean, lies between the continents of Eurasia
and Africa, enclosed almost completely by land. It is bounded on the north
by Europe, on the south by Africa, and on the east by Asia; and it joins
with the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar only eight miles
(13 kilo-meters) wide and 1,050 feet (320 meters) deep. We are now sailing
very fast to Arabia Sea which we may arrive tomorrow if we are not been
disturbed by heavy storm or sea-waves or current and I must tell you that
the current of the sea is not easy here but everything is going fine
smoothly because the ship is very big. Meanwhile, we shall sail from the
Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengai (India Ocean) and finally, we shall sail
through the Indian Ocean to Port Sydney in Australia It will take us
several days to sail from Arabian Sea to Port Sydney. As soon as I get to
Port Sydney, I shall buy some drum oil to supply a company in Mexico. This
is my personal business, it’s 5 years contract and i’m at the first stage
of it. I’m going to set up a ways i can be doing this transaction without
traveling to Australia in person to buy the goods or to Mexico in supply. I
want you to keep on praying for me that everything goes well.
======================================================= PART 5
======================================================= Hello Sweetheart, I
am so happy to read from you just as the sea is calm today. When we’re in a
long distance relationship, all we rely on is letters, cards and telephone
calls. Honey, I see myself falling greatly for you each passing day. I just
want to say thank you for giving me the chance to express my feelings even
though words can’t explain exactly how i fee for you. Thank you my love,
What more can a man say to a woman who allowed him to feel the warmth of
her love across the great SEAS that separates them? You truly have no idea
what I feel for you. As the day continue to pass, my love for you will
continue to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as
much as I love you right now. My love for you will continue to mature,
growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the
fibber of my soul, the very reason for my existence. It seems you have cast
a spear on me. I feel love for you in my heart, mind and soul and I keep
your heart safe next to mine. To be the recipient of your love is the
greatest of all things. I will be gentle and will not hurt your feelings.
Our meeting and building up to such closeness cannot be destroyed. We are
two sensible beings who realize love, faith, hope and trust needs to be
ever near us in our words and deeds. I have no other words to describe the
way you make me feel. No words, no actions could even come close. I intend
to visit you after this trip and bring you home. My love, I’m so anxious to
see you. I am beginning to study your Country and look at it on the map, i
can’t wait to explore with you. I am pleased to inform you that we just
sailed out the Mediterranean sea to Arabian Sea (India Ocean).The Arabian
Sea is located between the Indian and Arabian peninsulas in the
northwestern section of the Indian Ocean. The Arabian Sea forms part of the
major trade route between India and the countries of Europe. It is also
bounded on the north by Pakistan and Iran, and on the west by the Horn of
Africa.The principal waterway draining into the Arabian Sea is the Indus
River. The total area of the sea is about 1,491,000 square miles (3,862,000
square kilo-meters). I’m thinking about you and playing some music. Find it
here: (Preview) (Preview)
Please, I want you to keep on praying for me and always dream of me too. I
miss you and i love you with all my heart….Please send me more of your
pictures. Waiting to hear from you. A thousand kisses from a distance mile
and wishing you a wonderful day.
======================================================= PART 6
======================================================= How are you today
honey, Hope you’re fine? Thanks for the beautiful thoughts of me, you are
an angel. Sometime in a life time, we meet people we have no expectation of
meeting. Sometimes we meet people and our whole world experience happiness.
I met you and started realizing the reason I have been staying longer
unmarried. I can not say much but to give thanks to the facebook site and
God almighty that i have found my true love Dear, my heart accelerates at
the speed of light. Every time I breathe, I hear the rhythms of your sweet
name, so melodious and charming. Every time I breathe I notice the
inclination of the level of love I have for you. Maybe it’s because I keep
you in the most integral part of my heart. I can’t stop loving you because
even if I do, my brain will never cease in passing the impulse of you to my
soul because my love for you is burning out control. When I found you, a
new me was made. I just can’t get you out of my mind, I really want to be
close to you because a lot has been running through my head lately. I’m
having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bare with
me through this. I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what I
want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means
to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in
hand. This relationship is my future; it’s what I want out of life. I want
to grow old with you. I love you with all my heart. Huge and kiss.

======================================================= PART 7
======================================================= I want to
experience this crazy love forever, and I really think I’m going to get to
experience it. I want us to walk through new houses picking the one that
would be just right for us. I want to see you walk around our new house on
a big t-shirt with your hair down and catch me staring at how gorgeous you
are. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and then I have to get
even closer if it’s possible, for you to keep warm. I want to see you laugh
like crazy at me when I do stupid stuff. I want to rub lotion all over your
body because you laid out in the sun too long. I want to hold you when you
cry and smile with you when you smile. I want to fall asleep every night
with you in my arms. I want you to fall asleep on my chest listening to the
beat of my heart and know it beats for you, I want you to be the first
thing I see when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep. I want to
see your rough morning hair; I know it will be so cute. I want to sit on
the beach with you and watch the sun set, and I want everyone to see and
envy the love that we obviously have for each other. I want to grow old and
still make it out with you like a little kid. I want to cook a meal with
you and us totally ruin it and end up going out for dinner hahahaha. I want
to sit there talking to you for hours about nothing at all but at the same
time everything or maybe we won’t talk at all and just grin at each other
realizing how lucky we are. I want you to get mad at me for doing something
stupid, and I want you to bust out laughing when you try to yell at me. I
want to lay with you in front of fireplace and keep the heat going long
after the fire goes off. I want to take trips with you to a places we’ve
never been and experience them together. I want our friends to come over
and get totally jealous because they don’t share a love like we do. I very
much hope that we will travel together, to try cuisines of the world. I
want to take your breath away every time I say “I LOVE YOU” because you
know it’s coming from the heart. I want us to sit down with a box of
strawberries, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a mint chocolate ice cream;
well, I’ll let your imagination finish that one.. I want to love you and be
with you for at least FOREVER or a little longer than FOREVER. I couldn’t
really express in words what I’m feeling right now so I decided to share
with you some of the images and thoughts that have been running through my
head. I just want you to know that I had never found someone I wanted to
spend the rest of my life with until I met you. I really am crazy about
you, everything about you. Please listen to this songs:

======================================================= PART 8
======================================================= Hello honey, how
are you today? I missed you a lot. I wish you’re here with me; I wanted to
take time to let you know how much I value you as a woman. So often, it’s
hard for me to express these feelings in writing, but it’s not because I am
a typical guy who cannot put his emotions in written. It is because the
qualities I cherish most are so precious; I wanted you to see it through my
eyes, face to face. Your love humbles me, your faith encourages me, and
your prayer inspires me. Our love came from the understanding God has given
us of how much he loves us. It is unique because it comes from God and
flows among us he has made to be. Our love is authentic with almost
unsearchable depth to it. It confronts insecurities yet it remains gentle.
I always thought love was fake and unreal on the internet until I met you.
You are the first woman that I have ever truly been in love with on the
internet and it is the best feeling in the world. Every time I read a word
from you, I think my heart skips a beat or two. You make me feel so
comfortable to share my secret with, but at the same time, I’m probably as
nervous as a guy could possibly be. Staring on your photos daily gives me
this warm feeling that words can’t even explain and it forces me to keep a
smile on my face. Every time I imagine you by my side, I feel like there
are ‘million billion’ butterflies flying around in my stomach trying to
escape. I can hold you in my arms for hours if I have the chance to. You
are honestly the best thing ever happened to me. You seem to be the only
woman I am attracted to. You are the perfect Queen to my Kingship and the
only one I want to pay attention to. I wrote this to show you how much I
really care about you. I hope this isn’t too much! I love you…I love us.
Please i want you forever. Music video by Marc Anthony performing I Need You. (C) 2002
Sony BMG Music Entertainment
====================================================== PART 9
====================================================== Honey i wont just
stop thinking about you, you are getting deeper in my heart, meeting you
was God making and is not mines. I want to make some very obvious points to
you. That is “Love and marriage” Many misunderstood this words …… Love
is affection that stem from the heart naturally and last forever even in
the face of death, but marriage is simply an institution or a legal
platform were existing love can operate, hence love come before marriage
this is what many don’t seem to understand and that is why there are many
broken home all around the world. Some get married with the intention that
love will eventually comes in and when it doesn’t happen that way they go
their separate ways and get hurt, others get married for the sake of
bearing kids, some felt they have attain the age of getting married and
just do so for the sake for it . yet others get married because they are
infatuate to a particular lady for the sake of sex and when she grow
wearing and she stop been desirable one to her partner all these i just
list at few reason why we have marriage failing increasingly. On the
contrary , when marriage is rooted from true love, that is when two
agreeable heart are in love, fond of each other, having same life agenda
/goals, life become beautiful and interesting, they both yearn for each
other with the feeling of growing told together in one accord, the reason
for such been togetherness becomes TRUE LOVE which is the bedrock of each
marriage life and such marriage is unbreakable because the reason why they
are married is stem from love not for the factors i mentioned above. True
love has not rule, it’s like a bullet, its respect nobody, when it strikes
you have no option than to obey and follow suit, that is exactly how am
stroked by my feeling for you. i want us to get married not for the sake of
it. I love you so much that i want to spend the rest of my love with you.
you are just what i want, presently what i want is for you to give in love
for me, offer me your love, heart and make me all you want and life will be
sweet and the world will be a better place for us to live, LOVE makes life
beautiful and you know so . I want to stop been existing without love
rather i want to live with love. Imagine a world when i will wake up in the
morning and make breakfast for you, hug you when you’re back from your
daily activities, be there when you needed me, to warm you when is cold
that blanket become unnecessary because am with you, spend qualities times
with you, curdling with you all night and day , feel your breath by my
arms. baby i love you and am willing to do anything to have you please fall
in love with me, don’t just love me but fall for me without the fear of
been hurt, because hurting you mean hurting my soul as well. I am deeply in
love with you more than you know baby. Well my day has been ok, after
reading from you, I were just thinking about you and putting this word
down, baby trust without love is baseless if you must love me you must
first trust me, with the feeling that i can never hurt you, knowing i am
your second half, so hurting you i said it means hurting my soul. i love
you and am willing to have you forever…………..
====================================================== PART 10
====================================================== Hello my sky, how
was your night? I miss you so much. A lot has been running through my mind
lately so i decided to go in search of ”HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN MARRIAGE”
and i decided to share with you this wonderful Marriage thoughts. It’s said
here, MARRIAGE can be likened to a journey, an odyssey that presents many
surprise, some exquisite, others painful. Unforeseen “terrain” can present
unexpected obstacles, some of which may seem insurmountable. Nevertheless,
many people make this journey successfully and happily, with only minor
mishaps. Indeed, success in marriage is not measured so much by the highs
and lows of the journey as it is by how couples deal with those ups and
downs. What do you think can make the journey through marriage more
successful and enjoyable? Many couples feel the need for a ‘marital road
map’ to direct them along the way. The most dependable and authoritative
“map” for marriage is provided by the Originator of marriage- God, and the
inner personality he gave to human. let us consider some step that can help
us actually Successful Marriage steps toward a successfully marriage
life………. Treat marriage as sacred. “they are yoked together .” In
saying “they are yoked together,” this suggest that marriages are made in
heaven. confirming that the marriage relationship was instituted by God
himself and was therefore to be treated as sacred. Of course, husbands and
wives would not want to be “yoked together” in a cold, loveless
coexistence. Rather, they want to enjoy a contented marriage in which both
can thrive. They can be happily “yoked together” if they apply golden rule
of marriage. Because all of us are imperfect, misunderstandings and
differences are inevitable. Often, however, a successful marriage depends
less on compatibility than on how couples deal with incompatibility.
Therefore, one of the most essential skills in marriage is the ability to
resolve disagreements in a loving way, for love “binds everything together
in perfect harmony.” Speak respectfully. “There exists the one speaking
thoughtlessly as with the stabs of a sword. But the tongue of the wise ones
is a healing.” research has show that most conversations end the way they
start. Hence, if a conversation starts respectfully, it is more likely to
end that way. Conversely, you know how hurtful it can be when a loved one
speaks thoughtlessly to you. Therefore, make a prayerful effort yourself to
speak with dignity, respect, and affection. “Even though we see each
other’s weaknesses. Cultivate kindness and compassion. “Become kind to one
another, tenderly compassionate.” When there are strong disagreements, it
is easy for anger to beget anger. “It is not easy to keep calm under
stress—you tend to say things that upset your partner, which only makes
things worse.” By striving to be kind and compassionate, however, you can
do much to help smooth the road to a peaceful marriage. Show humility. “Do
nothing out of contentiousness or out of egotism, that is pride but with
lowliness of mind considering that the others are superior. to me this is
the cardinal point of happiness ” Many conflicts arise because marriage
mates pridefully try to blame their partners for problems instead of humbly
seeking ways to make things better for each other. Lowliness of mind, or
humility, can help you suppress the urge to insist on being right in a
disagreement. Do not hastily take offense. “Do not hurry yourself in
yourself to become offended.” Try to avoid the inclination to refute your
mate’s viewpoint or to leap to your own defense if your mate questions
something you have said or done. Instead, listen to and acknowledge your
mate’s expressions. Think carefully before making a reply. Many couples
learn too late in life that winning a heart is a greater victory than
winning an argument. Know when to keep quiet. “Be swift about hearing, slow
about speaking, slow about wrath.” Effective and efficient communication is
without a doubt one of the most important signposts on the road to marital
happiness. Why, then, does we say that there is “a time to keep quiet”?
This can be a time to do active, purposeful listening—a vital part of
communication that involves finding out what your marriage mate really
feels and why he or she feels that way. Listen with empathy. “Rejoice with
people who rejoice; weep with people who weep.” Empathy is indispensable to
purposeful communication because it enables you to feel your spouse’s
deepest emotions. It can help create an atmosphere in which each one’s
opinions and feelings are treated with respect and dignity. “When we talk
about our problems,” confides. When your spouse is speaking, it is your
“time to keep quiet” and to listen with empathy. Make a habit of expressing
appreciation. “Show yourselves thankful.” Strong marriages are
characterized by husbands and wives who make sure their spouse feels
appreciated. However, in the day-to-day routine of married life, some
marriage mates neglect this vital aspect of communication and merely assume
that their spouse feels valued. Both verbal and nonverbal reassurances are
essential. When husbands give wife a gentle kiss, a kind touch, and a warm
smile, it says more than just “I love you.” It reassures her that she is
special to you and that you need her. Give her a phone call or an
electronic message and tell her, “I’m missing you” or “How is your day
going?” Praising wife is another way to a lasting marriage Be quick to
forgive. “Let the sun not set with you in a provoked state.” In marriage
you cannot escape your own faults or those of your spouse. Consequently,
the willingness to forgive is essential. An ancient proverb wisely
observes: “It is beauty . . . to pass over transgression.” adding: “A good
marriage is impossible without forgiveness.”but why: “Otherwise resentment
and mistrust grow, and that is poison for a marriage. Through forgiveness,
the bonds of your marriage are strengthened and you grow closer together.”
If you have hurt your spouse’s feelings, do not simply conclude that he or
she will just get over it. Making peace often requires that you do one of
the more difficult things marriage mates need to do: Admit that you have
made a mistake. Nevertheless, find a way humbly to say something like this:
“I’m sorry, Dear. I made a mistake.” A humble apology will win you respect,
help build a trusting relationship, and enhance your own peace of mind.
Stay committed to your mate and to your marriage. “They [the husband and
wife] are no longer two, but one in accord because they are yoked together
.” You have solemnly vowed in your heart to love each other and to remain
together, despite problems that might arise. Commitment, however, is not
simply a legalistic obligation. Rather, it is motivated by sincere,
heartfelt love and is a reflection of respect and honor for each other. So
never undermine your sacred relationship by flirting; have eyes only for
your mate. Self-sacrifice reinforces commitment. “[Keep] an eye, not in
personal interest upon just your own matters, but also in personal interest
upon your love..” Putting your marriage mate’s needs and preferences ahead
of your own is one of the ways to strengthen commitment. Effort Brings
Rewards At times, the hard work involved in building a happy marriage may
cause some to be tempted to give up. However, do not let upsets make you
abandon your commitment or forfeit everything that you have already
invested in your marriage or in a workable relationship, the distance you
have already covered in your journey together. For us that are yet to marry
If we put forth sincere effort and show that we want our marriage to
succeed, we can enjoy lasting blessing that marriage brings , our loyal
support of each other through the difficult times and your mutual enjoyment
of the good times will sustain us on a satisfying journey through a
successful marriage.. Am sure with this refined point we can start applying
it to be happy forever. Have confidence on this relationship. Thank you my
love ====================================================== PART 11
====================================================== Hello my Sky, how
are you doing? Every moment of my life, my heart keep beating for you.
Where do i begin when i want to tell you how i really feel? A hundred
hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. I know that i do not
have the words or the wisdom to express what you mean to me. All i can do
is hope and pray that these words Will help you realize why i am so sure
our love was destined to last through eternity. Feelings of blissful,
lasting joy race through my mind Whenever my thoughts turn to you, my
dearest darling, there is an energy and electricity that seemed to surge
through the air for the love we share, My innermost longings could be
easily seen and i could see these feelings being echoed in your own heart.
And when my unspoken desire to be held was whispered by my heart It was
quickly answered with your first tender, romantic embrace. I have dreamed
of you for years my love, no matter what obstacles might be standing in our
way, now that we have miraculously discovered each other, we will be
together till the end of time. The world is a canvas upon which we paint
the heart with love and happiness grows each and every day. Mere words seem
far too inadequate to describe the dizzying, wonderful emotions that sweep
through my mind, my body and my soul. Now my life is far richer and
rewarding than i had ever imagined because i have you and With you in my
heart, i fear nothing because you will shelter and protect me from a world
that can be unloving and cold. If i could truly tell you what I feel in my
heart, you would hear words that are far more beautiful and magical than
those ever written in any poem or rhyme. My darling, my lover, my life
please know how deeply i truly love and care for you, the person you are
right now, at this very moment in space and time. You made my world. I love
you so much. Kisses and hugs.
====================================================== PART 12
====================================================== My Love, How are you
today? Whatever situation I found myself, I always give Glory to God.
Please I need your prayers; we are in a very serious problem here and we
need God intervention. The brain box of the ship is having a very serious
problem, we are all confused here. Besides, we just received information
from the Signal house that there are sea pirates from Indonesia blocking
the sea and they are about 312 KM away from us. The nearest place the Ship
could anchor is Mabul Island (Somewhere in Malaysia territory). As it is
now, we are no longer safe; we fear the pirates attack because the ship is
very slow and having problems on it’s own. We have called for a rescue team
but yet to gotten a response from the headquarters. The captains of the
Ship have announced that all passengers should offload their goods for
another means of transportation as the ship will duck here till further
notice, until it’s safe to continue sailing. This is a terrible condition,
pirates attack is the worse condition one could encounter. I seriously need
you prayer and i will update you later at my leisure time. We’re all busy
now ======================================================= PART 13
======================================================= Hello honey, thanks
for the prayer, you are the best woman in the whole world. Honey, I’m more
confused now, we were almost visited by the pirates yesterday night. My
problem now is my money (280,000) Two Hundred and Eighty thousand United
State Dollars which I kept in my cabin safe box. I do not want it stolen
from me by the pirates. My plan was to use this money to buy Drum Oil from
Australia and supply to a company in Mexico I already had the contract
agreement with. My Dear, as the Director of Operation of this Ship, it’s
not possible for me to move along with the passenger because I have to take
care of this ship until all GOODS/PRODUCT are completely discharged and
give report to my company always. Now I have a suggestion honey, there is
Courier security team stands here at the seashore for the purpose to rescue
our valuable or stole-able items, I am thinking of what to do. At this
time, I need you to stand by me. I don’t know what to do now, I want to
quickly send you the money as luggage so that you can help me to secure it
in your place until I have the chance to make my trip and meet you soonest.
Please be confidence on this, do not think otherwise, i am not doing this to
win your heart or to commit you. I know we have not met each other before
but I TRUST you and give you my whole heart so that life can move on
straight with us, I know you will never disappoint or hurt me. I have
learned to take life as it happens since I’ve known that everything happens
for reason. I have discussed with the Courier security company here. kindly
send to me the following information as stated below to carry out all the
necessary applications, to facilitate the consignments in your name and I
shall forward to you all the instructions and advice needed to claim
it….. Your full name: ——— House Address: ———- Email address:
———- State: —————— Country: —————- Telephone
number: ——- Honey, this is very urgent and your quick response shall be
greatly appreciated. I will conclude the process of sending this
consignments once I receive the above information from you. I am sitting by
the sea shore now waiting for your urgent response. I wait for the information
from you today. Please, hurry up to contact me. My hope and trust is on you
please do not let me down…… I Love you so much and I always will. Hugs
and Kisses

The format above is quite simple and explanatory. I believe you can take it from here.

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Let’s talk on how to make billings.


To make your first billing we advise that you and your client are way into “loving you” talks. If she can’t wait for you to come online then that is it you are set to make your first billing.

Your first bill should be very small. If your client can give you the first payment then the client has fallen for your scam.

You can go on to bill and bill but be careful.

Now you know how the yahoo yahoo boy business is done you should now know how to avoid and know when you see any.


Reasons why people fail into yahoo yahoo.

There are over a thousand and one reasons why people fall into yahoo boys trap but the summary of them all is selfishness.

Selfishness: This is a killer mentality that has destroyed many lives, kill many people and send some back to their grassroots (level 0). If you are not contacted with what you have you might end up losing all you have ever worked for within a few seconds.

You can never have everything to yourself no matter how hard you try, it will never be possible.


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Because I love you all here is the advice of the season.

Just look away from Yahoo business.


A little about me.

My name is Henry gentle but my friend calls me gen2general, I graduated from Computer science at AAU (Ambrose Alli University) Ekpoma Edo State. I know more than you can imagine about yahoo yahoo business, I have been very good in the computer since I was in my secondary school and because of how good I was when I first went to write JAMB exam in Edo state most guys wanted me to join the business.

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I am very open to learning those that know me very well can testify to that. I never shy away from their lessons though I never practice them. I accumulated their lessons in my head without doing what they wanted me to do.

Whenever they have any computer related issue I help them fix it (as a computer scientist).

The Yahoo boys motivated me to be as good as I am in the computer programming today.

They don’t sleep they are always working and not just that I also knew that if they have what they are looking for I will be pushed away, that gave me the striving force to learn computer programming, mobile app development and web design.

Whenever I am working with my programming skills I always commend they that stood as a force for me to suicide.

One truth I will never deny

I envy yahoo boys you know why? They are persistence and consistency at the same time. This two-factor consistency and persistence are the two-factor need to take over from FACEBOOK and GOOGLE.


Why can’t they convert the energy into something else to see if the world will not hear about them


Updated: December 20, 2018 — 12:03 am


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  1. I have a client and I have use this your format on her and reach this stage you stop but the truth is that I don’t know what next please help me with completing of the format so I can go on with her, am Emmanuel from Nigeria but lives in Ghana you can WhatsApp me on +233555043451

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      1. Nice one Boss… Please I need the name of that cloning app or the link, thanks.

        1. If you need an app, contact a good app developer at Hope you know that you can make it big aside yahoo?
          Thanks for visiting

      2. ok…m interested please put me tru…

        1. Very well sir, I will like to know what you understood by reading, so I will know where to start from.

      3. Lemme know about this bro

        1. Mr. Emma, thanks for visiting Read our post, subscribe to our newsletter via email and ask any questions you might have? We are also open for private business chat via whatsapp.

  2. Attah Chukwuemeka Stanley.

    You said one can make millions every 3months. I am a recent graduate with no job yet. If you could teach me this genuine approach to hustling, I would really appreciate it. My name is Stanley and My whatsapp number is 08107002172. I wouldn’t mind paying for the information if its genuine and practicable. Thanks. Will be waiting for your response.

    1. Yes, Mr Stanley. It is very possible. You can get our contact from the contact page. Mind you, information on are always free. Thanks for visiting. 😉

      1. i want to know about this business please…08170107041

        1. Mr femi, nice to have you on .

          Note: you are not getting anything on yahoo from us. Read up any of our post that interest you. Get our Contact from the contact page. Thanks for visiting .

  3. Henry!!!, that’s my dad’s name. You guys with that name are hell of a genius.

    I only want to know something and am serious.. .I want to know you.

    1. Mr. Lucas, thanks for visiting smartincomepro, feel free to get our contact from the contact page. 😉

  4. I got richly filled bruh, by going through this!
    Please I’m immensely interested in whatever means that’d provide me with millions within 3mnths as stated earlier in this post bruh..
    I’m Gerald; a student.
    08142227935.. Please

    1. Mr. Gerald, thanks for stopping by. Subscribe to our newsletter and contact us from the contact page for free guide and counsel.

  5. i want u to put me through in this yahoo business. U get ur own percent
    mobile number is 08146776076

    1. Thanks for visiting Mr. We don’t coach or tutor scam ( it kills entrepreneurs creativity).

  6. Hello sir, please I’ve followed your format but right now I’m stuck, what’s next step after telling her to send her courier details, wan please can I get the format for a soldier overseas, thank you very much for your help so far, my WhatsApp number is 09039073644

    1. Sorry, Mr. James, we don’t coach on how to become a yahoo boy or any related stuff. We made that post so our visitors all over the globe will know how yahoo boys operate to prevents them from being scammed.
      Check out our numerous ways to make legit money online.
      Thanks for visiting

      1. Sir you wrote something concerning on how to hide users personal details on Facebook. What about the users timeline, should we hide it or delete it.

  7. Please i am interested in learning Computer programming and web development. I am an ND holder from Delta State Poly, ozoro and i must admit, we didn’t learn anything at all as computer scientist….i have always wanted to learn how to program but i don’t know where to kick off, please point me in the right direction sir.

    1. Wow, happy to hear this. You can contact me via WhatsApp or call for one on one guide. For a start, get an apk app call sololearn from playstore. It will help you start and you will be able to know you passion (programming language that suit you).

      1. I’d love to contact you for a one on one discussion, please kindlyk send me your whatsapp number so i add you up immediately Sir.

        1. Here you go; 08133036537

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