How To Make Blood Money; Money Rituals Process In Nigeria Exposed 2018.

How To Make Blood Money; Money Rituals Process In Nigeria Exposed 2018.

Make Blood Money In Nigeria 2018.

Make Blood Money In Nigeria

Make Blood Money In Nigeria

In This post, I will brief you on the steps to make blood money also know the money rituals process.

Do you want to make blood money? You are free to say yes because there are over 1000 people asking Google same question on a daily bases. That has bring about this post.

A very careful search was conducted before writing this article.

I schooled in a place where all these are seen almost everywhere, This people are refer to as the gee boys in Ekpoma.

The gee boys (Yahoo plus) are those upgraded Yahoo boys that where able to under go the blood money ritual process in other to make wealth.


What Is Blood Money?

Blood money means money source that got open or boosted through the help of blood sacrifice.

The blood required for blood money used to be the blood of animals such as Goat, fowl, and even cow, but this days those don’t longer work (I saw the spirit got wise too).

It takes more than an animal blood to bring money these days, so human blood is required.

When I say the spirits got wise I know what I was saying, The make blood money rituals process used to be with animals blood now its human.

When the use of human being for making blood money started it used to work like magic (get raw cash there), but now not same.

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The sacrifice used to be just once except you need more, but now it’s constant.


The Make Blood Money Spirit Got Wise And Here Is Their New Process.

  • You must have a means of making money (Even if its pure water you sell).
  • It is sure that You must have to Kill someone.
  • You must continue your business and continue the killing to keep having money.


No time… Lets go to the business proper.

Steps To Make Blood Money In Nigeria.

  • Pick your business line (Yahoo)
  • Visit a Juju priest.
  • No choice of accepting conditions.
  • Obey all conditions or else.


Pick A Business Line.

It will interest you to know that majority of the successful Yahoo boys now under goes the Yahoo plus rituals for the money to keep coming.

Money rituals have gone from being something magical to a normal real life process.

If you don’t work the evil-spirit (permit me to use that word) believes you shouldn’t eat.

You must have a source of income; the sacrifice just makes the flow of the business.

That is what the yahoo boy are now into.


Visit A Juju Priest.

You cannot do this all by yourself; it is the job of the juju priest to care out the ritual process on you so that you can make money.

Where to get good juju priest should be your next search.


No Choice Of Accepting Conditions.

This is very simple. You are not given a room to negotiate the Condition that will be given to you because most of the conditions will come after the ritual process.

  • Conditions like
  • Eat peoples poo
  • Never get marry.
  • Stop giving and taking from your parents.
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I often ask myself “who does this, what is the money meant for?”


Obey All Conditions Or Else.

The moment you take or perform the ritual you seize to become your own boss, you are now enslave to their rules.


The Truth About Money Rituals.

  • Death and
  • Waste of what you died for after your Death.

My Stake On How To Make Blood Money Rituals.

I know that when this kind mind is made up, it takes the grace of GOD to bring the person out of the feeling.

Here is the shocker: How much of a money rituals do you have to do to be as rich as Dangote? Not to talk of Bill Gate.

Those men worked their way up, you too can do same or even better.

You can pick any business and start with it, give it time and do your sacrifice in church GOD still helps his own.



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