How to start Building Material Business In Nigeria. Free Guide

How to start Building Material Business In Nigeria. Free Guide.

How to start Building Material Business In Nigeria.

Building Material Business In Nigeria


Structures are been erect daily despite our constant cry of no money. A friend of mine used to ask, “Are houses still built with money?”.

When everybody was shouting recession resection, a guy built a duplet in just 2 months, including all interior and exterior decoration.

That was the first time my friend asked that question and he has been asking ever since.

Imagin the price of building material when that house was built, The owner of the house might have spent a lot of money, and the Building Material Business seller might have made a lot of money just from him as one of their numerous customers.

You can start this Business as low as N200,000.00 to N2,000,000.00 or even more. The important thing is that we start something.




Building Material Business is not a small business, it can carry up to hundreds of Millions if you give it in.

A business plan is the first thing that you should think of at your first step. During the time you are writing the business plan you are also studying the business to know how those that are in the business are operating.

You will have to indicate how to get capital for the business in the business plan. The business plan will also give you a link on where to get ready and steady customers for your business.

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A business plan has more and more than I can mention right now and it will really help you in your Building Material Business.


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Here you will have to perform research to know where will suit your Building Material Business and make you good money.

If there is a building material business market in your town go there to know how the market is going there.

If you don’t like the place you can look for a place outside the build materials market.

If you have a good business plan you can get a shop at the Building Material Business market and compete with those already there.


When you have gotten a good location for your business, the next thing to do is to Rent a shop in that location you got.

Your shop should be as big as you have indicated in your business plan. Building Material Business requires a lot of space to grow successfully.


Building materials business has a lot of niches and you might not make it big if you try to trade on everything.

Though there are some mixed traders.


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Below are some Building Material Business niche you can select from.

Cement sales
Wooden floors
Mirror Installation
Office divider
Solar panel
Ceramic Tiles
Doors and Windows


When you have selected your niche, it is time to go and buy your goods to sell. You can import into the country or you can contact a supplier that is in the country to supply you the goods.

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To get a supplier, all you need do is to ask some of those that are into the business before you to help you with a supplier’s contact.


Once our stock is read and a customer comes to buy, he will need to take the good he bought, home, where he will need a van.

We can be making extra income without supply van and at the same time, we could use our van as free transport to our customers that buy goods worth over N100,000.00.

Buy this we will be able to get customers on a regular base.


You will have to tell people the kind of business you are running and why they should buy from you.

To run a Building Material Business you will have to have a mouth of honey.

You can use the radio station to run a paid promotion and social media for either paid or free promotion.

Shading some of your goods out is a way to tell people around you that you are selling a particular product/goods.


It takes a hard brain work to get a cent from someone. Most times someone might not want to buy your product but your marketing strategy will open their eyes to some unseen factor of your Building Material Business.


Now you know how to start a Building Material Business, comment and shear this post. Thanks.


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