How to Start Cattle Farming Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

How to Start Cattle Farming Business in Nigeria

The number one most lucrative farming now is livestock farming. Many persons might want to agree with me, let’s consider having a hundred by hundred (100 x 100) land that is used for livestock farming. With that 100 x 100 land, you can generate over five millionaires every year without add fraternizer to the land.

Cattle farming is one of the most profitable livestock. Try visiting any of the abattoir closets to you and run a price scale on cattle to know how much one cost. You will be understood clearly what I am saying.

Looking at the way most extensive cattle readers rear their cattle you will want to believe that the cattle production business is an arduous business and so you can’t do it.

That is not so, those cattle that the cattle farmer carry about are the native breed on cattle and it takes 18months to mature. These days we now have other breeds that can get to maturity sage within just 8month.

Notwithstanding the breed that you want to farm in the Cattle Farming Production Business, you should know that at the end of the farming season your harvest will come bountifully judging from the cost per cattle.

Why You Should Start Cattle Farming Production Business in Nigeria?

The main aim of starting any business is to make the profit. We do not path on business if there is no assurance of making money from it. Even after starting a business already and we noticed that we just will not make a profit, we quite immediately.

It is normal to start and quite a business than not starting at all because of fear.

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Start this judgment from your house, how profitable do you think the cattle business will be based on your daily consumption of beef.

Beef is the highest most consumed livestock in Nigeria, though fish is doing a great competition.

Sometimes is normal not to take meet daily but at least 5times a week is sure.

You everybody with his or her ways of doing things, you will still see people that don’t take beef in Nigeria.

In Nigerians, there are still vegetarians (someone who eats no meat, fish or any animal products).

The demand for cow meat is very high in the country today. This is the more reason we are encouraging the youth farmer to come out of there shell and do what will bring them money.

Who said Cattle Farming Production Business is not profitable? Why do all the AL haji that has the cow in some part of the country carry A.K.47 riffle with them?

If a business that is not profitable is a treat to you, won’t you live it?

How would they be able to buy the guns is it is not profitable?

So this is why I congratulated you for making the choice to embark on Cattle Farming Production Business.

Do you need a degree for this Cattle Farming Production Business?

No! not at all you don’t need to get a degree in agriculture but you have to learn from an expert. To widen your knowledge of cattle farming business; you should attend seminars, talk to an expert who is already established in the cow business.

Additionally, ask the assistance of a veterinarian. On the off chance that conceivable you can likewise look for the assistance of a nutritionist and a specialist in dairy animals business if conceivable.

Climate condition for cows raising in Nigeria

Most circumstances, some type of remote dairy cattle do think that its hard to live in a sweltering climate; you will see them gasping, which could ascend to a few ailments (respiratory troubles).

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Yet, as times goes on, most circumstances they become accustomed to the cruel climate. In any case, neighborhood cows are as of now used to the sweltering climate when it comes. However, remote steers from nations that have unforgiving climate like that of Nigeria, will adjust simply well.

Different additions you can infer when you raise dairy cattle Byproducts

On the off chance that you imagine that steers are raised only for meats, at that point you are incorrect! Besides meat, there are numerous results of dairy cattle. The following are the arrangements of them with distinctive clarifications.

Meat; affirm, we definitely know this one. Most ranchers raise dairy cattle for meat (hamburger) creation.

On the off chance that you are occupied with this, you can begin your own meat generation organization, bundle them and supply them to grocery stores or neighborhood showcase vendors.

Drain; many individuals adore new dairy drain. The drain is another well-known side-effect of steers that has appeal; a few liters can be created if overseen viably. So showcasing and offering your drain won’t be an issue.

Cheddar; is a nourishment got from a drain that can be shaped into numerous scopes of flavors, surfaces, and structures. It contains proteins and fat from cows drain. Having a few vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium, it is said to cut the danger of both coronary illness and osteoporosis when eaten in unobtrusive sums.

Stowaway and skin; the cover-up and skin of cows can be utilized for the generation of calfskin things like a shoe, pack, footwear and so on.

Cow bones; a considerable measure of us may surmise that dairy animals bones are futile, well they are most certainly not. Dairy animals bones can be utilized for delivering, woodwinds, gems, composts (bone dinner), chinaware’s (dishes) and plastics. A justifiable reason motivation behind why you ought not to discard your dairy animals’ bones, accumulate them up for business!

Bovine hooves; is an incredible item to produce fire smothering froth. Keratin, a protein separated from cow hooves is utilized as a part of making a fire quenching froth which is usually utilized as a part of the airplane terminal.

Dairy animals offal or organs; a portion of the cow’s organs are utilized as a part of the pharmaceutical ventures for the creation of fever, asthma, sickliness and so forth, for instance, the bovine pancreas is utilized for delivering Insulin.

Dairy animals Dung; Cow defecation is a decent wellspring of natural excrement for cultivating create.

We can continue endlessly posting the results of dairy animals from their hair, the horns thus significantly more. In other to adhere to our fundamental point; How to begin Cattle Farming business in Nigeria we wouldn’t have any desire to squander additional time.

So here we go;

The initial step we have to take in setting up steers cultivate is;

  • Make a strategy for success
  • Determine your purpose behind raising bovine
  • Get a decent area for your dairy cattle
  • Get great land for your dairy cattle cultivating
  • Get or set up the fundamental offices for your cow business
  • Get great cows breed
  • Work with an accomplished agriculturist
  • Be business-disapproved

Make an arrangement; have a decent sensible marketable strategy. Make a rundown of what you ought to do, the number of dairy animals you need to have, the kind of ranch you need to have. Decide to what extent you need to be around here. And furthermore, recollect that you will begin little.

Am not saying that you can’t begin huge on the off chance that you need to, however, it is astute that you ought to develop this business in a continuous unfaltering procedure for awesome achievement.

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Decide your explanation behind raising dairy animals; you should give yourself the purpose of raising cows. Is it true that you are raising them for meat, drain, hooves, horns, for their stows away and skins? Or then again would you like to pitch to the individuals who are delivering these items? In the event that you are extremely certain of this, at that point you can continue to the subsequent stage.

Get a decent area; discover an area for raising your cows. This is you should like and be sure with the area. The area ought not to be far to the closest market or it ought not to be a long way from the town. This is a direct result of simple transportation of your dairy animals.

Get a decent land for your dairy animals business; this is essential. It is fitting that you ought to procure a land that is huge for space reason (for meandering and farmstead). The land can be acquired or rented. When renting or purchase the land, you ought to have at the top of the priority list that the land ought to have great green field since grasses are fundamental for dairy animals.

Get or set up the fundamental offices; you won’t just stop on only purchasing a land. The following stage is for you to set up this land to an appropriate standard and condition for your bovines. You should develop a fence around the land to avoid criminals and thefts. You should develop sheds for the dairy animals so they can rest under amid sweltering climates.

It is additionally obliging to manufacture a house for your worker (that is whether you are intending to have any). Furthermore, make a supply of good water for your dairy animals. You can either borrow a well or develop a manufactured stream. You can likewise get encouraging gear if conceivable in the event that you are not utilizing field technique for bolstering.

Get the best dairy animals breeds; subsequent to set up your property, at that point the following stage is buying your cows. Purchase a male cow and female dairy animals for proliferation. There are diverse kinds of breeds that fill a distinctive need, either for meat generation or drain creation. For those going into dairy creation, here are the arrangements of breeds you can buy;

  • Friesians
  • Ayrshires
  • Guernsey
  • Sokoto Gudali
  • Jerseys
  • Sahiwals
  • Adamawa Gudali
  • Boran
  • White Fulani
  • Rahaji
  • Brahman
  • Tregian
  • Bunaji

Be that as it may, the individuals who are keen on meat generation can buy breeds like;

  • West African Dwarf Shorthorn (Muturu)
  • Keteku
  • N’dama
  • Kuri… and so forth

Accessibility of field for your dairy cattle business in Nigeria

Picture credit; Wikimedia Commons

You need to decide whether the field in your property will be sufficient for your dairy animals. In the event that it won’t be sufficient, at that point you should seriously think about developing or obtaining feeds.

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Utilize the administration of a veterinarian

The administration of a decent veterinarian is required for the viable running of your steers cultivating business. Being a specialist, they will help you in dealing with your cows to lessen or counteract sicknesses, and propagation. Dissimilar to the veterinarian, there are a few things which you won’t comprehend, watch and gain from them and inquire as to whether things don’t appear to be correct.

Utilize associates

In the event that you are considering raising your dairy animals alone, at that point I should caution you that it won’t be simple particularly when you are raising numerous bovines. Consider utilizing a herder who can help you.

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Dairy cattle’s Growth; for a calf to develop into a developed bovine, it takes up to 2-3 years. What’s more, a full and a solid developed bovine weights around 450kg-550kg? By at that point, you are allowed to offer them on the off chance that you need to.

Steers Marketing; when you are prepared to offer your cow(s), first influence a market to explore on how much a dairy animal; so you won’t lose while others are picking up.

Some different things you should think about are;

Capital; on the off chance that you intend to fire up this business however not certain of where to get capital, at that point you can advance from the bank or some Microfinance. Other business banks like Firstbank, Access bank and so forth can likewise be of assistance in case you’re ready to persuade them regarding your marketable strategy.

Step by step instructions to know whether your bovine is wiped out;

These are signs that show when your dairy cattle are wiped out

  • High temperature (fever)
  • Loss of hunger (less nourishment and water utilization)
  • Aborted relaxing
  • Weight misfortune
  • Deep hacking
  • Nasal and eyes releases
  • Bloody loose bowels or defecation.
  • Depression; cows do have sadness you will see (hanging head and ears, unnecessarily moderate development, falling behind whatever remains of the crowd, and absence of energy to get up when drawn nearer.)
  • Low exercises; a wiped out cow will trim again from the day by day exercises.

This is the reason it’s required for you to have the administration of a veterinarian who will help in managing them with sufficient minerals and pharmaceutical for better upkeep.

  • Pests and ailments of bovines; underneath are the recorded conceivable nuisances and maladies that may influence your dairy animals-
  • Redwater; it is caused by the blue tick. The Signs of red water are fever, absence of hunger, red pee, pale to yellow gums and eyes, and some of the time anxious signs, for example, trouble in strolling.
  • Heartwater; the Signs of this illness are fever, discouragement, high-venturing, prompting writhings and passing. Heartwater can be treated with Tetracycline.
  • Gall affliction; this ailments can be spread among steers by blood, for instance by gnawing creepy crawlies, or infusing the creatures with a similar needle utilized with tainted cows. The indications of this malady are wretchedness, an absence of hunger, fever, pale to yellow gums and eyes, and additionally obstruction.
  • Tick harm; Ticks can make extreme harm cows, especially around the udder and ears. The injuries will frequently get tainted with microorganisms and may be hit by flies.

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To keep away from this cows maladies or irritation from influencing your steers, the administration of a veterinarian is exceedingly prescribed.

  • Signs that demonstrates your cows are in warm

A warming period implies when a cow is prepared to mate with male dairy animals. Cows ordinarily demonstrate estrus, or indications of warmth, around every 21 days. The signs you can see when a dairy animal is in warm are;

  • The dairy animals’ drain creation drops.
  • It produces an unmistakable release from the vulva.
  • Mounting different dairy animals and enabling different cows to mount it.
  • Pressing its jaw on different dairy animals.
  • Increased pee
  • Displaying forceful conduct like butting.
  • Alert and anxious conduct.
  • Dilated and augmented vulva (the outer regenerative organ of the dairy animals)
  • Sniffing, licking of the vulva, lip twisting.
  • Signs that demonstrates a dairy animal are pregnant


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