How To Start Cooking Gas Business In Nigeria Free Guide

How To Start Cooking Gas Business In Nigeria Free Guide

How To Start Cooking Gas Business In Nigeria Free Guide


With the recent increase in the rate of cooking gas users, cooking gas business has made a lot of entrepreneurs millions over the years.

Cooking gas use to be for those top people in the urban area, but today if you visit a rural area you will be surprised that they use cooking gas as well.


Cooking gas tends to be the cheapest sources of fuel for cooking these days. It is no longer news that the formally most used source of cooking fuel which is kerosene now sell for over 300 Naira per litter.

This is ridiculous, a litter of kerosene belly lasts up to three days for a bachelor.


You will be spending more on kerosene than you will on cooking gas, those with both gas and kerosene cooker will testify to this.


You might have den one of those cooking gas retail stores and think you need over a million to set up, yes you could set up a good cooking gas business with that amount but for a start, N400,000 will just be fine.

Purchasing of the biggest size Cooking gas cylinders and the renting of the store for the cooking gas business might cost N200,000.

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Requirements for starting a cooking gas business in Nigeria

Business plan.

Sorry, you don’t need a business plan what you need is a good business plan.
A business plan is like a pathway to a successful business.

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With a good business plan getting startup will not be an issue, also getting the right location for your cooking gas business will be fully addressed in the business plan.

Another importance of having a good business plan for your cooking gas business is to help you get your the right customers.

Get Training.


You will need training on how to successfully run a cooking gas business. Safety First so, you will have to learn and not to assume it is something that you can just do knowing full well that gas is highly inflammable.


You can work with someone that owns a cooking gas business store so that you will be able to learn the ways of the business in full.



Yes, every business needs capital in one stage to be able to run the business successfully. cooking gas business in one business that needs a good amount of capital to be able to set up.


As we earlier mentioned that the some of N400,000 will be good enough for the business setup. you can decide to start with something small but return the capital and the profit to the business to increase growth rate.

Rent a Shop:


Where do you want your business to be located? If you have an answer to this question go straight to get a shop in the location. you shop should have double lock protection.

If your shop is located in a well-secured environment you will have a piece of mind that your investment is safe.

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For safety, your cooking gas business shop should be located far from the major market, reasons because anything can happen in the market and anyone has the right to start a fire for his or her business in the market (most people careless about their lives).

Register your business:

Registering your business at an earlier stage will help you plan your growth without fear of the unknown.

you can register with CAC and get approved with a few time frame.



Promote the business:


Your business will remain in the shade if you don’t bring it to light. promotion is seen as the starting point of any business if your promotion is well taken care of you will have a reasonable return.

To promote this business you can print out a safety guide on how to your the cooking gas, give good details and include the dangers of the misuse of cooking gas. Now, add your price list and your contact on the safety guide.


Distribute this guide to those in your city. you can add some kind of promotional discount to bring people to your cooking gas business store.


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Risk Of Starting A Cooking Gas Business.


This guide will now be complete if will did not talk about the possible risk of this business. The major risk of the business is Fire accident. Cooking gas is highly inflammable making is very risky.


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Because of the danger of risk, we advise anyone that wants to start this cooking gas business to be very careful and extra observant.

We also advise that you get a very good Fire extinguisher should in case of a minor fire out brake close to your store.


Other risks could be the fluctuation of price by the government. If the price happens to go high that customers can’t buy you will lose money is the price eventually drops.



To Make More Money From Your Cooking Gas Business.

Sell the cooking gas cylinders and also sell the burners. This could be a good business as you can import a good amount of new and good burners from USA and China.


Comment below if you have any question, don’t forget to shear.


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