How to Start Cornstarch, Pap, Akamu Production Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

 Cornstarch, Pap, Akamu Production Business in Nigeria


Cornstarch popularly known as pap (Akamu) is a high selling product in the market. Today we all know that pap (Akamu) or custard is taken in most homes almost every morning.

Cornstarch is taken as pap and could also be a raw material for custard production.  Besides just using cornstarch for Pap and custard production, it can also be used for cornstarch-cake which some of us know as Eko and others Agidi.

The cornstarch-cake (Eko or Agidi) is can be eaten with beans-cake (Akara). Most average Nigerians eat beans cake and cornstarch-cake together in their normal stance.

Cornstarch-cake (Eko or Agidi) is also eaten in big restaurants and eateries in big places with pepper soup. It is eaten with all kind of pepper soup be it the beef pepper soup, goat meat pepper soup, skin (Kpomo) pepper soup, fish pepper soup, intestine pepper soup, snail pepper soup, chicken pepper soup and a lot more.

Most big restaurants and eateries selling Cornstarch-cake (Eko or Agidi) package it in a way that is attractive to sight. They even use it to form good looking shapes.

Like I said earlier cornstarch is a raw material for the production of custard, most factories, and industries that are into Custard production in Nigeria buy this raw material to enable them to produce.

The requirement for producing cornstarch.

No skill:

A well-written business plan:

A little amount of money:

Raw materials for Cornstarch, Pap, Akamu Production Business:

Corn (maize):


Equipment for production cornstarch.

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Cotton bag:

Silk Sieve:

Wide plain board:

How to produce cornstarch.

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There just two raw materials for this production.

  • First, measure the quantity of corn (maize) you will want to use to produce the cornstarch.
  • Put the corn in a bucket and pour water to cover the top of the corn by two to three times. Now we will have to let the corn remain in the water for 2 – 3 day to become soft.
  • Yap! We are back, now the three days are over we have to wash the corn twice with good water.
  • Now take to Miller, or you can do it if you have a milling machine. The milling machine will mill it into a fine paste.
  • You will have to use the silk sieve to sieve the paste little by little till the creamy or whitish water coming out from the sieve becomes lighter.
  • When you are done sieving you will have to sun-dry you residual as they will be useful to those that are into Goat production business.
  • You will now have to let the filtrate settle down for two hours or more.
  • Gently remove the water by pouring out the water.
  • Turn your filtrate into your cotton bag and tie the mouth of the bag firmly.
  • Let the bag drain out the water, you can apply a little pressure to make the water out quickly.
  • If the water is out we are almost done, (this is the popular Akamu most people).
  • Now spread the wet cornstarch on the plain board and use your hand to scatter into smaller particles.
  • When it is dried mill the cornstarch a little and filter it.
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That’s all our cornstarch is ready for uses.

I always advise that you try your product first before anyone else, that is your work be proud to use it. after you have tried it and you are okay with what you see, give it to your family and friends to try and give you their views about it.


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How to market our product.

To market your product it is simple, just locate any custard producing company and tell them you produce one of their raw materials. Give them samples and let them know that they can get your product at a cheaper rate.

You can also sell your product to the sellers at any open market and fix a delivering time either weekly based or monthly.

 so the question How to Start Cornstarch, Pap, Akamu Production Business has been dealt with today.

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