How to Start Custard Production Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

Custard Production Business in Nigeria.

Custard production business is a small business with big profit. In almost 70% of the average Nigerians costumes custard. Custard is taken as breakfast in Nigeria and it is consumed with beans or beans-cake (Akara) some people use bread to consumed custard.

The percentage of custard consumers would have increased but most prefer to take the cornstarch (Akamu) which is also called pap.

People believe that custard is expensive, it is not the people’s fault because the so-called companies producing custard only use to produce bigger quantity.

Today custard production business companies now produce smaller quantities in sachet but they still have a very big job to let people know that sachet is cheaper and better health wise that the Akamu they take.


Cost of starting

With just N100, 000.00 you can start custard production business. Having your normal household equipment you do not need to buy big machines for production except you have the capital and you want to start big.

If you want to start small you can get your customized package (that will have your product name) and the container (small pack) if possible sachet.

And with just N20, 000.00 you will be able to kick-start your business and I bet you will make it with consistency.


What you don’t know.

There is something you don’t know, custard production business is a business that does not require any special skill or knowledge to startup.

Forget all the noise you might have heard about production, probably the person wants you to pay so he teaches you or the person don’t want you to do what he is doing?

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There is no big deal in custard production business.

All the materials required for the production of custard are readily available in the market.

The best aspect of this business is that it can be started at home, with all your normal kitchen equipment.

Below is a list of the equipment you need to start the business and the raw material for the production, and the step by step process that you will replicate to get the product.


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We highly advise and encourage anyone going into a food production business to register his business at the earlier stage of the business.

Registering your business will motivate you to want to push your business to the place you intend the business to be. When you remember all the stress you passed through just for the registration.

It is essential you register your business with Corporative Affairs Commission (CAC) and NAFDAC. You can start up your business and start running it while the NAFDAC registration process is on-going.

Corporative Affairs Commission (CAC) registration now takes less than 2days and your product will be registered.


Equipment needed for to start custard production business

Majority of the equipment below are not needed if we are producing in a low quantity. You can just use all your household equipment to produce the same quality as you will do with the big machines and equipment.

  • Mixing Machines
  • Weighing instruments
  • Drying Machine
  • Sealing Machine
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Ingredients for custard production business

Edible cornstarch flavor – 4 kg

Color (Egg yellow) – 0.5 kg

Flavor (banana) – 1 ml

Preservative (Sodium benzoate)

Concentrated Vitamins. 1 –  3%

Tetrazine – 0.5 kg

Milk. 2 – 4 %

Sugar (optional) – 3%

Salt (optional) 0.1 – 0.5%


Preparation procedure:

  • Measure out 40% of the quantity of the cornstarch to be used.
  • Pour it into the mixer and mix it for about 10 minutes.
  • Now add the rest ingredients into the mixer one after the other.
  • First add your flavor, followed by vitamins.
  • Now add your Tertrazine and preservative.
  • Your milk and your color now go.
  • You can decide to add sugar or salt.

Now that we have successfully added all our ingredient, it is time to add the 60% corn starch the removed at first.

Now mixed for 10 minutes and we are done.

Try your product.

It is highly recommended that you know what you are selling very-well especially when it comes to food production.

You will be comfortable marketing your product if you have tried it yourself. If you think it needs so little adjustment like the color you can add to it and repeat the last process of production which is mixing for 10minutes.

If you think your product is okay, get others around you to try it and give you feedback so you will know what you will rate in the market.

If their rating is positive it is time to think of marketing our product.

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The main work starts after the production of the product. Now that we have the product we will have to push our custard production business a step forward.

Marketing here should include the packaging if your packaging is not well done you will have an issue selling your product.

We always advise you produce smaller packages because they have a way of selling more than that bigger quantity.

You should start up with a very low amount of price, all your product should have a low price to enable people to have the mind to try it.


You should also make sure you write your business plan before you start your business.

This will help you know your end from your beginning, it will boost and motivate you to have a strong drive for success.



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