How to Start Dettol Production Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

How to Start Dettol Production Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

To make a product like Dettol which is selling like garri to today, we do not need any special skill or knowledge.


Dettol production is as simple as just the addition of chemicals in the right proportion, this is why the big companies that are running Dettol production business keep running an advertisement to ensure they retain their normal sales rate.


The risk in Dettol production business

There is a risk in every business and this is not left out.

You have to be careful when using the chemical as it can cause swollen face, skin peeling, skin irritation and many other unwanted health hazards.


Business plan

It’s time for a very good business plan for your dettol production business and you need to do it yourself.

  • Get a unique name for your business.
  • Calculate the cost of production and sales price to know how much profit to be expecting.
  • Next is your target market (which people will you sell to).
  • Sales market techniques. How do you intend to sell your product?
  • Hoe to get startup capital.

These are the simple basic steps involved in writing a business plan. It is always advisable to write your business plan yourself as this will help you maximize your idea and fix you on the right track.

For a full guide on how to write a business plan read this post.


Chemicals Use In Dettol And Their Function

1.Texapon: Texapon is a detergent that forms micelles which allows non-polar substance like oils to be dissolved in water. It is a foaming agent!

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2.Phenol: Phenol is an aromatic compound classified as an alcohol and it is colorless and has a sweet smell. Phenol is used in low concentration as a disinfectant in household Dettol and also in mouthwash.


3.Chloroxylenol: This is one of the Major chemicals in the production of DETTOL. It is the antibacterial in Dettol that kills germs and reduce inflammation.


4.I.P.A(Isopropyl Alcohol): Here is another important chemical in Dettol production business. I.P.A is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong smell, it contains antiseptic effects which gives Dettol the ability to kill bacteria and fungi especially when used for wound cleansing.


5.Pine oil: Pine oil is an antiseptic and disinfectant substance with a pleasant smell. Pine oil helps you to get a cloudy liquid when diluted in water (Cloudy liquid is what you get when you use a drop of Dettol in water).


  1. Dettol Colorant: This is the color that gives you that brownish Dettol color. It should be added as desired!


  1. Water: You will need water.


Measurement of Chemicals Needed For 10 Liters Of DETTOL


  • Texapon ———1/4
  • Phenol ———- 1/4
  • Chloroxylenol ——- 1/2
  • I.P.A (Isopropanol) —— 6 Liters
  • Pine oil ———-1/2
  • Colorant ———As desired.
  • Water ———-2 liter


If you want to produce 5 Liters divide the measurement by two. It’s just simple maths.


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Step By Step Guide In Producing DETTOL

The production of Dettol is quite simple just simple addition in the right quantity.

Step 1: Pour the Texapol into an empty bowl


Step 2: Add the Pine oil and stir properly

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Step 3: Add Phenol and stir properly


Step 4: Add Chloroxylenol and stir properly


Step 5: Pour the right amount of water and stir it very well


Step 6: Add IPA and stir very well


Step 7: Dissolve the color in water and mix it properly before adding to content.

Note: Color should be the last ingredient to be added.



Instructions on How to Use DETTOL

For bath:

Add two cover of the Dettol into your bathing water live for 2 – 5mins for the Dettol to kill the possible bacteria in the water.

Use the bacteria-free water for bathing and enjoy yourself.

For cut:

Dilute a cover full of Dettol in half teacup of destining water.

Stir and mix.

Use cotton/wool into the mixture and use it on your cut.

Do this 2 – 3 times daily.

This will kill the bacteria and protect the cut from tetanus contamination.


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For home:

Pour 2 – 3 cover fill of Dettol into half bucket of water.

Use your mop to clean all surfaces in your home.

You can also use it to wash your toilet and kitchen


Market strategy

In starting up as a small business you should look out and read books and post on Top Reason Small Business Fail and make sure you apply with wisdom the right information acquired from the posts.

The market, in general, is not a joking place, it is a place of serious-minded people that will not want to spend their money on any type of junk.

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There has been some good company on this line before your business, how can you attract their buyers to your side should be the point of reasoning.

To do this you will need to tweak their idea and market strategy as well.

Your product branding.

Uniqueness is the word, try to stand out, and try to make your product special.

Your branding should be special and different so that those how can’t read will be able to describe the product with easy when they want to buy.

Using graphic that is pleasant to sight will also help. Get a very good graphic designer to do your job, this could take long before any further editing so you have to do it well.

Your selling price.

Most of those company do not start up with the amount their product is selling, for now, a gradual increase process in price was considered.

This will help reduce the stress most consumers will have with having to buy your product.

Affordable packs.

Most people don’t like buying things that will put a hole in their pocket. Be the first to create a onetime use pack like the bleach/hypo sachet. This will help you get ahead in the market.


Offer promotion to help you sell. The retailer will not sell a product that the wouldn’t make good money. A discount price and a nice promotion offer will attract retailer to your product.

 Now you know how dettol production business this done, go give the market your best shot. 

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