How To Start A (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business In Nigeria.

How To Start A (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business In Nigeria.

How To Start A (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business

Starting a (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business In Nigeria is not as difficult as it seems. If it is why do you see a lot of these small stores in some unpopulated places.

This (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business is a kind of business that doesn’t require much time to set up though have some must follow procedural.

If you start this pharmacy business and you are really devoted to the business you are sure to make profit easily and quick.

Why Start a (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business.

Have you ever wonder what would happen if the (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business in your neighborhood stop to operate?

Whenever you feel a little headache what is always in your mind? I guise a Drug to ease the ache, what then happens if you don’t have any drug for a headache at home? drug store should be the place you go, is that right?

Most time we approach the pharmacist in the (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business place before thinking of going to the hospital whenever we have any question we need answers to.

Most people who run a (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business are not medical protectionist, but they are running the business very well. If you know little or less about medical you can start this business by employing those with the knowledge to work for you.

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Requirement for starting a (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business In Nigeria.

Write a Good Business plan:

To Start a (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business you will need a lot of planning and you will also need to do a lot of consultation.

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If you write your business plan correctly and you spend time inputting all you will need in the business plan you are sure to have success in the long run.

Your Business plan will cover your business startup, Staffs need for the (Drug Store) Pharmacy Business, the location which befits your business, how and where to get stocks e.t.c.

Study The business:

There is no way you are going to be successful without studying the business which you want to start.

You have to study the business like you will do with other businesses, you can even take some time to work with an existing pharmacy business to be able to know how they operate and recommend drugs.

Register Your (Drug Store) pharmacy Business:

We advise you Register your business before getting a store, reason because (Drug Store) pharmacy Business has a union that regulates their operations.

No two business are alow to be close to each other, that is one of their law. so, to be on the safer size you register the business before your source for a store for the business.

Get Store:

Now that our registration process is complete we can now process to get a store based on their teams and conditions.

Stock up Store:

Stock up your store with the most useful drug that is widely required based on your previous studies.

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Hire Workers:

Now, we have to get some helping hands for our business. we cannot do this alone, we will be needing the help in some position like the managing area, the accounting area, also in the security area and so on.

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If we have less knowledge in pharmacist we need to employ those who are good at it. we will not want to prescribe a drug to people that will get us into trouble.

We don’t want our (Drug Store) pharmacy Business to be shut down so soon by agencies.

Having a pharmacist will help us know the kind of product to buy and so many other additional advantages.


You can be the manager if you have the time for the business but if you don’t just get someone go for this job.

The manager must not be a medical professional, with a little knowledge of drug he will be able to manage your (Drug Store) pharmacy Business fine.

The job of the manager is to oversee the affairs of the business and give you a report, he has no business prescribing drugs.


You will also need someone to help with the accounting on the day to day income and expenditure on the business.
This can be done by the manager if your (Drug Store) pharmacy Business is a small one but if it is in a big company then an accountant will be needed.

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This job can also be done by the accountant if you are operating a small company.
The daily income will be deposited in the bank by the cashier on the (Drug Store) pharmacy Business.


You need security in your business area. We always advise you apply for security from a registered body. Most of those register security work for banks and other big companies.

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You can install some security Cams all over the business area to help you view all the activities that will be going on in the (Drug Store) pharmacy Business area.

Marketing strategy:

The market has an important role to play in every business and (Drug Store) pharmacy Business is not exceptional. To make it in this business you have to market your business even before you open your business.

You notice board or your signboard is also a tool for promotion. you can make your sign board be lumination colorful light with a clear display of your business name on it.

Alright, you have seen that it is very easy to set up and run a pharmacy Business, comment for any question you might have below.

shear to friends; thanks.


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