How to Start Egg Distribution/Supply Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

How to start egg distribution/supply business in Nigeria

Egg business is a business that is very lucrative. We cannot deny the fact that in our campuses to the today, whosoever is into egg business will make it big. Most person can’t do a day without egg.

Most people that do not have money for beef and fish will joyfully go for eggs, the students will understand this better.

An egg is very rich in protein, more reason why people take it.

Egg belongs to the class of food which is protein. Protein is a body building food that helps for proper growth.

Health wise it is advisable to take an egg each day, this is to balance up the diet we took throughout the day for a proper body growth.

Especially for children, it is advisable to feed them with the right amount of protein, to aid appropriate growth. Children with stunted growth are a result of lack of proper protein.

Other sources of protein are milk, meat, and beans, but you know why egg supersede them all? Because it has a fast digestion rate, it has a very high protein level and most of all it is cheaper.

The business proper.

Are you looking for a business to go into? And you want to calculate your profit as you work? Do you want a job that you won’t have to wait until month end to get paid?

Then why not give yourself a job. Why not start egg distribution supply business from your location.

Egg distribution supply business is one business that you have control over. You can decide how much you want to make, you can also decide when to work and how to work.

I call that freedom.

Knowing that is I do a thing I will be getting $1, I can try to double my effort to get $2 without waiting for a promotion for over 7years before I can earn more than I use to.

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Potential Profit in Eggs distribution business.

We cannot just start egg distribution supply business if we are not sure how much we will be making. Let’s break the egg distribution supply business process to the simplest and the easy to understand way.

In the market, the wholesale price of a crate of the egg is sold for N800 on average from, as of the time this post is been written.

Now let’s understand something, the sellers at are selling as a wholesaler and not farmers. So we are not buying from the wholesalers.

We will be buying our eggs directly from the farm, this way we will be able to overcome competition and make a good profit as well.

Our aim in the egg distribution supply business is to bit down the price that other markets like are selling.

Let’s say directly from the farm we bought a crate of egg for as low as N600. If we are to sell to the retailers we will be selling at a low price so as to bit down the price of other wholesalers.

We should sell a crate for N700, thereby making N100 per crate. We can decide to sell for more than that if you can get to the retailers and the consumers directly. For constant marketing, let’s remain as a pre-wholesaler (distributor).

Note: the market is sure to fluctuate, but no matter how much of a fluctuation in does let’s try to remain of a profit of N100 per crate, don’t go more than that.

Distributing the eggs to the wholesalers is our job, so we will need a good network of them.

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Let’s say in a week we are able to sell over 2000 crates to wholesalers. Yes, it is very possible. With your low price and a well-written business plan, you would have known the best strategy and market to get a lot of attention.

You should locate all the wholesalers of eggs in your city you can go as far as a state. Let them know you are distributing at a low price. They can’t say no because most of them pay money for transport from where they go to buy their eggs.

Most wholesalers buy as much as 500 to 1000 crate per week depending on their location.

You should also consider distributing to baking companies and ice-cream companies in your location (city or start).

Your egg distribution supply business plan can take it from here.

Have you done the math’s before me?

2000 crates per week and we are making a profit of N100 per crate, our profit for the week will amount to 100 x 2000 =N 200, 000.00 weekly. In a month you will be making up to N800, 000. 00

To start egg distribution supply business there are some factors you will have to do.

Sketch out a good egg distribution supply business plain.

I won’t talk more about the business plan, read our post on the business plan to know how to write on yourself.

Locate your targeted market for the egg distribution supply business.

This will also be in your business plan if your business plan is well written it will take care of how and where to sell to.

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Get the tool for work.

You will need just one major tool, distribution crates, and cartons. Make sure that you use the breakable cartons and not the plastic cartons. Reasons are the breakable cartons have a way of bending if there is too much pressure, but it you use the plastic crate you eggs might get crushed, hope you get why. Moreover, the breakable crates are cheaper.

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You will need your own Vehicle for the egg distribution supply business.

This is the only hindrance and delays you might have starting up this business.

Let me show you how to get one.

Make your business plan has the real price of eggs. Both the amount the farm will sell (you must have visited over 10 farms) and the amount the wholesalers will buy (visit all the wholesaler in your state).

Your business plan should also include your market strategies. When you have all these in place it’s time to head over to a bank or any other grant or loaning center.

Note: the amount of vehicle you need should not be above N400, 000.00. This will show the bank that you really need the vehicle for the distribution business alone.

I bet if your bank sees your business plan they will not deny to the loan. It might be a grant from an NGO and you know you don’t have to pay back.

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Now that is it.

We advise that when the money has started coming in you start a poultry farm to reduce the rate you buy from other farms and increase your earnings.

You can get someone to manage the farm on your behave while you do the distribution.


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