How to Start Face Dusting Powder Production Business in Nigeria – Free Guide.

Dusting Powder Production Business in Nigeria – Free Guide.

Dusting Powder Production Business is one business that has less competition though the product is still selling, on a daily bases this product sells well.

When every the name dusting powder is mentioned what comes to most of our minds where those days when our mother will apply it around our neck and armpit after a bath.

Dusting powder is one of the few beautiful things that bring back old memories.

Whenever I visited a barbing salon the first thing that comes to my mind when the hair stylist uses his brush to apply the dusting powder on me was “those days”.

To start Dusting Powder Production Business in Nigeria you will have to consider all the factors that are necessary in every business.

Things like

  • How to get startup capital
  • Where to get big mechanical equipment to use for production.
  • Source of labor.
  • Market strategy.


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All these are the major problem of small business and they also result in why small business fall. With a good business plan, all these will be taken care of.

Your business plan will include

  • How to get startup capital for your business. Banks and some other GO () and NGO () can really help your business once they see your business plan is good and it is trustworthy. Please my sincere advice; do not visit any bank or organization for grants or load for startup if you don’t have a business plan.
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It will seem to them that you are not ready or you don’t know what you are doing. If you visit the bank and other organization with your business plan well written, your due respect will be given to you.


  • Where to get all the mechanical equipment and their due price will be in your business plan if well written. Those that will want to give your loan, grants for startup will want to know which equipment you will be using and how much it is sold.


This is one of the requirements for any organization to support you.






Benefits of using Dusting Powder

This dusting powder is produced with talc which serves as an antibacterial

It helps in sweat control.

This product also helps to control heat in the body.

It helps in reducing oiliness of the skin.

The powder helps to protect the skin from pollution in the environment.

It increases body beauty.

Dusting powder prevents fungal infections.



Chemicals required for Face Dusting Powder Production Business

Talc 550g

Zinc oxide 100g

Kaoline 100g

Zinc stearate 75g

Menthol 25g

Precipitated chalk 150g

This is for the production of a 1000g quantity, if you want to produce less or high just do the maths by dividing or multiplying.



Things needed for Face Dusting Powder Production Business

Get containers for all your chemicals (should be having 6 containers).

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We will need a small wooden turner to stir as we mix.

A burner to heat the necessary chemicals.

A mechanical blender.

We need a fine sieve.

Closeable thin container (big milo, peak container).

A big container where all the mixture goes.


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The procedure is quite simple.

  • You will blend all you chemicals to a fine texture
  • You will have to put all separately to their own container and label them correctly.
  • Pour your talc and kaoline into the closable thin container and airtight for some time and let it to cool.
  • When you are sure that your heated talc and kaoline is cold you can now pour it into the mechanical blender.
  • Add Zinc oxide, Zinc stearate, Precipated chalk into the mechanical blender and blend for some time.
  • It is time to add your menthol; you make sure that your menthol is well melted. Now spray the menthol gradually in the blender as it works.
  • Pour your blended mixture into the big container get have kept and sieve
  • The fine filtrate is our product you can now pack into your customized container.


Hopefully this post you have seen how to start Dusting Powder Production Business. Be sure that this product has made people to life a comfortable life that they have ever dreamt of.


Shear this post to let others know what they can really do to make a living.




Updated: May 27, 2018 — 7:17 am

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