How To Start Hotel Business In Nigeria. Free Guide

How To Start Hotel Business In Nigeria.

How To Start Hotel Business In Nigeria.

Hotel Business In Nigeria


Hotel Business is a business that is making a small operator with just 20 rooms over a million every month. I exaggerate?

Let say I have 20 rooms and each day I collect N3000 for accommodation alone.
20 x 3000 = N60,000/day
N60,000 x 30day = 1,800,000.00 (N1,8m)/month
If I was to add other charges like food and drink I will be having over N2m/month.

Keep reading this guide to know how to start a Hotel Business here in Nigeria.

What is a Hotel?
A Hotel is a place for relaxation and superior comfort, different from what is obtainable in most homes. Many people think that a hotel is a place with just a mattress and a bed mainly for sex.

A Hotel has various use and few are list below


The hotel can be used for the meeting.
It can be used as a relaxational area.
Travelers can pass a night in a hotel.
married couples can decide to spend the honeymoon in a hotel.
the hotel can also be used for live event shows.
It can be used to action movies and skits.


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Your Hotel Business will be more exposed if it is located along the roadside. It should be in a city with a lot of people, we are targeting everybody.

Most time those in your town will just feel like being alone and the best place for that will be the hotel.

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Once you have seen a land in your desired location pay for it, based on our search the land is likely to be cost up to N1,000,000.00 in some area in Abuja, while in the main city of Abuja we will be talking of over N12,000,000.00.

We should just go for a low price land as we are going to make a profit all the same.


Before you think of registering your company, we will advise you get a name for the Hotel Business. A nice name should be your search, you can write down the list of existing Hotel Business name you know and then look closely at them to understand how the naming works.

You are sure to get a good name idea after this exercise.
If you have a name you can now go ahead to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
Registration with the CAC takes less than 2weeks from the day you apply for the registration.
NOTE: You will have to pay the sum of N30,000 for this registration, you don’t have to border because it is a one-time payment.


When erecting our Hotel Business building we have to put the customer in mind because it is all about them.
Each room should be a standard room size, it’s toilet and bathroom should be in its standard size as well.

Don’t want to have a lot of room thereby make each of the small, it will make people not come back after the first visit.
We need all our customers returning.

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You floor for the Hotel Business should be neat and clear, you can install Tiles on the floor of each room.


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You will be needing the help of a cleaner, a cook, a bar attendant and a manager for a start.
The cleaner will have to make sure that the environment is very neat and looks good. Most small Hotel Businesses fail drastically here because they don’t keep the environment neat, they have grass growing all over their compound.
You cleaner should be able to do this work well.

The cook should be an expert in his field, he should be able to prepare all kind of dishes within the smallest possible time.

If you have a bar, then you should have a bar attended to sell drinks to your customers.

The manager will be overseeing all the affairs of the Hotel Business to make sure nothing goes wrong while you were not around.

As time goes on, as the Hotel Business starts to get popular and good human traffic it will be nice to increase the number of staff you have.

Also, think on how to expand your business to a bigger and better one letter.

Thanks for reading this post, please let us know what you think about this Hotel Business via comment. Don’t forget to shear.


Updated: August 3, 2018 — 4:19 pm

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