How to Start Lucrative Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa.

How to Start Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa.

Beer parlor business is by far one of the top lucrative business for over 10 years till date. Let the truth be told, don’t they make money? If they don’t why then do they still run the business?

If we are to carry out concise out of every 10 persons you will see over 6 has tasted beer and of them do take beer 3 – 5 days a week (if not every day).

There is a lot of gain in starting up beer parlor business in Nigeria, in some location because of the exposure to the secret of the wealth behind the business you will notice that everywhere (I mean every junction is a beer parlor business located).

Profit potentials in beer parlor business in Nigeria.

A bottle of beer is been sold for N250 and we all know that a carton of beer contains 12 bottles. From information from one of our reads who also operate this business, he said he makes over N30 per bottle.

Let’s keep it down to N30 per bottle, hope you will not pick a fight with me when I say most beer parlor sell over 300 bottles daily?

Let’s say 300 bottles which are 25 cartons. (We all know that it is far way more than that, a person can finish 4 – 6 cartons on a spot.)

So N30 x 300 bottles = N9, 000.00 pure profit.

How many businesses can actually pull N9000 pure profit on a daily base? (Your answer is as good as mine).


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Steps to Start Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria and Make Real Money from it.

Below are the necessary steps you must observe to start a profitable beer parlor business in Nigeria African.

Business plan for Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa:

The first thing ever to do before starting a business is to write a business plan, not just writing a business plan but writing a good business plan.

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Business plans comprises guides to run a business from start to finish, starting from how to get money for your business, things to buy to run the business, things to observe to know your rate of success, when to do promotions and how, location to set up the business, how to attend to customers and best strategy to get more sales.

If you don’t know how to write a business plan learn it here. It is better you write your business plan yourself.


Good location for your Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa:

You will agree with me that every successful growing crop is planted in a good location either because of the water availability of the land or the nutrient.

So also is every business, if your business is in a good location you are sure to enjoy it and the mindset for increase within a few months into operation.

You will have to spend more time sourcing for a good location, don’t just settle with one or two have an option that is up to ten and sketches out the possibilities of making it according to your teams.

With the advantage and disadvantages of each of them, you will have a clear idea of the best location to go.

Good location for this business can be beside a minor road, close to a junction.


Beer parlor outlook to start Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa:

Now, in the location, you have decided to get perform a beer parlor outlook on the area. Don’t be afraid if you notice you will be having a lot of competitors, the business is good in that area and that means you pasted you location find stage 100% (competition gives me joy).

You can as well visit those beer parlors to know how they operate. Talk with their sales personnel and the owner of the business as well, to know their level of education in the business (this will help you know the kind of competition you are engaging into).

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Write a list of other service and things they sell and offer.


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Fridge and a Deep Freezer for your Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa:

Fridge and freezer are necessary for your business but it mustn’t be a new one in as much it is working fine. Most people prefer their beer cool as they take it with fresh fish pepper soup, snail pepper soup beef pepper soup and the rest.

At first, you might be struggling with this but with time when your business is making some beautiful upward trend companies that sell drinks will start giving you freezer and other things for patronizing them.

Note there some drinks that are best severed chilled, so you will do all you can to make sure it is chill.


Buy Quality Tables and Chairs for your Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa:

Quality Tables and chairs are a necessity for the growth of this business. The way set up your business determine your respect therein. If you use quality chairs and tables people that come in to drink will give you your due respect.

If your chairs and tables are qualities they will last for a long time, serving their due cost.

Note that you are not the only one running this business if your chairs and table are not comfortable you might not see them next time.

Mind you people love taking photos everywhere they are and if your chairs and tables are not good looking they might visit a nice place to take a photo next time.


Get a Generator for Power Supply for the Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa:

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Music is one reason you need a generator, your business needs light (Power supply). You will agree with me that even yourself when relaxing love to listen to cool music playing. YES!

Most people come to the beer parlor to relax and have a nice time. NEPA can’t afford to fail us.

Another reason is to power your freezer when there is no light, don’t forget you will have to serve drinks to people chilled.


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Employ two or more Sale Personnel to work in your Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa:

You cannot do it all alone, you are bound to need assistance from someone. Employ one or two persons to help you out with the serving of the drinks and other supplements you might offer.

Note you will have to be kind to your employees and let the good part of your personality show.

They will be willing to serve you with all their mind if you treat them special.


Buy the Different Brand of Beer Drinks.

Now, buy different brands of drinks, you know you will be dealing with different people and you should know that different person with a different choice. Make sure you can provide up to 90% of their choice (that is a freer pass mark).


You can see other supplements like pepper soup, popcorn and other things that sell.

Our business is ready.

Alright, thanks for reading ask any question you might have in the comment below and don’t forget to share our post with your friends on social media.

Keep being a PRO in what you do.


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