How To Start A Lucrative Cinema Business In Nigeria And Anywhere This Year

How To Start A Lucrative Cinema Business In Nigeria And Anywhere This Year.

How To Start A Lucrative Cinema Business In Nigeria And Anywhere This Year

Cinema Business



A cinema hall as it is called can also be called a theater/theatre, it is a building that contains an auditorium for viewing films for entertainment.


This business is not very popular in Nigeria, but those few entrepreneurs that take time to invest in it are glad they did.
This business is very Lucrative if well handled and will even be more productive if you have the mind of an entrepreneur to know how to make use or how to take advantage of your working place to get more income.

Starting a cinema business in Nigeria will give you an opportunity to make extra money to balance up the business.

You should know that every business has its own challenges. Below are a few challenges of a Cinema Business in Nigeria.

Challenges In Running A Lucrative Cinema Business In Nigeria.

Inappropriate planning:

Before going into any business it is recommended that you plan the business very well. while planing you are expected to write your business plan, as this will help guide you through every stage of the business.

lack of insufficient funds:

This is always a problem for small startups in Nigeria. It is not easy to get fund for business even when the idea is a “killer idea”.
This has killed a lot of entrepreneurs dream in Nigeria, people are giving up dreams in search of daily bread is very bad.

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There are ways to get startup for the business link here.

lack of standard Power supply:

Power is one factor that we should take into consideration when planning for a Cinema Business. In fact, it happens to be our major need when our cinema will be ready, We cannot do without it.
It will be challenging to set up a cinema business where there is no light.

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How To Start Cinema Business In Nigeria.

Feasibility study:

Every business has its best location, for you to be successful with this you will have to study the business both in setting up and in operation.

Learn the business:

It is advisable to learn how a business is been operated before setting up yours. Business like Cinema Business that has to deal directly with people needs to be studied very well.
There are different people with different temperament and manner, if you must run this Cinema Business without having issues with your visitors/customer daily, then you have to know how to address different people with different character.

Rent A Place:

We need a place for the Cinema Business, It is not a must that you should have a place of your own (buy and build), you can rent a place for a start.
Renting a place gives you chances to try and error, of a suitable location for business.

Once you have tried the business for some time and noticed the environment is good for your business, you can now think of buying.

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Get furniture:

After renting a place you need to make the place look nice. you will need pieces of furniture for this Cinema Business. majority of the Cinema Business design is with red color.

Please, make sure your Cinema Business looks nice and neat, your furniture should be comfortable to use as well.

Acquire Good cinema facilities/Equipment:

The type of equipment and facilities used is a very big factor that has to determine how far your Cinema Business will go.
Note that the first-time impression matters a lot, so, you should have a very clear HD display area and a very sound and clear sound systems.
Ensure you have a very high and good lighting facility.

Contact Movie Dealers and Distributors:

We will be displaying/showing trending yet to be released movies. You can know more of trending movies from the distributor and dealer.
You can partner with the movie dealer’s your viewers might want a copy of the movie the watch once it is out.

Show New award-winning movies:

Always look for new award-winning movies, this will help boost your Human traffic to your business area.

Promote your business:

Promotion is what takes and keep a business to/at the top. You will have to employ a lot of technics to be an expert in this.

You should always promote every movie to show 2days before the date. There are means to use like the
social media
Television Ads
Street OutReach
Bill Board Ads

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Ways to make extra money from your cinema business.

Entrepreneurs take all the possible advantage of making money everywhere they go and in all they do. Your cinema business places should be a good avenue to make good money.
Below are the simple things to do to make money at your cinema business place.

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Sell popcorn
Sell soft Drinks

To be successful in any business requires nothing but hard work and commitment. If you work hard in making your business stand out, you are sure to have results.


Hope you enjoyed this article? shear with friends. Comment what you know can make more money in the cinema business place.


Updated: August 4, 2018 — 2:07 pm

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