How to Start Lucrative Furniture Business in Nigeria.

How to Start Furniture Business in Nigeria.

 Furniture Business:

Furniture Business, How many times have you come across a furniture showroom in your cities and town here in Nigeria? once or not at all besides those around in Alaba market. why should it be in just one part of the country? those this means that the rest part of the country doesn’t do interior decoration?

Whenever I see a business like this wasting I bit myself on the hand. this is a very lucrative business anywhere in the country, knowing fully well that Nigeria is a developing country thing related to development and building are the order of the day.


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In Abuja, Lagos Porthacort and many other big cities where companies and offices are been opened every day, this business is a gold mine to those that do this around there.

I stay in Abuja, I know what am saying…

If you visit any bedmates showroom in Nigeria work round and observer very carefully try to contact any Alaba furniture seller or visit them if you have the chance you will find same furniture, same quality in the Alaba market now about the price? the showroom has a price 3x higher, am I right?

While in the bedmates showroom you will be feeling that the furniture was customized by them or for them, but when you see the same furniture in the Alaba market you will understand that importation was what everyone did and the difference is just packaging?

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Anyone can start furniture business in Nigeria today, the business (i mean Furniture Business) doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge to setup, and it doesn’t have much requirement.

Below are the requirement to start furniture business in Nigeria.


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Big ShowRoom: ( Furniture Business)

This is the most important part of this business and should be done with almost care and full concentration, getting a big showroom is not just the thing here but the location of your showroom is a plus to your business.
you will have to position your showroom in the heart of the city where everyone can see the samples you have.

Your showroom needs to be well built and should be very big as well. this will talk good about you and show your level of seriousness to your business.


Learn how to copple: ( Furniture Business)

A basic knowledge on how to copple the furniture that you will be importing, this will help you know how to control the technicians that will copple the furniture for you and it will help you to be able to do some quick delivery when an order comes in and while your technicians are not around.


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Trained furniture technicians: ( Furniture Business)

You need trained furniture technicians to copple all your imported types of furniture, the reason, while i emphasized on the trained, is that we will not avoid you destroy the furniture that we are meant to sell for N200,000.00 and make a profit of over N150,000.00 because our technicians are not trained or don’t know how to.

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You can send some of your trusted boys to Alaba to go and learn how it is been done for a week or two and when they return you will be sure they can deliver at any time.


Means of Transportation : ( Furniture Business)

You will need a means of transportation for this business if you really want to make some nice wave in the market.


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Collecting your imported furniture from the seaside to your showroom will be done by a means of transportation, delivering it to your clients at their desired location will also be done by a means of transportation.

Getting a truck for the business should be your goal if you don’t have money for that now.
you can always use a rented truck for your business and buy one immediately you have the money for it.


Marketing strategy: ( Furniture Business)

you will need a very good marketing strategy to be able to overtake those that are in the business before you came in. do you know anybody in the government? do you have those to entrepreneurs in your contact? they could be in need of your furniture and you can ask them to tell their friends about your furniture business.

You can also take your strategy one step further by advertising of Newspaper and television on a regular base until you are able to get a very good demand rate that equates your importation rate.


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NOTE: You can always increase your importation rate, so your promotion should be constant.

This is a very big business topic and hopes to write more on this keep your fingers crossed.

Updated: June 26, 2018 — 3:28 pm

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