How to Start a Lucrative Goat Farming Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

Goat Farming Business in Nigeria

Goat Farming Business is a very lucrative anyone can start anywhere in the World.

In the whole of the word farming is one business that the world has been benefitting from and will continually see as a blessing until the end of time.

Goat farming business is making a daily increase in the market as the price of purchase of a single goat tends to go higher on daily bases.

This Goat farming business has made many people millionaires in an annual base, young youths who were able to get the idea of the Goat farming business has made it millionaires within a short span of time.

Goat farming business use to be a business for local farmers, I can remember vividly those days if anyone introduces himself as a farmer the way we look at him is disgusting. But today farming has made it to the top in agriculture.

A farmer can confidently tell you today that he is making over N500, 000.00 every month. Yes especially when it comes to Goat farming business and Cattle farming business in Nigeria.

I used to know a friend of mine who made it big with the underrated Goat farming business, today he is an exporter in the business.

We chat on phone some time ago and I told him I wanted to join his kind of business he was happy and gave some advice.

When starting up Goat farming business a lot of discouragement will come your way. It will be very difficult to drive through the business path without devotion and consistencies. The major discouragement will come from those you expected will be there for you.


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How Profitable is Goat Farming Business?

If I was to tell that you should start Goat Farming Business that it is profitable it will seem that I do not tell you the truth so here we go.

Let say it in a year we have an average record of sold Goat as 500 or more (100pounds weight). That result in about 41 – 42 goat sold monthly (could be more than that).

In the market a 100pounds weight Goat is sold for about N15, 000.00 to N20, 000.00 and if in a year we sold over 500 goats our earning will amount to N7, 500, 000.00 (7.5M).

Let’s say based on our system of the Goat Farming Business we spent up to N500, 000.00 during the cost of rearing the goat (both on feeding and medical).

A profit of 7 millionaires will be recorded at the end of the year. How does that sound? Like music, song or reality?


How to Setup Your Goat Farm:

To start Goat Farming Business there are processes and steps to observe before you will be able to get your product.

These are the steps on how to start Goat Farming Business anywhere in the word.


Pasture: this is the first thing to consider when thinking of starting a Goat Farming Business anywhere in the world. Goat and other ruminate animals live and grow well on Green Pasture. Though as a farmer there are other feeds you will have to give to them from time to time to balance their diet.

It has been proven that over 75% of goat feed is pasture-based. The success of this business is in this pasture provision.

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If you have a larger area of grassing for your goat you will have to save a lot of money buying feeds for your Goat.

We advise you look for a very big area of land were your goat can grass for as long as they can without running out on pasture.


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            Fencing: After getting your grassing area and the area is pasture rich, it is time to set a high fence around it.

Fencing is essential in the Goat Farming Business as it helps to prevent loss and theft. The role of a fence in farming is highly practiced by a majority of farmers in all sectors of farming.

Many farmers have their own choice of the fence for their farms. Some use block fence, metal sheet fence, and wooden fence while others use a net fence. Whichever one you deiced to use is good in as much it serves all the proposed that a fence will serve to a farmer.


            Housing: Your housing should be located in your pasture yard or better still close to your pasture environment. This is very important as we cannot afford to transport our goat daily for pasture.

Do you know that the less you stress your animals the more they will be able to convert feeds into the meet?

Your housing should be fenced as we earlier discussed.

You should divide your housing into sections.

The younger ones should not be kept in the same place with the full grown ones.

Pregnant mammals should not be allowed to be with other goats, and also the sick goat should be kept in a separate area.

Dividing the housing into some sections will help provide us alternatives to such situation.

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            Species: To be success full in all you do you really need to do a lot of research and implementation of those researchers makes the difference.

There are various types of species and not everyone goes with same species, it will be good if you study the market and business very closely to know the species that are in high demand.


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            Veterinarians: You should not joke with this aspect at all, health is wealth you should know that. Register your farm with one of the best veterinary doctor in your farm area. The doctor will be in charge of giving treatment to your goat. Those pregnant ones need close medical attention more.


If you notice any fishy act by the veterinarian doctor or there is something you don’t understand I advise you ask immediately.

And if you can’t get a good explanation please change your veterinarian doctor.


Alright, now you know how the Goat Farming Business in been managed and how profitable it is. We don’t expect you to start a business from the top, you can start small and gradually make your way to the pot through hard work.

You will need to write a good business plan before you start the Goat Farming Business because it will help you in every way you want.

Thanks a lot your time and let us know what you think in the comment below.

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