How to Start Lucrative Pig Farming Business in Nigeria African. Free Guide.

How to Start Lucrative Pig Farming Business in Nigeria African. Free Guide.

This is a business that makes a man rich, no wonder the way pig are been rear in very special compared to other animals. Among all the farm animals I noticed that pig is well taken care of when it comes to commercial farming.

Everything is been provided for them, imagine they give them water to drink, water to bath, free big land to play and so many benefits that other animals do not get.

All of that attention will not be given to the pig if they don’t have a special way to payback. The pig so far is the most productive farm animals. They have the ability to produce over 15 piglets and they reproduce 3 – 4 times a year.


The young piglet gets to maturity within 3months and a new circle begins. That is, the pig take-in and giving to birth.

Pigs have one major advantage over most farm animals, they grow fast. This is the more reason why most educated farmers love going for pig farming.


Educated farmers consider many things before they go into any livestock farming.

They consider

  • The time duration for maturity
  • The stress of rearing.
  • Livestock productivity rate.
  • The market demand and
  • Byproducts they farm can give.

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Guide to setting up a pig farm.

A large area of land for your Lucrative Pig Farming Business:

The land is said to be the main bone in the neck for any business, ones this has been taken care of your business can now stand.

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How and where to get land should be your big consideration. Since it is a farm you should try to make it a little bit far from the human resident, this could get you into serious trouble if you fail you harken to this advice.


You should also make sure that the land you wish to buy, is close to water source because your animals will need water as you should know that pigs need water to healthy living.


Your land should have a good vehicle path for easy transportation and of feeds pigs and other required products.



Now we have the land we should talk about the farm structures.

Build pig pans for your  Lucrative Pig Farming Business: Pans are the best way to rear pig that you will like to see. What I mean by that statement it that using pans for your pig farm makes the pig looks presentable. Pans are made with sets of metal bars, the bars are arranged in a way that the pig drops will go through the interval between bars.


The opening between bars will not let the drop to remain in the pan there for keeping your pigs as clean as you would like.


You can divide the pans into sections as you should know all pigs should not be rear together for reason like sickness and age.


Build pools and drainage for your Lucrative Pig Farming Business:

Pools and drainage are essential for pig rearing. Do you ever wonder why the native pig is always dirty? No hard feelings if you have not; most native pig farms haven’t even though, of it themselves, they just thought that it is in the pig nature to be dirty.

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Native pig is dirty because they swim in dirty water. Pigs are highly oily and they always feel less comfortable even by a little heat.


You will notice that pig that it as a normal rotini to swim mainly at noon time. They are just trying to regulate their temperature to remain healthy.


So now you know why you should build pools for your pigs, this is an advisable health information.


Buy healthy piglet: do not just buy piglet from anywhere, go to a farm and select healthy piglet. This is a business that you are investing in so you have to follow up with extra caution and care.


Fix an appointment with a veterinary doctor for your Lucrative Pig Farming Business:

When you have bought your piglet and you are ready for the farm proper you should register your farm with a very good veterinary doctor to help checkup pigs in your farm and help with treatment with need arise.


Employ workers needed for Lucrative Pig Farming Business:

You cannot operate a whole farm alone, this is important for the well-being of your livestock. Sometimes you will be busy or lazy and sometimes sick you should have a person that understands your method of the framing so it will not get to the health of the livestock.


Regulate the pig feeds in the Lucrative Pig Farming Business:

Always know how the livestock is feeding and know how much they eat. If they are not eating as expected they will not put up good market weight.

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Ensure that you pigs feed very well as this will affect the market price.

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How to market your pigs after Lucrative Pig Farming Business.

Have you ever been to a joint where they sell pig meat? Try to notice the people that patronize the pig meat. Most of those people are well to do.


Your business plan should tell you how to market; that is if your business plan is well written. It will include many other things like a strategy to market and make good sells.


Your supply should first go to the big pig joint that sells pig meat. Then hotels and motels around you. You can move a step further by going to the whole corners of your state to let people in the business of selling pig meat know that you have pigs for sells.


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