How to Start Lucrative Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria Africa – Free Guide

start lucrative poultry farm business in Nigeria Africa.

Poultry cultivating is the demonstration of raising tamed flying creatures, for example, chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to get meat or eggs for sustenance. This includes building poultry pens, dealing with chicks, agonizing, immunization and offering of eggs and meat to the purchasers.


In spite of the fact that the words “Poultry cultivating” covers raising of chickens, turkeys, duck and geese, this post will be centered around chicken cultivating part of the poultry business.


A poultry ranch could be kept running on escalated or broad lodging framework, contingent upon the assets accessible. You could utilize battery confines or profound litter framework, contingent upon your arrangement.


Today, I will take you by the hand and be demonstrating to you generally accepted methods to begin and profit from poultry cultivating in Nigeria and Africa.


If you don’t mind pardon me as I will accept that you don’t know anything about poultry cultivating business before now, so I will begin from the rudimentary.



What is poultry cultivating / farming?

Poultry cultivating / farming is raising of tamed winged animals, for example, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, to farm meat or eggs for sustenance. Poultry ranches are ranches where fowls (of various nature) are raised, either for individual utilization or for business purposes.

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Presently I need to make two suppositions.


In the first place, you`re prone to peruse this instructional exercise with the goal to go into poultry cultivating as a business


Second, you`re prone to have intrigue significantly more in chicken than different winged animals, since Mr. what’s more, Miss chicken happen to be the most prominent poultry winged creatures.


On these two presumptions will this instructional exercise base.



What Aspect of Poultry Farming Will You Love to Start?


Poultry cultivating has exceptionally wide branches. Beneath you have them:


  1. Grills reproducing.


This is for meat creation. You`ll develop your ovens and offer them out to the buyers. Grills develop so quickly. Inside 42-45 days, most grills are developed and prepared to be sold


For a potential poultry agriculturist in Nigeria (or somewhere else), this might be a path for you to begin as you could have brisk profits for your speculation


.2. Layers reproducing.


Here you are reproducing your layer chickens with the significant point of making them lay eggs, however you`ll, in the long run, auction them after they are getting to be feeble and are never again laying many eggs obviously (this is more often than not following 54-70 weeks, around 2 year and 4 months )

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  1. Poultry encourages creation.


Individuals in this branch of poultry cultivating business are creating poultry`s sustenance and pitching them to the poultry ranchers


  1. The Hatcheries. Here you have individuals who incubate chicken and different feathered creatures. This part of poultry cultivating business is imperative (however not normal) in light of the fact that the strength of a winged animal is controlled by the adequacy of the incubation center process.


  1. Poultry hardware producing.


You get it. These folks fabricate different hardware required on the poultry cultivate.



Poultry Farming`s Housing System


Similarly, as we people live in different sorts of houses, so are the creatures and our chickens.


Furthermore, similarly as you will need to be watchful about how and where you shield your little youngsters, trust me, chicks and chickens require uncommon consideration and care.


In spite of the fact that a few people live and think about the boulevards of Nigeria, that doesn`t imply that poultry ranches could be found only anyplace in Nigeria


Give me a chance to impart to you a couple of alternatives you have while considering the lodging framework you will go for.


  1. Free territory framework. This is ordinarily observed around you. Typically individuals purchase chicks and enable them to meander about. A few people mind a little to bolster them while some don’t. This may not be your alternative if you`re intending to go into the business poultry cultivating in Nigeria.


  1. Saw clean framework. Indeed, that`s not the name they call it in the scholastic world, yet since my point here is to impart to individuals and let them comprehend me. I need to utilize least complex words conceivable. Here you will have your flying creatures in a room where you will fill the floor with saw tidy. This tidy must be changed frequently or else the smell will be too terrible. This could be a decent place to begin your poultry cultivating in Nigeria.


  1. Battery pen framework. Here you house your winged creatures inside pens. These confines are of various sizes and structures in order to cook for both the chicks (little chickens) and their more seasoned ones separately. The space for sustaining, eggs and dropping have been accommodated in this structure. This lodging framework is the most favored, yet it could be somewhat costly than the past frameworks.
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Location to set up your farm and Start Lucrative Poultry Farm Business Nigeria Africa.

In picking a location for your farm you must consider these three factors because they are very important and they will help you in their own way.

Your market. The market should not be far from your farm. This will help reduce the transportation cost.

 Odor and noise. You farm should be far from peoples house to avoid environmental pollution you can get into trouble for this.

Cost of land. A land that is less expensive will do just fine, the location will also affect the price of the land.


Employ Poultry Farm Workers if you want Start Lucrative Poultry Farm Business Nigeria Africa:

This depends on how big your farm is. If your farm is relatively big I bet you will need to employ works to help you take care of your birds. These birds need all the attention and care they can get so employ as many workers as you can.


Selling Your Poultry Farm`s Eggs and Chickens you got when you Start Lucrative Poultry Farm Business Nigeria Africa:

This is the very first reason for setting up the farm I guess, to make money by selling our product (chickens and Eggs). When our chicken starts to produce eggs we can decide to start egg distribution supply business.

We will have to supply the eggs with our vehicle to the wholesalers at a pre-wholesale price and we will make extra money for the distribution. The extra money is not just small money read this post to know how much eggs distributors and suppliers make weekly.


How to Start a Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria


  1. Get a good location for your poultry farm.

Just as we have earlier explained our farm location would be good when it’s in a place where people are but because of the dump and the environmental pollution this may have to the people living around it is advisable to farm far from houses.


When choosing a location make sure that the place to pick is motto able and it’s not too far from the city. To be able to convey our finish product to the market with easy.

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  1. Broilers or layers which do you decide to farm.

Here the decision is yours to make, but you have to seek expert concert so as not to make unnecessary mistakes. Broilers are for production of meat alone while layers are mainly for eggs but after a month of eggs production the serves as meat.

Note: their maturity time, feeds and some other things differ and that is one thing you should consider.


  1. Get healthy birds from trusted hatchery:

We always tell those that come to us for advice to visit more than one poultry farm before they buy chicks. They can also buy few from each farm you monitor their health condition to know where to get the health birds from.

  1. Apply the first vaccines:

You do not necessary need a doctor but if your farm is very big we advise you seek the attention of one.

  1. Master poultry farming regular vaccinations:

Keep an eye on the vaccinations process to always ask to know if they are been given the vaccine as required.

You can decide to make this process your personal job so as to be sure what they are taking.

  1. Watch your birds careful for sick ones

Every sick bird is not allowed to remain with the rest. Poultry birds have a way of spreading diseases within themselves if they are allowed to eat, drink and even sleep in the same place.

  1. Market your poultry produce smartly.

It won’t be a crime if you make much profit from your farm, to make more profit from your farm you will have to do extra work. Distribution will be done by you.

The eggs distribution, meat distribution, dump distribution and any other product your farm can produce.

  1. Always be business-minded.

This is your investment, you should treat it as important as it is. Do not play with it for no reason, always be serious and let those working with you to know that you are serious about what you do.

With that feeling, those working with you will not take your business for granted and they will work for you as required.

  1. Visit big poultry farms to get training Get Practical. that’s all on Start Lucrative Poultry Farm Business Nigeria Africa.

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