How to Start Lucrative Relaxer Production Business in Nigeria – Free Guide


Relaxer production business in Nigeria is a business that you can do and make money.

First, what is relaxer? A relaxer is an heir straighter that helps to give the hair new soft look.  Relaxer uses to be a thing for ladies but today men and women, boys and girls.

Everybody wants to look good and presentable, so buying some of this product or having some of this product at home is good. Some people including boys cannot do with hair relaxer.


Conditions for using hair relaxer.

Most people don’t just use hair relaxer because they want to use it, there is always condition that prompt them to relax their hair.

Abnormality of hair: Most people that noticed one or two abnormalities in their hair and they probably don’t want to cut their hair end up relaxing it.  If some people notice a high braking rate in their hair the net thing that comes to their mind is relaxing the hair.

Sometimes, most people hair will be twisting and folding itself. This makes people with such hair to always relax their hair to avoid having twisted hair that cannot be combed.

This hair abnormality is what our great Bob Mali use to have.

Discoloration of hair: Most hairs without good hair cream after some time tend to change color becoming unpleasant to sight. Discoloration is not just caused by cream so people hair tends to change color if overdue.

Look good to a party: Looking good is good business. Everybody wants to look good and for that purpose, many of us use a relaxer. There is this outstanding look you will get as a guy when you relax your hair before visiting your barber shop.

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Have you ever been to parties where you happen to see those that relaxed their hair? I bet you will say the boys were comfortable with what they were doing. Because they know that they are not looking bad they will try to attract attention.





The requirement for Relaxer production business

Mixer or a big pot



PH meter



Chemicals and measurement needed for Relaxer Production Business

  • Stearic Acid ………………………. 50g
  • Petroleum jelly………………….. 15kg
  • Lanolin………………………………. 2kg
  • Acetyl Alcohol…………………… 1.5kg
  • Mineral Oil……………………….. 12kg
  • Caustic soda……………………… 2 kg
  • De-hydrated wax………………. 50kg
  • Glycerin or propylene glycol 1kg
  • Butyl paraben ………………….. 0.2kg
  • Water ………………………………. 4.5 liters
  • Formalin ………………………….. 1/8 liters.


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Step by step process involved in Relaxer production business.

Step 1: put your heater on heat or put your big pot on the fire.

Step 2: Add your petroleum jelly into the mixer and let it melt.

Step 3: Add lanolin to it.

Step 4: it is time to add dehydrated wax, atrearic acid, acetyl alcohol into the mixture.

Step 5: add all the mineral you measured and heat it mildly till they all mix having one uniform and inseparable look.

Step 6: use a little quantity of water to dissolve your caustic soda and divide it into two portions.

Step 7: you will have to dissolve butyl paraben and propylene glycol together in a separate mixer.

Step 8: in a separate container with the small quantity of water dissolve formalin.

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Step 9: take a portion of the dissolved caustic soda and add it to the butyl paraben and propylene solution, heat them until they dissolve and let it cool.

Step 10: mix the mixture for 10minutes and start heating continuously.

Step 11: when the temperature gets to 45Oc, off your source of heat and pout your dissolved formalin into your mixture.

Step 12: Add the remaining half caustic soda solution to your mixture and stir for some time.

Step 13: when the mixture cold down to room temperature our product is good for self-try.


All these our steps are done locally but we came out with the same result as theirs, if you want to produce in high quantity and you have the money ready you can sketch out your production processes and take it to the machines fabricator we have in the country to produce something that can give you high quantity.

With a very good negotiation, you will be able to get a nice deal.

Have patience and let them do their work when the machine is ready, test and try the production process with your new machine by producing with it.

If you notice any misbehavior let the engineer know about it immediately to avoid misunderstanding.


Packaging: This is a very important area of Relaxer production business, you should have thought of a name for your business and the type of design to use for packaging.

Make your designs are done by a good graphic designer and his combination of color is not offensive to sight. This could ruin your first time sells rate.

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Another important thing, I will not forget the cost of studying this business I noticed most companies do not produce a onetime use relaxer (A small sized relaxer). This could be your gold mine.

Produce some set of affordable sizes so people can just by and use. Most people just need a little of the relaxer and could not go and buy a full relaxer just because of what they want to do.


Marketing: How do you want to sell your product? This is a big question that distinguishes success from failure in the Relaxer production business. If you have a nice marketing strategy the peak will be your starting point.

Your market strategy will tell you where to sell when to sell when to give out promotions when to increase product price, when to do paid advertisement, when to buy raw materials, where to buy raw materials.


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Business plan: All these while we have not done anything because before you should ever start any business you should first sketch or write your business plan.

For your Relaxer production business to be a success, a good and well-written business plan will help you with ways to get startup capital, where to buy raw materials, it will show all the requirement for the production, it will list the chemicals needed for production, the process of production, marketing and even how to save to meet up high stander.

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