How To Start Nylon Production Business Wholesale In Nigeria. Free Guide

How To Start Nylon Production Business Wholesale In Nigeria. Free Guide

How To Start Nylon Production Business Wholesale In Nigeria. Free Guide

Nylon Production Business Wholesale


No one can underestimate the importance of nylon to our day to day lives. Eventually, everything we buy today must go into a nylon bag before we can take them from the seller.

I can remember my parents sending me back to the provision store when I was still a child to go and tell them to put what I bought in a nylon bag;

ME: but am already at home nah
Dad: My friend Go back!.

Have you ever wonder why the product we so use daily has less production competition?

Then you have to read this post till the end.


As my dad did say, “Life is a training field, If you don’t train to win, you train to loss” The statement simply means training is inevitable if success is a part of your plan.

Getting trained for a nylon business setup is not a big deal, you can work with a Nylon Production Business to know how they produce and manage marketing or you can apply for seminars on how to set up your own Nylon Production Business.

There are seminars all over every city during weekends, all you need do is to listen to Radio for seminar adverts and attend, most of those seminars are less cost-effective.

It would be better if you have both the seminar training and the industrial experience, this will help you have a very clear view and understanding of the Nylon Production Business.

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Feasibility study exposes a lot about the business to you like, the best technic to use for your Nylon Production Business, they need for raw materials, your target market, and business requirement.

Your feasibility study will expose to you the technic (the size that it most needed by the public).
The raw materials to use for you Nylon Production Business will be listed and the prices for various sizes as well (Dow, Master Berg, Escorene, S.F).

The target market will also be put into consideration when undertaking a feasibility study for your Nylon Production Business.

Market like supermarket, Hospitals and health centers, Pharmacies, Fashion stores, Market traders, Bakeries and lots more.


These are equipment that performs all the basic operation in the Nylon Production Business. These different machines are working as a team which without any of them the production process will suffer.

When planning your Nylon Production Business, it is necessary to know all the equipment and machines that you will be needing for this business and how they operate.

These machines are…


This is the machine that is been used to covert our raw materials into liquid form, it melts the raw materials and then converts it into polythene sheets so that it can be molded into the product desired color and texture.

This machine is very expensive if you are to import from the USA and China, if your capital can carry it then you can buy from outside the country.

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It will cost over n5m getting it from outside Nigeria, if you don’t have that amount you can buy a fabricated one made Nigeria fabricator, this can cost N1M or 2M nothing more than that.


The cutting machine takes over operation from the blowing machine. In the Nylon Production Business, this machine cut all the polythene sheets made by the first machine (blowing machine) into desired shapes and sizes.

From our research, we have gathered that this machine costs from 2m and above.

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This machine cost less compare to others machine we used during the operation. For Nylon Production Business this machine is used to make holes on the cut sheets to make a handle that customers hold.
This machine is very useful despite the low price it has compared to others.


Companies and businesses that want their nylon to be branded request for it during the production stage.
At this stage of Nylon Production Business, this machine will be used to customize and design the nylon based on the templet give to it.

The colors to use will also be specified.
This machine costs less than N3m.


The location of a business has everything to do with the success of the business. Nylon Production Business is not excluded from this, it is best to check the success life and also the failure life of those Nylon Production businesses that has ever existed before yours.

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How is their location, do you notice the impact of location on the business? Yes, you should.

The Nylon Production Business that will sell more is one with a location that is easily accessible by any means of transportation.


Just like every business, capital is required at the setup level. Nylon Production Business is demanding when it comes to capital because all the machine used for the production process are special and uncommon.

The machines seem to be the more expensive in the Nylon Production Business process, if it is taken care of, the others which are the cost of raw materials, workers salary, location and some others will only be minor compared to the cost of machines.

A total cost of N10m to N20m can set you up a nice moving Nylon Production Business here in Nigeria.


Your business plan has a lot to do with you long and short team success with the Nylon Production Business.
A business plan will help you put in mind your destination from your present location in the business.


Now you know how nylon production business goes, you should give a try if you are financially okay because this business is very lucrative and it gives you good result (income) when you have all your required machines.


Comment below let’s know what you think.


Updated: August 25, 2018 — 9:28 pm

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