How To Start A Plantain Chips (snacks) Business In Nigeria. Free Guide

How To Start A Plantain Chips (snacks) Business In Nigeria.

How To Start A Plantain Chips (snacks) Business. Free Guide

Plantain Chips (snacks) Business

Have you ever wanted to start a Plantain Chips (snacks) Business and don’t know what to do? Follow this guide to know what you need to start up.



Plantain Chips (snacks) Business has built a lot of houses, it has bought a lot of cars, it has sent children to the skull, it has set up other big business, and it is still doing more.

I know of a woman who raised our children up to becoming university graduates with just Plantain Chips (snacks) Business.

This has been the job of this woman since the children were small, the house they stay was built with the business. Now you know what I am talking about.



No matter how small you may think a business is it needs a business plan. Mind you, no business is a small one.

If you think there are small business how do those companies that produce candy, sweats and biscuits make their money? you will be surprised to know that they make money more than most big companies that you know of.

Having a business plan will help you keep the future picture of your business in mind which will help you build a successful business that you are sure of the end result.


that your business plan will also help you know how to market and what you have to do to sell more than those that have been there before you.

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This business does not require much from you, moreover, most of the requirement is readily available at home for us.

If you are starting your production at home you will need almost N10,000.00.

But, if you want to start the production big without using things from your home, and you want to produce more then about N100,000.00 will be fine.


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We always advise you start a business small and increase as you build network and trust.

PLANTAIN (Major Ingredient):

Without this, we are not doing anything. plantain is the major ingredient for this production.

Plantains are rich sources of complex carbohydrates, Vitamins, and minerals. Plantain, as a staple food, has been the fare of millions of people for centuries and it’s easily digestible.

Plantain is readily available in every market or fruit market in Nigeria.
In some part of the country, you will get plantain at a very cheaper rate, but that is notwithstanding for this business because your profit will still be made no matter your location.


We will be needing vegetable oil that will come up some miters in out frying pan. So we will need a lot of oil, you can buy the 25liters of vegetable oil that goes for the price of N12,000 now.

If you cannot afford the full 25 liters you can buy some close to half. this will save you a lot of money buying from costly places.


During your Plantain Chips (snacks) Business, A little salt is needed to fry your Plantain Chips (snacks).

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The bowl will be used to put all the sliced plantain before frying. If you are starting a Plantain Chips (snacks) Business you will need to buy a set of the bowl of different sizes.


The deep frying pan is needed for frying. This frying pan can be the normal cooking pot you use at home, buy the bigger one if you are using gas for frying.

If it a wood fuel source you are using then you will need the locally made frying pan. The reason is that the wood fuel will damage the pot with time.


Aluminum sieve is needed for this business, and it is not a difficult task to get one.
If you need an aluminum sieve you should locate the Hausa quarters in your city and ask them for it. This is one of their businesses.


This long spoon will be used to used to collect the plantain from the hot oil. This spoon will have holes on it like the one you use to collect your meat from oil while frying.

For Plantain Chips (snacks) Business, you can get the normal one or the Aluminium one of it while buying the frying pan and sieve.


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A lot of Plantain Chips (snacks) Business owners now uses gas because it has been proven that gas has become the cheapest compared to other sources of fire fuel.

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All our production should be done on a table, and not on the floor to prevent any kind of dirt from entering our plantain chips.

When starting the Plantain Chips (snacks) Business you can start with a smaller one, then increase the size as the production increase.


There is a special slicer for this Plantain Chips (snacks) Business, but only the slicer is not compactable for all stages of plantain, like the ripe plantain.

I still prefer having both the knife and the slicer to help you when you notice either of them is slow during production.


If you can fry yam at home to eat, then you can start Plantain Chips (snacks) Business, because plantain frying business does not require any Special frying skill.

Just visit any place they fry plantain for business and watch how they do it. You can use your smartphone to video the majority of the process and watch it in your free time.

You should also learn the packaging, then work outside the box to think of a good way to package yours to make your product unique.


Alright, comment what you know about this business and shear the post with your friends.


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