How to Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria. Free Guide.

How to Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria. Free Guide.

Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria.

plantain farming is one of the most beneficiary investment anyone can ever invest in. do you know that once you succeeded in planting you plantain for that first time that is all? unlike other crops where you have to observe their yearly planting and harvesting period. this makes the farming more interesting.

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when you set up your plantain farm your farm should be ready to start producing but 8 – 10 month. this is cool, is it?
some person doesn’t know this that is why the people that are into plantain farming are mainly educated people and those do does research.

one attractive thing about plantain farming is that the harvest process continues, once you have harvested from a plantain plant it begins to produce again, it does not wait for the season to start producing. I say it is harvest after harvest, with just one planting season you can be able to harvest twice a year for over 30years.

The requirement for starting plantain farming.
To set up a plantain farming business you need just a few things, they are as below.

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The knowledge to Start Plantain Farming Business:
it is very important before you venture into any business you need a deep knowledge of how the business is been done starting from the production to the sales. so also so is the plantain farming, you need the knowledge of how plantain farm is been managed, knowledge of the possible disease and prevention will also help.
how to harvest so that the plantain can start producing immediately is also an aspect of knowledge you will need.

Business plan to Start Plantain Farming Business:
a business plan is a guide on how to start up your business and operate it. every step of production down to marketing and sales is in the business plan. The business plan will be a guide to you telling you what to do as market and period fluctuate.

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if your business plan is good you can get grants from investors and other sources of getting money for a business.

A very big plot of land:
you need very big land if you want a reasonable harvest. mind you, the land has to be yours because you will be planting a crop that doesn’t get destroyed during harvest, that same crop will be harvested over and over again.

The young plantain ……. sucker
you need that young plantain for planting, you should know that plantain is not propagated by seed (that is it don’t have seed for planting). it is planted from the young sucker growing from the down part of the mature plantain crop.
At this point, all you need to do is to execute your laid down plan which you created at step one above.

now, you have to follow your business plan as you have sketched it or written it. how to plant and all the condition to observe during planting should be now to put to reality with a nice approach.

Planning and preparation is the most difficult step in getting anything done. so if your planning was successful you will have less stress during your planting period.
Although it’s executing the plan that gets you physically involved in the process, however, adequate planning serves as an unseen pathway which you are to follow in your journey to success.

Plantain farming is easy to start and easy to maintain with fewer expenses, but without a nice business plan, you will find things unbelievably difficult as you go along.
Get the plantain suckers which are the seedling you will plant. Ask around for where to buy them if you didn’t’ know one and you will be surprised at finding out how cheap they coast.
you can also ask those that are in the business before you for help and direction.

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NOTE: you don’t expect 100% help from them as they might be too busy to attend to you and your question.
plantain need sunlight, so it will be good to look for a land with an average sunlight to plant.
clear your land, all weeds should be removed from the land so when planting the suckers you won’t have issues.

Plant the suckers appropriately.

Things to take note of before you Start Plantain Farming Business.

⦁ The planting hole should be deep such that the root ball of the sucker can be lost in it.
⦁ Spaces between the holes should be at least 4 and at most 6 feet away from each other.
⦁ An organic mulch of at least 6 inches thick should be spread in the hole before planting.
⦁ The mulch should be kept 6 inches away from the trunk and extend its circle to 6 feet wide, this helps in preventing the soil from drying fast.
⦁ Make provision for an alternative source of water.
⦁ Water it as soon as the soil gets dry (more water during warm weather).

Weed the farm and protect it from pests of all kind, take care of and sit back to watch it produce fruits!

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I assure you that you won’t be disappointed!
Plantain is not like other fruits or crops that require lots of complicated treatments and maintenance, all it needs is your attention. You need to watch it closely especially at the time when it’s almost ready for harvest.

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Start Plantain Farming Business Harvesting Period.
When the time is ripe for harvest, hire laborers who are professionals in plantain harvesting because plantain needs to be carefully treated when harvesting it. A little scratch or pressure on it can cause it to get rotten in a very short time, keep these things in mind just in case you intend to do it yourself or with some couple of friends and relatives etc.

When the plantain is ripe, cut the bunches from the stalk, do it carefully.
Chop down the tree to the ground and shred the above ground parts for yet another mulch. Spread this around your new plantain tree after you plant it.
Make sure that you have got a temporal place for storage. Plantain is best stored in a place that has high ventilation and less heat; this is because a minor amount of those things can spoil it, thereby reducing its quality.

Obviously, less quality equals less money.
Therefore finding and making a place ready for temporal storage should precede harvest.
Ideally, if you can make arrangements for your plantain to be transported straight to the market from the farm, then you are on the safer side.

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Why? This is business, or don’t you know that dealers who will buy your plantain usually prefer better looking, fresher and more attractive plantain?
So to be on the safe side, do what is right!

Alright, that is how you can start plantain farming business in Nigeria.
shear the post if you find it useful.

Updated: June 21, 2018 — 11:39 pm

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