How To Start A Lucrative And Profitable Chin Chin Business In Nigeria – Free Guide

How To Start A Lucrative And Profitable Chin Chin Business In Nigeria – Free Guide


Chin chin business is a business that has been lucrative but has been in the shade for too long. No wonder the business has not stopped ever since I can remember those days that out parent do buy chin chin for us (usually big in size). Since that time till today if the business is not profitable people are supposed to have stopped the business.


After so many research and calculation (live practical), we noticed that to actually start chin chin business in a big scale will not cost you more than the range of N150, 000 – N250, 000 (doing it from your home).

You don’t expect to start all businesses big (with an office, a car and so on). Facebook as popular as it is never started with its present look. That is why mark said “ideas do not come out fully formed, they only become clearer as you work on them”


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These pieces of equipment cannot be bypassed (you cannot do without them) when production chin chin. You are bound to use each and every one of these tools. Let’s explain the uses so you will understand what we are saying.

  1. Deep fryer: for our level of understanding, it is the big, wide, flat pot like structure equipment used for frying party meat and other things.This deep fryer will be used to fry the chin chin
  2. Sieve: sieve is a simple kitchen equipment that is used to separate particles of different texture and sizes. To get a smooth fine chin chin we will need to separate the larger particles from the small once, a sieve will be used to achieve this with less stress.
  3. Long sieving spoon: this is a very long spoon with holes on it, this spoon is used to collect the chin chin from the deep fryer when it is ready. Because of the harshness of the heat, it is recommended to use a long sieve spoon.
  4. Rolling pin: Rolling pin is used after the mixing of the flour to get a flat board shape which will be sliced into smaller cubes and other desired shapes.
  5. Rolling board: this is the place where you will roll your flour into a flat shape.
  6. Cutter: this is the machine that sliced the flour after it has gone through the rolling pin stage. The cutter disserts the flat board like shape rolled flour into smaller sizes according to the settings of the user.
  7. Bowls: this is very necessary for the success of this production. We will be using different bowls from the beginning of the production business (collecting of materials for use) down to the finished of the production (collecting our final product).
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Flour …………………4cups

Milk..……………….…2table spoon.

Baking powder. …1tees poon.

Margarine …………40g

Nutmeg …………. ½ tees poon

Salt ………………..…1teespoon

Egg …………….….…2

Water …………..….little

Flavor ……………. ½ tablespoon

Oil ……………..….. Enough for frying.

Sugar ……………..5 tablespoons.



Now that we have all the needed ingredient to produce our chin chin, let’s get to work as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do is to make sure all your equipment are clear and dried.

Sieve your flour into a big bowl where all the mixing process will take place.

Now we just started the real work, add baking powder to the flour in the bowl and mix with your hands.

Alright, now add your Sugar, your salt, and nutmeg and mix very well with your hand to ensure that they are well mixed.

Dilute you powdered milk in a little quantity of warm water and pure it into the ongoing mixture.

Mix a little and then add egg and mix.

Now is the time to add your margarine and mix till it forms thick sticky mould.


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We just finished one face of the process (mixing).



Cut from the thick flour mould and place it on a rolling board.

With the rolling pin, roll through the surface of the flour genteelly till the flour spread to a flat board shape.

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Now, take the rolled flower to the cutter to slice into smaller pieces (this can be done manually with a knife).




This is the last phase of the tough work

Here you will need to apply constant heat to your deep fryer.

Pure you oil (vegetable oil) to the deep fryer.

Heat a little bit (make sure the oil is hot) and add your sliced flour mould in a small proportion into the oil.

For the first 3 – 7 minute to will only stir once. The next stirring will be within 3minntes and so on.

As you stir to try to observe the colour and make sure you get it down when you get your desired look (colour).

You will need your long sieving spoon to separate the fully prepared chin chin from the oil.

Repeat this process until you are done.




You packaging depend on your targeted customers.

If you are targeting big places like the GRA main towns and rich men area you will need small transparent containers with cover. Customize your brand name and number on it.

Let’s assume you are targeting those that are not financially buoyant (middle class) a simple transparent nylon is used. You will just have to customize label to put inside the nylon as you package the chin chin.




You will need a good market strategy if you want to make it big in this business. A good market strategy will only be possible if only you have a good business plan.

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How to sell should be in your business plan from the onset.

You should consider selling as a wholesaler. Distribute your product shop by shop in your locality for a start. Once you are okay and you feel you have a little money heir two persons to help you distribute or supply your product.

Expand your targeted are since you have extra two workers, keep on increasing your workers and expanding your targeted area.


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If you notice any area that is performing badly, look for a good location to sell to and forget the poor marketing location. This is business so you have to be business minded.

Alright, you now know how to start a profitable chin chin business… share this post if you find it useful.


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