How To Start Profitable Waste Recycling Business In Nigeria.

How To Start Profitable Waste Recycling Business In Nigeria.


Waste Recycling Business.

Waste Recycling Business is one of the lucrative business of our time. most people have been open to the secrete of waste Recycling Business in this recent years.

A lot of money has been made and some more are also going to be made.

Compressed Waste



Benefits of Waste Recycling Business.


Creates employment.

Waste Recycling Business has always created employment opportunity for many people that take advantage of it.

many people have been in this waste collection business ever since I was a baby, judging from those Hausa men that do pick from Dump Hills.

Dump Hill

And they have been selling it ever since to the Waste Recycling Company.
Wast Recycling companies used the waste to create plastic plates and Aluminium pot (Agege).


Keep Environment Clear.

This waste Recycling Business has really played a role in keeping our environment clean from metal that might be harmful to people, and from plastic that might also litter the environment.

Waste Recycling Business has been very helpful.

The requirement to start waste Recycling Business.


Feasibility Study.

It is essential to know the business that you are about to venture into up to 90% if you truly want to be successful.
Setting up a recycling business is not something you should do carelessly because it will need some investment and we won’t want to play with something as crucial as our investment.

Care out a complete market survey to know how other investors in the business are doing. you will need to do this yourself or you can hire an expert to help you out with the surveillance.

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you will want to be sure you know what you are going into, as this will help you overcome the soon to some challenges of the business.


Business Plan.

Every business that requires an investment deserves a business plan. your investment might be your money or your time.

your business plan will serve as a pathway to success. If you cannot write or sketch a business plan hire an expert to do this for you.

Your business plan should be able to disclose some things like How to get startup capital, how and where to get supplies, list and amount of equipment/machine needed.



Your business plan should be able to clearly provide you with the possibilities of getting capital for your business at various stage of the business.

Investors can also be a source to get capital for the business some other source might include the grant, load, and so many other sources.

this will be included in a good business plan.



This is your area of specification. Waste Recycling Business is a business with many niches under it, this niche are not related making it difficult for one person to engage in multiple niches.

some of this is the metal niche, aluminium niche, Electronic niche, plastic niche etc.

you have to decide which niche you want to work on so as to know the amount of capital, energy and time you will be investing.

plastic niche

metal niche

aluminium niche



Location is seen as one of the major keys to the success of any business. no matter how good goods and service may be, no matter how cheap your production and selling price are if you are located inside the ocean nobody will visit you to try your product.

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choose your location wisely with utmost care.


Recycling Equipment.

this is fully dependent on your niche and how you intend to make money from Waste Recycling Business. the equipment for metal niche is not the same as that of electronic niche.
Also if you are starting the business as a reseller you will need a very different equipment from that of a person starting up as a branded recycling company.


Collect Waste.

Depending on your Niche and your method you want to use to collect the waste based on your business plan.
your method of collection should suit your time and location.




How To Make Money From Waste.


Collect waste and sell them:

This is the well-known method for most of those Hausa men/boys. Here the person collecting the waste will go around to collect a good quantity of waste based on his niche then end up selling to the reseller.

these waste can be collected from different Dump hills and stored until it amounts to sellable quantity.

Buy waste small waste collector to resell to processing companies.

This section of the business is controlled by those that have the money to invest. the reseller pays forever supply he receives from the waste collectors.

His collection needs to get to an amount that he can sell to processing company and make his profit.



Buy and process waste for the new product.

This is the companies that use the waste to produce new products. The company buys their raw materials in large quantity from the reseller to get their finish product.

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Now, you know how the money is made in different section and stages of the business. You have also seen the requirement for starting up waste Recycling Business.


If you want to start the business make sure that the feasibility study is well handled, this will give you a clean start.


Comment to let us know how you feel about this business.


Updated: July 8, 2018 — 12:55 am

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