How To Start A Provision Store Business In Nigeria. Free Guide

How To Start A Provision Store Business In Nigeria.

Provision Store Business In Nigeria.

Provision Store Business

Provision Store Business

Have you ever wanted to start a business in Nigeria and you do not want to stress your self while running your business?

Then this is a business for the lazy that will give you money more than those so-called hard-workers.

Can you count the numbers of time you call the person operating a provision store business in your neighborhood to bring some provision to you like Milo, Milk, Salt, Maggi or even Tooth Paste?

Your answer should be 2 times, once or even none. This is how free the business is if you need anything you will have to go to the store to get it yourself.

The person operating the provision store is not going out to call customers to his or her store to buy from him (though there are ways to promote this business).




Let’s look at this aspect of the customer’s view.

Try to remember that moment where you enter the bathroom to have your bath and then notice that your bathing soap is finished, or remember that morning where you want to go to school or work and you noticed that your toothpaste is finished.

The first thing that will come to your mind is the provision store in your neighborhood.

That is for the body what about while cooking and you notice that you don’t have seasoning at home this is a big problem to your cooking but actually just N20 can solve this problem if you have a provision store business in your neighborhood.

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Now, to start a provision store business there are some things that you need to set up and those things are what we refer to as the requirement for starting up.


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Get a shop for your business in an environment that is not too far from your place of residence. this is because of some factors that might stand as a disadvantage to your business in the future.
Some of those disadvantages could be…

You will miss late night sales.

There are always sales from around 5, 6, 7 to 10 at night. one of our reader we asked some question before writing this post told us that this evening sale is high up to 59% of the whole day sales.

He went further to explain that most workers usually buy at this time, they might need something light for the night and the provision store business will be their solution spot.

Transport fee will affect business.

The profit from one provision product can be as low as N10 0r N20, you will not want to use up to N500 for just transport on a daily base.

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Interior Decoration is not a must for this business but if you want to have a presentable environment for your business then making your business area look good is what you should do.

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The interior decorations include providing a very good flour for the shop you rented. you can not be selling things that people will eat on a flour that is not neat and clear.
some flour might be neat but look dirty so we advise you fix flour like Tiles in your shop. Tiles will be easy to clean and maintain.



Double Lock for the safety of your goods in the shop. It will interest you yo know that most people I mean provision store owner usually have their shop boggle by theft.



You will need to install an electric bulb in your shop



Fans or Air Conditioner will help your business, especially in the heat period to prevent your product from getting spoilt due to overheating.



If you will be selling water and juice then you will have to buy a set of refrigerators to keep what you are selling chilled, as you know that most people love to buy chilled drinks and water.



Giving your provision store business area a good look is something you should give a good attention to. this will add your business to the list of the well-organized business in your neighborhood.



Market tables are what you should install next, this helps the items that you will be selling be in a good position for appropriate marketing. Tables also give your provision store business area shape.


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Now, you will need to buy Goods for your business. this is not as hard as you will be thinking, if you don’t know how to go about it this is what you should do…

Go to the people that operate your kind of business and ask them for directives like where to buy good cheap and also how to buy.

Fill free to ask stupid questions like which product sell more and why this will really help you understand the business.



Provision store business is very sensitive to financial management, if you manage the finances badly you will see the results in no time,  also if you manage the finances well you will also see result.

Take note of what people request for more and stock your provision store with it.

Limit the quantity of those things that don’t sell well.

Food stuff trend this provision store business very well,  you should consider adding them to boost sales.


We now know how this business is been set up. comment below to let us know how you operate yours. comment if you have any question. Thanks.


Updated: September 17, 2018 — 11:50 am

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