How To Start A Lucrative Smart Phone Business In Nigeria 2018.

How To Start A Lucrative Smart Phone Business In Nigeria 2018.

Smart Phone Business In Nigeria 2018.

Smart Phone Business

Smart Phone Business


Is there anyone that can prove that Smart phone business is not a lucrative one?

I will stop blogging the day I will get such prove.

In the main time while we wait for that prove that will never come, let’s outline some steps and requirements for starting a Smart Phone Business in Nigeria.

The percentage of persons using smart phones are increasing on a daily bases and the rate at which various smart phones companies releases their new models and brands has made Smartphone a very lucrative business for anyone to venture into.


Requirement To Start A Lucrative Smart phone Business In Nigeria.

  1. Get A Busy Location.
  2. Get A Good Looking Shop.
  3. Stock Your Shop.
  4. Do Advertisement.

Now let’s discus on the above.

Get A Busy Location:

Smart phone business is always profitable to those that are in a very busy location.

This is because their location is doing most of the promotion for them and it is giving them a lot of exposure that result to conversion.


Get A Good Looking Shop:

Once you have been able to spot a good location, the next thing is to get a shop.

At the time you might get the shop, it might not be in a condition that will be fit your kind of business; there is a need to upgrade the shop.

The first thing that should be in your mind is the security, as you should never forget safety first.

You will have to do a double lock to the entrance of your shop. You can buy a top security drawer and plant it with concrete.

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Put the shop in a nice condition by fixing tiles to your floor.


Stock You Shop:

You have to be very wise in this business, majority of the smart phones companies have branch offices in most part of the country.

That is where to get your stocks. For those that don’t have companies in Nigeria, you can other online and the goods will be shipped to you.

You can choose to visit the Smart phone market in Lagos Nigeria to get cheaper smart phones for your Smart phone business.


Do Advertisement:

Advertisement in this scene do not necessary means the TV and radio kind of advert.

Since our location is in a busy place, the first kind of advert placement is the sign board.

A sign board or a notice board will be a very good advertisement means to getting a lot of human traffic.

The second advertisement means is a very productive one; it is the use of megaphone or an mp3 player connected to a big speaker.

You don’t have to be promoting manually, NO, just record a very good advertisement audio and let it play all day.

You will be surprised the kind to result this will give you.



Starting a smart phone business is one of the lucrative businesses anyone can think of once the capital is available.

You will have to keep up with the brands you sell so as to get the latest information related to their release of new models and brands.

You can decide to utilize your business area buy selling other phones that are not smart phones or you can also decide to sell phone parts.

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Selling of recharge cards will not be a bad idea, try to know what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks for your time and share this post with your friends.




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