How to Become a Soft Drink Distributor in Nigeria/African – Free Guide

How to Become a Soft Drink Distributor in Nigeria / African

This is a very lucrative business that most people don’t know about, the reason is that people that are into this business are not much so the secret remains within a small circle.

Based on our estimate over 50% of people within the age of 18-28 take soft drinks daily, having this large amount of people taking soft drinks equate to a reasonable amount of profit for the distributors.

Product knowledge:

To kick-start any business you need a full knowledge of the business. You don’t just start a business without considering some factors. Below are some important factors to consider when setting up a soft drink distribution in Nigeria.

How Long the Company has been operating. Yes, you won’t want to spend a lot of money starting a distribution business and tomorrow the company you are distributing for close down without any notice.

This might sound awkward, do not start a distribution business for a company that is below five Years in operation, except you are distributing from many companies you can then add a new company to your list.

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How well know is the company product. Sometimes distributors buy the product that they end up not selling because of low market demand. It the demand for a product is extremely low please do not distribute it. The product will only cause slow business.

Making content:

Now it time to put all you know about the company in writing. You should source for more information regarding all that has to do with the company.

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Source for their yearly performance, their rise, and fall in price, their exchange rate with other products and many more. Make sure you document everything and go through it at your leisure.

Building a business plan:

You need to build/ write/sketch a nice business plan that will be easily understandable by not just you but anyone that sees it.

The essence of having a clear business plan is to be able to get financial help and a good amount of discount from the companies we will be distributing for. It a company notice your business have a bright future the sponsor and support in every little way the can.

How will the company know you have a good plan if not with a good business plan? If you don’t know how to write a good business plan learn here.

Getting the word out:

Now everything you have been doing is best known to you, it is time to let your secret work out.

Get a very good cloth and head over to the companies which you have been doing an underground investigation about.

Approach them a good manner and show your business plan to them. They defiantly can’t say.

Getting off the ground:

Once you have come to an agreement with them it is time to set up. You don’t just rush to setup so you don’t make unfixable mistakes. Take your time and monitor what you want to do, spend series of quiet time pondering of how to get the best off what you intend to do.

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Set structures:

Plan your structure and bring it out of the plan. In getting a structure for your soft drink distribution in Nigeria you will have to consider something.

The nature of the land you are building one. We will need a flat land and the land must not be swampy to afford collapse due you overweight because we will the storing things with high weight as we run the business.

The location of the land where you wish to erect your structure. The location of the land you want to erect your building should not be too far away from the main city. This will help to reduce the cost of transportation from our storehouse.

Buy distribution vanes:

You will need to distribute the soft drinks to the wholesaler and retailers if you distribution power is okay the keep to the wholesale level.

Note: you will have to take care of the distribution vehicle but constant servicing.

To reduce your stress of repairing, it is advisable that you get new distribution vehicle as they will serve you a lot before they will start giving you issue.

Employ workers:

You will need to employ workers to help with every process in the distribution processes. Some common staff to employ are

The drivers. You will need to employ drivers to transport the soft drinks from your storehouse to the wholesaler. Your drivers must be expert, you won’t want to let a novice carry you goods about.

You should provide an alternative driver should in case you are having an issue or the driver is not present to deliver to your customers at a particular time.

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The motto boys, this is the boys that follow the vehicle to their supply area. You will need two per vehicle, they will help to offload and load the goods into the vehicle.

Security. This is the part that I won’t joke with security. You have to keep your goods and your storehouse secure to prevent theft from invading into your property.

The theft might be within your workers so it is advisable to network CCTV all over your work area to have a close look at your properties when you are in your office or when you are not around.

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Start your business.

Now that all is set and done, it is time to start your business you can do a little launching if you want to, this could help you get to know what you are into.

Your first week will be less work regarding supply and the rest, so we advise that you use that week you and your staff you out to promote to people that are likely to buy the quantities you distribute.

That is the simple way to start a soft drink distribution in Nigeria without stress.

If you have any question regarding this topic How to Become a Soft Drink Distribution in Nigeria African ask us in the comment below, I will be glad to answer you.

Updated: June 9, 2018 — 2:39 pm

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