How to Start a Successful Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria The Lucrative Way – Complete Guide

Start a Successful Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria The Lucrative Way.


Barbing salon business is yet another lucrative business anyone can venture into and smile back home daily, it is no longer news that those who operate barbing salon smile home daily with some reasonable amount of money.

Most of these jobs we underrate pay more than the so-called white-collar jobs we were trained in school to do.
I know of a person that makes over N12,000 daily from just barbing salon business. he offers services like hair wash and treatment, hairspray and other hair related services.

Things like this have made me know that you can not underestimate any business and it made me understand what my dad did tell me “when you are in any condition in life and you noticed it is not juicy just squee hard”. I think squeezing hard at this point is strategizing.


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Alright, you might want to know how this business is been operated and what you will need for setup. keep reading…

Requirements to start profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria

Acquire the skill and Barbing Salon Business Training:

The skill is a very necessary step that cannot be skipped if you don’t have the skill you can’t make good money.
without the skill you will never have a returning client or customer, they will not be happy with your barbing style (Don’t forget, the first impression matters a lot).

To acquire this skill takes 3 – 6 month of constant practice and devotion. some people give this process 2 years or more.
To acquire the skill fast, we advise you do after work practice (that is what will make you develop your skill fast). Take time to practice, you can cut the hair of the children in your locality for free just to improve your barbing skill. ]
When you are sure you have this skill you can think of starting your own profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria

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Spot a good location for your Barbing salon business:
Location determines your success in any business by over 70%. I use to tell people “if you fail it with the location you fail the whole business” because the location is the key.

You have to be very creative at this moment, any little mistake it’s over. you have to consider some factors so as to ensure that you are on the right path when making your choice of location.

I very populated city or town: the higher the population the higher our chances of getting people to patronize us.
A strategic spot like a junction: I know of a friend that locate his barbing salon at a very busy junction and he goes home every day with over N12, 000 thousand naira. you know this friend of mine has been in that same location for three years now and he doesn’t have any plans of changing location.



Interior decoration of your Barbing salon business:

This is a very important aspect of the business, this is where you make a difference and stand out with your unique ideas and plans. making your business area look good is a great proof that you are a serious minded person and shows that you are passionate about your business.

Below are the main interior areas that distinguish barbing salon business.

Painting: barbing salon are main painted with mono-colors, you can stand out by making a multi-color painting with some nice decoration.

Besides the painting, you can make use of wall-paper decorate your barbing salon. This is very rear in a most barbing salon and I believe it has a way to attract people to you salon even if it to take a photo.

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Furnish the Barbing salon business shop:

This aspect you need a nice set of nice furniture that can take a lot of people and minimize space at same time. you will also need a television set with a nice cable (many channels). the music it a must channel to have when operating barbing salon.

You can’t do without a pair of the mirror (we advise bigger once). you will have to position one at the front of the custormer and one at the bact to get a clear view of his hair both front and back (to be sure what you are doing).


Buy original clippers for your Barbing salon business:

It is highly recommended that you buy original clippers for your work, you can not afford to buy new clippers often because the old one got spoilt. if your clippers are original they will serve you over 10years, that way it must have served its purpose.

If you want to buy clippers as a first-timer, ask someone already in the business before you. get advice on which type of clippers to buy and how often to service those clippers, it will help you a lot.


Buy original sterillizer for the Barbing salon business:

You will need strerillizer for your business. don’t just get sterilizer because you need to get one get a better one that actually those its job and that will last for as long as possible.

the sterilizer is a very important tool for barbing salon business, you must have one if you really want to get customers. Good health is wealth, making your customers feel healthy can really gives you wealth (real cash).

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Good power supply alternative will be needed for your Barbing salon business:

Again, you will need another most important factor which is an alternative power supply. it is no new that our source of power (light) is not trustworthy, get an alternative to replace whenever there is a power failure will really serve a great deal.


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Now that you have all these you are ready to roll. shear this post with your friends, ask questions in the comment below if any.


Updated: June 19, 2018 — 3:11 am

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