How To Start Zobo Drink Business In Nigeria And Make Real Money

How To Start Zobo Drink Business In Nigeria And Make Real Money.

Zobo Drink Business


Zobo drink business

Zobo drink business

Zobo drink business in one of the most lucrative business you can find around. It requires little or no promotion for the business and the sales rate is something that makes people wonder.

Zobo drink business is a quick business that doesn’t require any form of expertly for start, it requires no school certificate nor does it require years of informal training.

Just with this free guide, you will know how to produce and also how to make money from zobo business.

Students do this and on campus, because the process is less than 40minutes, woman and those that work in the hospitals and government office sell to make extra money from their workplace.


Zobo drink business has been known for making a profit right from the days of using nylon for packaging. It has become more profitable even as the packaging cost has increased.

The profit potentials of profit business are over 300%.
A mudu of zobo leave that is sold for N250 can give you over 10 letters that are thick enough.

If the 10 litters of Zobo drink is distributed to 50cl containers, we will have 20 containers.
The lowest price anywhere for that 50CL is N50.
That ma


Zobo Drink helps in the boosting of the immune system.
It is a rich source of Vitamin C
Zobo Drink contains some antibacterials properties that help to fight the antibodies in the body system.
Zobo Drink also aid digestion.


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It creates job opportunities for the younger entrepreneurs
It helps in developing marketing skills.
People realize their entrepreneurs’ potentials during production.


Dry Zobo leaves.
Sachet Flavour.
keniperi seed


  1. Wash the zobo to remove impurities.
  2. Wash the pineapple without removing the peel.
  3. Cut the pineapple into smaller sizes.
  4. Wash the ginger and cut it into smaller piece.
  5. Do the same to the garlic.
  6. Boil the zobo in a big pot for 10 minutes.
  7. Add the Ginger and Garlic you cut into smaller size.
  8. Boil for another 20minutes.
  9. Put the pot down for it to cool.
  10. Squeeze the juice.
  11. Add your Flavour and stir.
  12. Also, add sugar and stri.
  13. Package in a disposable container.
  14. Put them in a refrigerator.
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Zobo leaves contain a lot of impurities, some people pick the zobo leaves before washing for easy removal of the impurities.
While washing the zobo tend to seems as if it is losing its color because of the manner the color will be fast washing off. That does not mean you shouldn’t wash the zobo properly, zobo leaves can be reused after the first time if well dry and preserver (That is how powerful the leaves and its color is).

Before you cut the pineapple into a smaller size, it is better to clean the zobo very well by washing. Washing pineapple might be a war because of its thorny nature, try to make it very clean.

Cut the pineapple into smaller piece, you do not need to take the peel off. This pineapple peel will add flavor to the Zobo drink, also it is medicinal (so, it serves two great funtion in the Zobo drink).

You can use the fresh or dry ginger, you will have to cut it down into very small size for the Zobo drink.
Also, we will cut the garlic into smaller pieces before adding to the zobo drink.

While boiling, ensure enough water for the zobo, and be sure that your ginger and garlic are also inside the pot of zobo leaves after the first 10 minutes of boiling.

Bring the pot down and let it cool at room temperature.

Squeeze the juice out and sieve twice with a clean sieving material, this material can be a clean silk material or any other substitute. The aim of using a sieve material is to get the smooth, particle-free Zobo Drink.
It’s time to add up the flavor and sugar. most people use honey in place of sugar but the purpose is the same (for taste).

The flavor will give the zobo drink a nice aroma and great taste as well.
Now, package the zobo drink in a disposable container and keep them refrigerated.

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  1. Besides the consumption of zobo, zobo can also be used for other things like:
  2. For dye.
  3. Cooking soup.
  4. The textile industries use zobo to produce dye for clothes, other agencies that use dye also a source for zobo leaves.
  5. It can also be used to cooking soup at the earlier stage.


I can remember those days when we were younger, our Zobo Drink is always served in a nylon, Those individuals that know how to start nylon business then have been making a lot of money.

Gone are those days.

Now, you can get a disposable container at the best affordable price.
Pick a container that will give your Zobo Drink a signature. This means that they contain should be able to tell it’s your product even without a label (This only means uniqueness).


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A lot of success stories have been said and some many others are yet to be heard about this zobo drink business. The business is a very lucrative one and does not need much promotion because the demand will overlap your supply capability.

You can supply to all the supermarket in your city and state, a place like higher school should not be left out. You should also supply regularly to the hospitals and government offices.

Social media promotion will not be a bad idea. You can also run ads on a radio station and a Tv channel as well.

All these are a great idea to promote you Zobo drink business and get a massive demand rate that you will need to employ over 10 workers to help you with supplies.



just like other drinks have special recommendations so also zobo drink.
All pregnant woman has been adviced not to take zobo drink.
Also, a woman looking for a child is advised not to take zobo drink.


You will have to give the public a good reason why they should drink your zobo drink when they can buy zobo from anywhere and can also do it themselves.
Below are a few reasons why people might want to buy your zobo drink.

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This is the first thing that the people that want something to drink lockout for. The way and manner your take care of the things you use for the business will in one single image tell a customer that has Hygiene in heart everything about you.
This start from The look of the environment you produce from an also your storehouse.


If you are able to get a customer to buy from you because you are Hygiene conscious but your Zobo drink tastes normal or even worst, That is the end you are not going to have him or she patronize you anymore.

To avoid this, learn this Zobo Drink Business very well. Take a reasonable time to learn how to produce the different taste of the zobo drink.


You will not be surprised that people buy some product for the packaging alone. The new coca cola small sized disposable container was said to sell more few weeks after sent to the market. People carry it about, some just buy the drink to add color to their dressing.

Your packaging should be good and unique in your own way.


This is another reason why people will buy your Zobo drink, If your drink is made available to them at their required time and place then they have less on a choice.


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So many times people have told me so annoying works that make me wonder if they are ready for the future. I was telling some group of people about a business and the reply I got from some of them was, “I am not interested, I have a job”.
Aliko Dangote knew he has a job and he went on to sell sugar, cashew nut, flour, even tomatoes.
Come on Nigerians, let’s wake up from our slumber and see the rising light, one source of income is like not having any.

I believe this post has been very clear with easy to read dictions.
Please comment and shear this post with your friends and family. Thank you.


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