How To Become A Successful Bet9ja Agent In Nigeria. Best Guide

How to Become a Successful Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria.

(Bet9ja agent)

Bet9ja Agent fully on duty 


Bet9ja Agent business is one of the successful business anyone can go into and smile daily. you make a good amount of profit daily as a bet9ja agent.
The company bet9ja gives commission to their agent for every person that plays from their account. this practically means the more the people play the higher the commission.

This is one of the lucrative businesses of our time so becoming a Bet9ja agent is not a bad idea.

From the how to become an agent in bet9ja site we have just a few steps which are…


  • Submission of document to bet9ja.
  • Check of document and location.
  • introductory conversation in person with our field staff.
  • Verification of permission.
  • Signing up the agent contract.
  • Get your shop ready to go with help from our professional support.


But with those steps above people still tend to search for different step apart from this and we understand very well as to know that this steps above cannot make you a fulfill Bet9ja Agent.

Success takes extra hard work and that hard work we have done for you.


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Below are our golden steps on how to become a Bet9ja Agent.


Surveil a whole city for a good location.

this seems useless as bet9ja will disapprove of so many locations when you are set. we will teach you how to get a location that bet9ja will not Disapprove.


Check for a youth populated location.

It is very clear that youth cover over 80% of the bet9ja participation. when you have a populated location it becomes very easy to become successful. statistics have shown that over 60% of youth in every bet9ja agent location plays the game that means the higher the population the higher your own percentage.A good target is a school environment or a market environment.

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The reasonable amount of distance between older Bet9ja Agent shop.

if you are sure of the high population of youth in your surveilled environment, you will need to check to know how close is the older bet9ja agent shop located. No 2 bet9ja agent shop is accepted within a street except there is an uncontrollable outbreak of crowd that the older shop cannot control.

No matter how populated an environment will be we advice you get a new location away from the older bet9ja agent shop.



Startup capital

After you have done with the surveillance of the location and are sure that you have a good location you will need to be sure you have the right amount of startup capital.
you might be surprised at the mention of startup capital, No business those well this days without a startup capital and bet9ja agent business is not an exception to this.

The reason why you need startup capital is to furnish your place of business, get a good location and guy the necessary amount of equipment needed for the running of the bet9ja agent shop.
To get the estimated amount you will need for the startup you will have to know the size of bet9ja agent shop you want to set up. that will help you startup fine.



Submit your Document.

Once you have submitted your document you have to wait for them to do their surveil and get back to you.
Register via here
If you are accepted you can now move on…

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Buy computers and printers.

you will be needing some good computers and printers for this bet9ja agent business. we will advise to buy LAPTOPs rather than to buy DESKTOPs, reasons for which are very obvious. A customer might have entered all his games to be played and there was a power failure or something related that will only have to distract the desktop users and not the laptop users, hope you understand the angle we are coming from.

you can get cheap laptops order from China or united states within 2 – 3 weeks.



Furnish the shop.

you will need a set of furniture for this business. Run a look upon other bet9ja agents to know what and what you will need.



Standard Power supply.

It is the truth that most areas in Abuja are having 23hours of light daily and most time is taken up to 5 days without taking the light. that is the kind of location that you should look for when getting a bet9ja agent shop.

But if there is no such thing in your location you have to remember that NEPA is not our friend and can choose to deal with us at any time, so get a generator will be nice.

A good powerful generator that can work for 6 – 9 hours is what we should look for in the market and we should also consider the amount of load the generator will be carrying.

Most bet9ja agent now uses Solar plan for their business because of the daily buying of fuel for generation. you should consider this and look for a good solar system that can carry a lot of loads.

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Hire staffs.

You are not going to be running this shop all by yourself, are you? you will need some amount of computer literate staffs that will help you attend to customers fast and very easy.
your staffs must be fearless and at the same time easy going, all staff must know their work and know that the faster the attention is given to customers the more your pay and the more their pay as well.
Hire staffs according to the weight of your Setup.




Bet9ja Agent business is one of the few businesses that those promote itself. All you need is a big banner outside carrying a bet9ja Agent logo, you do not need to take flyers to start distribution everywhere, just set up your place and open it. print out codes and place them out and then make sure that there is light.
you are sure to get customers coming in if you did the survey very well.



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More Betting Centers

If you want to be successful as a bet9ja agent we will advise you run more that one Bet9ja Agent shop in a city, we have seen one person having up to 4 Betting center in a city.


Run KONAMI(Visual Game).

By far it has been proven that visual produced over 80% of bet9ja success as a company thereby making a lot of Bet9ja Agent successful in the industry.


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