How to Become a Model in Nigeria – Start Modelling Career.

How to Become a Model in Nigeria – Start Modelling Career.

Do you think you are beautiful enough? do you receive complement on you beauty daily? for guys are you handsome? do people compliment your hight and body structure? have someone ever told you about modeling?

if any of the questions turns out to be a yes then, you need to have a rethink to what that person saw you could take Modeling as a profession. modeling only need some natural treatment like skin treatment, regular exercise and also well-checked diet and thas all you can become a model. forget all those childish thoughts that you need to look like a heavenly angel before you take modeling as a career.

Modeling has a different aspect, if you know that you and think you are not good enough for modeling because of one little disadvantage or the other, read through this post till the end and you will find an aspect good yours.


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Enough of the planning and get to work, I want to be a model, I want to be a model when will you become one there a lot of opportunities everywhere. so many people sing the song I want to become a model and end up not becoming gone because of fear of failure. the reason the fear got to them was that they never took the first step, they never tried to start before they failed, because failure starts from the mind. I encourage you to put a stop to the fear in your mind and go after that which you love.

Note: Modelling is not as we use to see it those days, I mean it is not as difficult as it was those days, now even from high schools, community and social media you can start your career and fuel it to the top with a very good hard work. Modeling just needs a sound mind that is ready for success and you are in for a big show.
Now to the main Steps…

How To Become A Model In Nigeria.

Sketch out your plan:
To be successful in anything you are doing you must have a plan if you do not plan you plan to fail. planing is the most important aspect of a business and any career that will make it to the success stage.
if most entrepreneurs and businessmen always have their business plan before the start of any business you need a career plan as well so that you can be successful in the career.
Your career plan can be a written plan or a sketch depending on which clearly state your vision and explain your goal.
two strategic stages that must be in your career plan are
your present position and
your location (where you want to be)
include the time frame to your career plan, this will help you a lot.

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Pick a niche:
modeling has a lot of niches to pick from if you don’t find yourself good for one you can always check out the others. below are some type of modeling.

Fashion Models;
this type of models work for high fashion designers like the Prada, Valentino, Gucci and so many others, they are the high fashion models you can see around the popular magazine covers. some popular actress work for them.
there is some requirement to belong to this category and some of which are the measurement of 33-23-33, height of 6.0 and should be slim ass well. some other requirement follows.


Commercial Models;
Here an agency can like you because of your big size and have the use for you, they can also like to use you because of your dark color, they can like you because of your short hight. it doesn’t matter how you are, color, size, hight and all other requirements of some of the top Modelling types is not applicable. once an agency needs your services you will be contacted at once.

The agency that produces fat lost drug might need a person with a large weight.
Some others might need the short person or the dark person.

Those you see on playboy magazines belong to this category and their requirements can be somehow strict. You have to have an amazing physique with a cute sleek face. Their aim is to appear sexy and seducing.

Face Model;
this is the type of model you see in so many products like the bathing soap, body cream e.t.c. this Model type only has one requirement which maintains a good, smooth face if you have this you are in my dear.

They are usually referred to as catwalk models and that’s probably because of how they walk during a runway exhibition. Their height might be a little lower that of a fashion model, like 5’9?.

They have an amazing body that can fit into any clothes they are to demonstrate. Their measurement is 34-23-34. To become a model, you have to work for it by attaining the requirements. The harder the rules, the better the pay.

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you suite might not be on the list, that does not mean that you can’t do great. the list above is just the little we can talk on now, there are some other out there. do a deep search to find out more.

Know the Pros in the Industry:

It is very important that you know those that are doing well in the industry, try to know more about their background know more about their journey so far. find out their weakness and their strength as at the time they were starting up. all these might just serve as a source of motivation to you.

you might find out some deity things most of them did, pick the good things and let they rest go to waste.


Work on your body:
you will need a nice body size and shape to be able to apply for some of the Modelling agencies. A modeling agency might need slim, tall model out not slim you might miss out on their mouth-watering deal.

you will have to control and choose your diet carefully.
you will also have to do regular fitness work-out to push out the shape as you work.

As a young man, make sure your abs, chest, butt, and legs are worked on… If you’re a lady, your greatest assets will be your boobs and butt. Work on them, check on various YouTube channels to get the right exercise that will give you the dream you.
To set a career that you will benefit you, you will need to put in some hard work an stress.

Get a spotless face:

A spotless face is very required, how many models have you seen with a deformed face performing?
you will need to run a skin test to know the type of cream that fits your face.

Have a list of fitting hairstyle:
we must agree on this not all hairstyle fits you, you should have a list of hairstyles that fits you. know the hairstyle that makes you look younger, know the one that makes you look responsible, know the one that makes you look mature. all these can be a plus and can give you a head over other competitors in your niche.

Correct your Walking steps:

If you have a bad walking step, take some tutorials to correct them. There are lots of materials and videos that will help you actualize that. I have seen great looking models kicked out of the runway simply because they walked horribly.

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I have also seen many others fall on stage. Most of these are accidents and are inevitable no doubt, but most of these embarrassing moments would have been averted had they inculcated a good walking style. Make sure you have a good mirror, walk and admire yourself. Practice..

Keep practicing until you get better and better. Although this is mainly for Runway models, whichever category you aspire, having a great walking step is an advantage.


Build a Nice portfolio:
Social media these days have made it easy to build a nice portfolio. with a nice cover photo on all your account in the various platforms and an attractive D.P (Display Picture), you are sure to have a lot of attention and views on your various uploads.

Keeping your viewers engaged is a good way off get more viewers.


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Modeling Agencies in Nigeria.
below are some list of modeling agencies you can work with if you want to become a model.

1. Y-RAY MODELS (become a model)

ADDRESS: Kayode Animashaun Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Review: This agency has a pretty good rating on Google business listing and their location can easily be found using Google Map.

2. BETH MODELLING AGENCY (become a model)

ADDRESS: 5B Karimu Kotun St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Review: I don’t know much about the agency. But from numerous sources online, they seem to be doing well in the industry.

3. JC MODELS NIGERIA (become a model)

Address: Suite 005 One Nation Garden Hotel – 4th Avenue Festac, Lagos

Review: This Nigerian modeling agency have a 4-star rating and seems to be doing well in the industry.




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ADDRESS: 7/9 Sawyer Crescent, Gbagada Estate, Phase 1, By Corona School, via Anthony Bus Stop, Obanikoro Lagos.

Review: According to Google, this agency is closed but their Star rating is very impressive. Perhaps they might make a return soon.


ADDRESS: 276 Tosin Adesola Avenue, Victoria Island Lagos

Review: The name of this agency looks like one owned by one individual. That, however, is far from the truth. They rank high as among the best modeling agency here in Nigeria.


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