How To Become A Successful Web Designer In Nigeria.

How To Become A Successful Web designer In Nigeria.

Have you ever wanted to become a web designer in Nigeria and you have been doing some research and you can rarely find your way?
Or maybe this is the first search you did and you luckily strumbled on my page. Congratulation! you are in the right places.


A little introduction…

My Names are Gentle Henry Saleh, a Nigerian, I graduated from the department of computer science at Ambrose Alli University, Edo State Nigeria.

Actually, Computer Science is the best course anyone can study in school BUT it is not so at all.

No school can teach you all you should know, if I was to wait for school to teach me the computer I will bearly know how to boot the computer (that’s the truth).

I did what you did, by asking the question online and I can tell you that all in know today is from the internet.

My boring story Abi?


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Before you become a Web designer you have to ask yourself some question that will help clear your head and give you a focus.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming A Web Designer.

What is My Drive?

To become a successful web designer you need to have a driving force that makes you want to become a web designer. this also applies to all other areas in one’s life.

To be successful in anything you need to know what your motivation is, know if it is what can last long enough to the end of your study period.

Never do a thing because others are doing it, it is possible to later develop interest and love but never do anything without having that interest and love for it.


Is this My Niche?

What is a Niche?
A Niche is a specific area of focus among a wide possible option.

Your niche is that thing that you can do over and over again without getting tired of.

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If you are a person that likes listening to music, playing the musical instrument and engaging in argument relating to music you have no business with programming, just go to the studio and produce some tracks.


Do I have Time For It?

You need to consider that time you will need to develop your skill as a web designer, you will not want to Become a successful web designer by doing part-time learning and practice.

Coding as a web designer is a continuous process if you want to grow. with coding the less you code the more you forget, you might know that there is a code to do something but you can’t remember the exact line of code.

To become a successful web designer you will have to create quality time both for your learning and practice period.



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Can I Pay The Price?

$20000000 cash! (Not true)
Someone is scared, right?

If there is something I have learned online over the years is that “everything has a price tag” so are just been invisible to the normal eyes.

Let’s take it this way, if I was to go over to a supermarket to buy a brush and I don’t want to use a cab, so I decided to go by foot and I came home with the brush, sha I went too and fro for FREE?


It’s not free, I did work according to physic work is done whenever a force moves something over a distance. A force in you moves you from your home too and fro the supermarket and to restore lost energy you need food and water.

You also use your shoe thereby reducing the lifespan.

So many other things.

The price to become a successful web designer is a bit simple but frustrating if you can’t afford it.

Price needed to Become a successful web designer.

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Internet connection:

This is a sure price that you can not shy from if you want to be successful as a web designer. there are some questions you will just need to ask for you to be able to go through a stag.


Extra time.

When you are working on code you will need extra away from friends and other things to able to concentrate to the fullest.


Give up sleep.

This is not a price to me so I did not pay for this. it is already in my nature to sleep less or not sometimes.

Most times you can forget to sleep as a web designer and just notice its the next day at 5 am.

This will really build you up to become a successful web designer anywhere in the world.


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The requirement to Become a Successful web designer in Nigeria.


A Laptop:

A vast majority of web designers Uses a laptop, the days of laptops is way gone and the days of using smartphones of coding are yet to come (though you can do some play-work on phone with some APK web design tools).

Your laptop should have an internal memory not less than 250gb, a RAM of 2gb and a processor of a 2.17GHz minimum.

The reason is that most of the best software and programs to use can slow down a system that is not up to this standard.


Softwares / Programs.

This can also be called TOOLS. we need the right tools to become a successful web designer. these softwares and programs are offline usages (don’t require internet connection).


This software is sectioned into the editor and the database.

thesoftwares I use are…
Komodo editor.
Sublime text.
Wamp server (Apache and MySQL).
Xamp server (Apache and MySQL).


You need the skill:

It is not over until it is over. having just a laptop and the software does not make you a web designer, you need the skill.

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Getting any skill in the world has never easier, by just type anything you are typing someone’s target keyword and a result is sure to come out.

Youtube has made it easier for Tutors to showcase practical views to the student all over the world.

If you want to start web design online I advise you follow Bucky Robert. he is a cool guy how knows what he is doing (sure, you will thank me later).


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You can become very good and start your first real project within 3 months and after 6 months you will become a successful web designer anywhere in the world.

If took me the same time to master web design and I did a project for my schoolmate for some cool amount of cash, it feels good when your mate pays you for something they can’t do.


The advantage of becoming a web designer.

It introduces you to higher programming.
helps you create both personal and commercial websites.
It makes you familiar with codings.
Helps you understand how search engines work.
Iservesrs as a means of earning.
Helps you meet new people with the same ideas.

The advantages are just endless, we can go on and on.


ADVISE: If you are a kind of person that can’t work lone look for a group of persons shear your idea with them and start a group learning together but make sure you do your homework at night.

Alright, this is the simples way anyone can become a web designer anywhere in the world.


Thanks, Comment below if you need any help and I will put you through. shear this post thanks.


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